Complicated and Practical: Taurus the Bull


Sign: Taurus the Bull
Dates: April 20th through May 20th
Planet: Venus
Element: Earth
Life Pursuit: A Taurus will search for emotional and financial security in life.

Taurus the Bull
Taurus the Bull

Taurus Personality

Taurus the Bull is a great chameleon, able to appear popular and friendly with everyone and yet only letting a few close enough to truly know them. They will only let you as close as they want you to be. No Taurean is an open book. Generally speaking, a Taurean will only hear what they want to hear and once their minds are made up, they are as immovable as a stump.

Comfort and security are what drive Taureans. They want to know that they have what they need and that there is no need for them to leave what they like. This is true in their jobs as well as their relationships. Once they are comfortable they will seem to switch off, but this is merely them preparing to leave their safe, comfortable space for the outside world. They hide their true selves behind a mask to protect how they feel. Taureans feel things deeply and will go to great lengths to keep their feelings hidden and thus protect themselves from vulnerability. This mask can often make them appear aloof and unfriendly or withdrawn and sulky when the furthest is from the truth.

As earth elements, Taureans tend to prefer things they can keep their hands on. They work hard to create tomorrow today, not willing to leave things to chance. They love to indulge in any pleasure that has a tangible aspect, things they can see, touch, taste and smell. Additionally, they love pets and are often likely to have at least one close at hand and heart.

Don’t believe this sign to be one that gives up quality for quantity, however. The Taurus knows it may have to work hard for the best, but they will settle for nothing less. They are perfectionists in life, love and work. Smart and articulate, they will never leave you wanting for incredibly intelligent conversations but they prefer to be the leader and will become confrontational with anyone trying to take the reins from them. Remember that the Taurus will never hesitate to tell you if you do something wrong or not up to their standards.


Taurus is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of Love and that means that they are inevitably involved in romantic complications. It’s rare that you will find a Taurean that has been cynical about love. Though they hide their feelings well, they feel them very deeply and so it’s important to remember this when dealing with them. Every emotion, from love to jealousy, will be felt in extremes.

Taureans have a raw approach to love and may struggle with jealousy, patience, and stubbornness in their relationships. Remember that they seek out emotional and financial security in their lives and will always be looking and comparing what they have with what others have.

Additionally, Taureans must not play the waiting game. Sometimes you must remember to take the bull by the horns and make a move yourself. Get a phone number, make a date, don’t wait around for the other person to convince you that they’re worth it, especially if they are one of the more stubborn Astrological signs!

Taurus the Bull is most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Capricorn and Pisces, all signs that tend towards perfection and know how to work hard. The key to making a relationship with a Taurus work is patience on the part of the partner, and a willingness to let things go and consider alternatives on the part of the Taurean. The legendary stubbornness of the bull can ruin a good relationship. Remember, your partner can have great ideas too! But, don’t give up your ideals or morals for someone or as a Taurus you can become lost.


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