Aliens and topics like alien abduction, alien encounters and the idea of aliens invading our planet from outer space have been on our minds for generations. Back at the turn of the century when radio was at its height, a broadcasting of H.G. Wells’ War of the Worlds caused a massive panic and led to suicides as those listening truly believed they were under attack from an unknown, unbeatable enemy. Whether our obsession with aliens is inspired by our fear of the unknown or our insatiable curiosity as humans, we all have heard everything from scientific discussions to crazy conspiracies of extraterrestrial life that may be out there trying to reach us.

Our Fascination With Aliens

AliensSince the middle of the 20th century, mankind has dedicated numerous resources to searching for signs of aliens and alien life. Some groups look for signs of current and historical activity on our planet, while others look for signs of intelligent life. Both use everything from telescope and specimen data to radio signals and particle detectors. Many feel that it is simply improbable that out of the entire, vast universe around us that Earth is the only planet to have any sort of life. While this life may not be what we would term as ‘intelligent’, if one considers the Copernican principle which states that the Earth does not have a unique position in the universe and the mediocrity principle which argues that the Earth isn’t special, it’s not hard to believe that there may be other ‘intelligent’ life out there as well.

Do Aliens Exist?

Understanding these two theories makes skepticism about intelligent aliens a lot harder to agree with. Many who believe in the existence of aliens and that they have visited our planet point to a few signs that they feel back up their arguments. The first is that, especially in recent years, government officials have been known to comment about the government knowing more about aliens than it lets on. It hasn’t just been American’s either. In fact, a Canadian defense minister openly accused major world governments and the media of colluding together to prevent people from learning just how much information is actually there about aliens visiting our world! He even claimed that they had helped us develop things like the microchip and LED lights. A neuroscientist who served as Associate Director of National Intelligence has said on the record that there is evidence he can speak about in public that does strongly point to the idea that alien life has reached earth.

Another piece of proof offered by believers is the signals picked up by SETI in 2007. They haven’t been able to explain the signals, but they are working on it. And the Kepler space telescope has managed to catch images of a strange anamoly that is orbiting a sun. Scientists and researchers feel they have ruled out most natural causes, and are wondering if, perhaps, it is some sort of alien superstructure.

At the very least, the Mars rover has managed to find proof of microbial aliens on Mars.

Is there life beyond Earth?

But belief in aliens and intelligent life outside of our world also leads one to wonder if there then is some credibility to claims of alien abductions. Some people are simply more prone to being abducted by aliens. Those who often experience sleep paralysis and hallucinations when they wake up, people who have a tendency to remember things that haven’t happened, people with high levels of absorption, those who have New Age beliefs, and those who already have a familiarity with the cultural narrative of abduction. However, that doesn’t mean that aliens will only stick to those people who are easy to catch and already believe in them.

There are a number of different signs and symptoms that you should be aware of if you ever think you may have been abducted. And even if you don’t think you have, you should consider them! Keep an ear open for humming or tapping noises as you fall asleep. Those who have been abducted have reported dreams of aliens or UFO’s directly, but also of beings with large eyes as well as owls or dreams of people turning into owls. Many who have been abducted reported the feeling of being watched as they fell asleep, or of waking up suddenly in the night sure something is watching you. Some even reported seeing figures standing around the bed staring at them. Many also have episodes of ‘sleep walking’ and wake up in a place that is not where they fell asleep with no logical explanation, such as alcohol, involved.

Alien abductees have reported physicals signs of their abductions. Common signs include unexplained blood on the pillow upon waking, sudden, frequent nosebleeds, unexplained soreness or stiffness, a mysterious rash or places where it seems your skin has been scrapped raw, new scars on your body with no logical explanation of why they would be there, memories of examinations of your body taking place against your will including those that involve needles and drills yet no one will be able to find signs that such things have happened. People also report that after an abduction electronics will behave strangely when they get close to them, they develop new phobias and often obsessive compulsive disorder or addiction problems. They struggle to trust authority figures and have a new and uncontrollable urge to take vitamins.

Other signs that may point to an alien abduction include an irrestible desire to drive to a location where you ‘know’ something important is going to happen, waking up naked when you went to bed in pajamas and finding them folded neatly next to your bed, your car breaks down for no reason and you find yourself feeling as though you’ve lost time but then are able to drive away without a problem. These are some of the most frequent signs of alien abduction, but there are many, many others as we cover on the page located at this URL:

While the research shows that aliens are probably here, could they actually be living among us? Most people picture aliens as humanoid beings with large heads and giant eyes, but is that really what an alien would look like? Even an intelligent one? Most scientists agree that intelligent life capable of space travel would probably need some certain bodily characteristics such as a protective case for the brain (like our skull), digits of some kind like fingers or tentacles so they can hold things, some form of reproductive system, and some set of sensory organs like eyes, ears and nose. It’s also fairly safe to assume that they will be symmetrical beings because that appears to be how nature works, though whether they are wide or tall would depend on the atmosphere and gravity of their home planet and how that symmetry would play out will also be unique to the environment in which they were developed.

Whether or not we actually get to interact with alien life in our lifetime remains to be seen. Everyday scientists and researchers seek out new ways to contact them and engage with them so that we can learn and evolve our own species. Some fear that we are asking too much, that we aren’t ready for such a momentous change in our way of life. Others fear that we are inviting beings that to us would seem as Gods, capable of destroying our entire way of life and that they won’t hesitate to do so either. Whatever the case, alien life is out there in some form or another. It’s just a matter of waiting until they decide the time is right for us to meet.