Numerology numbers tell us who we are and who other people are. They are a great indicator of personality! In Numerology, the numbers one through nine are most important and the only double digits dealt with are the master numbers 11, 22, and 33. Each of the Numerology numbers has positive and negative characteristics, just like people, and can help you identify parts of your personality or someone else’s!

The Top 9 Numbers in Numerology

Numerology Numbers1. The Number of Primal Force
One is the number of independent leaders full of individualism and drive. This is a high focused number, a self-starter, one who is courageous and self-reliant. They make their dreams and go for them. However, they can also be stubborn and selfish and make themselves social pariahs.

2. The Number of All-Knowing
Number Two belongs to those who are peacemakers and tend to be sensual and intuitive. They are loving and patient, sensitive and often may be musical. On the down side they can also be overly sensitive to criticism, and are often discontent which leads to them being seen as spoiled and lazy.

3. The Number of the Creative Child
As the name would suggest, Threes are full of imagination and joy! They are youthful, dynamic, and hard to keep on the group! But they can also be intolerant and hypocritical, prone to vanity and complaining!

4. The Number of the Foundation
Like a foundation, The Number Four is disciplined, stable, reliable and hardworking. There are so many positives about this number! But in exchange for those positives, they are often seen as boring. They may have a lack of imagination, or emotions and empathy. They can be terribly socially awkward.

5. The Number of Dynamic Force
Fives are not unlike a tornado, a swirling dynamic force that changes the world around them. they are energetic and freedom-loving, prone to making wild decisions that sometimes can get them into serious trouble. They should be careful to avoid drug use and unhealthy sexual behaviors.

6. The Number of the Caretaker
The Six is a caretaker, full of maternal behaviors such as protectiveness and self-sacrifice for the ones they love. But this can become a negative when they allow their inherit protectiveness to take over. It will make them paranoid and emotionally unstable.

7. The Number of the Seeker
Seven is the number of the spiritual, the seekers, those looking for the answer to why we’re here and what the meaning of life is. They are introspective and display a lot of inner wisdom. However they also tend to be aloof and socially awkward. Occasionally they can give in to the urge to become back-stabbers and when they do people should be wary.

8. The Number of Balance and Power
Number Eights are the authoritarians. They value control, but also balance and try their best to be realistic. They often end up in management positions because they are efficient and capable. However, they can be intolerant and zealous, at the very least they tend to be a bit bullish and insensitive.

9. The Number of Global Awareness
Nines can be helpful an compassionate. They encompass a great number of positive, philanthropic ideals, however this can also lead to them being arrogant and self-pitying. At worst a nine may become mentally unstable.