Leo Tarot Horoscope


Pairing tarot cards and your horoscope isn’t something that most people would think to do at first. The two seem as though they would have nothing in common. After all, there is no Leo tarot card! However, using tarot as a way to enhance a zodiac horoscope reading is actually a very common practice. Each of the signs has a different Major Arcana and a group of minor arcana that provide a little more insight into the horoscope making it a tad meatier.

Leo Tarot Horoscope

Leo’s are a fire sign and this makes them passionate and creative. They are strong communicators and full of energy for everything the universe will throw at them. However, this same energy can make them impatient with people and quick to anger with those they feel are just taking too long to come along and join them.

The Major Arcana associated with Leo is Strength. It is, perhaps, telling that the Strength card prominently shows a women holding the jaws of a magnificent lion. She doesn’t fear him, but instead seems to own and control him with confidence and calm. When you do a horoscope tarot and pull Strength upright it’s a sign that the positive qualities of Strength will have a chance to shine today. You are strong, resilient, and compassionate. If you draw this card in reverse then be cautious to avoid the pitfalls of your sign. Fight against self-doubt and feelings of inadequacy – these are a vicious thorn in the paw of the lion.

The minor arcana that work with Leo Tarot are:

King of Wands – The King of Wands can be part of a Leo love tarot and may represent a person coming into your life or a relationship you already have and the excitement this person gives you. This is a great card signify positivity and happiness in your relationships. Arguments happen and you may get angry, but your anger will quickly pass and things are overwhelmingly good and both of you are in a great place with your relationship.

Knight of Pentacles – The Knight of Pentacles reminds you that hard work is necessary to get things done. Sometimes we have to set aside our wants but instead focus our stubborn fierceness on being successful at our relationships, our work, and even our finances. It may make us feel a little out of our element, but the reward at the end of this period of work is worth it.

1st Decan: 5 of Wands – During the first decan of Leo you can look to the five of Wands for guidance in your horoscope. This decan will likely suffer from communications problems and you may have to work your way through a major conflict. Try to exercise patience and listen to others – don’t give in to the impulse to argue but instead try to hear others.

2nd Decan: 6 of Wands – In the second decan of Leo you can take a moment to celebrate getting through the 1st decan successfully! A time of trial is over and you’ve managed to achieve some goals. Let yourself bask in the glory of admiration and acknowledgment of all you’ve done. You’ve earned it and everyone knows Leo loves to be the center of attention. Let this time heal you.

3rd Decan: 7 of Wands – All good things must come to an end and as you pass into the last decan of Leo the Seven of Wands will remind you that now that you’ve achieved your goals it’s time to maintain them. Sometimes, maintenance can be a lot of work. But you have to remain dedicated to these goals that you finally achieved during the second decan. Don’t give up. It will all be worth it.


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