Mike Pence Astrology


Birthday: June 7, 1959
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac: Pig
Chinese Element: Water

Mike Pence – Gemini: Vice-President, Governor, radio personality, father and husband are all hats that Mike Pence wears or has worn. Each has a different spectrum of talents and skills that are called upon to be successful and the ability to adapt and evolve is one of the greatest traits that Gemini have. An air sign, Gemini represent two different types of personalities and are as changeable as the weather. They are often found seeking relationships with others because they feel their ‘other side’ is missing; perhaps this is where the milder Pence found his connection with the more brash and boisterous Donald Trump.

Mike Pence Astrology

Mike Pence Relationships: Communication is the most important part of any relationship that the Gemini develops; it’s even more important than physical contact. They must feel as though they have partners with which they can explore the world and learn everything there is to know about anything. With their friends they tend to be highly social and enjoy spending time with the friends that will carry on long conversations. Family members will find that they have not just a father with Mike Pence but also a friend as the Gemini creates strong bonds with their children and since the Gemini is able to almost magically handle multitasking at levels that would break others, no matter what he deals with at work Mike Pence can always find a way to get home.

Karen (wife): Capricorn wife Karen Pence may have taken a while to come around to the almost chameleon-like way that Mike Pence is able to adapt to any social situation, but over time the deepness of affection and ability to make her laugh paid off. Despite the ‘youthful glow’ that Gemini seem to be blessed with, they care little for sex and so infidelity has always been unlikely on a base level; this has only been aided by religious ideals and other personal decisions. This has kept Capricorn Karen from feeling as though she needed to be wary of his affections straying; yet another area where he plays at opposites of Mr. Trump.

Mike Pence Career: Mike Pence has had a wildly varied career, though it has always involved politics in some way, shape or form. However, careers in politics are ideal for Gemini – it requires lots of talking, making friends and gives them the idea to constantly be on the move, learning and growing. Working in politics means that he has rarely had to choose between moments of practicality and those of pleasure because this career offers both.

Chinese Zodiac: Though his Chinese zodiac element is water and his sign a pig, Mike Pence is an Earth Pig which makes him both cooperative and punctual as well as highly popular among those that are considered their community. This holds true with Mr. Pence as he is very popular and highly admired by Conservatives and even some Liberals in American politics.


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