Cancer Tarot Horoscope


When you consult the cards in a tarot reading you probably aren’t thinking about bringing your horoscope along with you. However, using tarot cards as part of your horoscope reading can be a great way to get a deeper understanding of what to expect out of your zodiac. You can use these readings to get your Cancer love tarot horoscope or just a deeper understanding of who you are and what to expect in your future.

Cancer Tarot Horoscope

Cancer is a water sign. Water signs are signs of intuition and dreams. Cancer is a highly intuitive and sensitive sign, one that tends to be moody and struggles to express themselves. To many you may come across as hypersensitive and frustratingly so, but you just want them to see the delicacy of the world they way you do. Water signs are closest to the veil that separates us from the spirit realm.

The Major Arcana associated with Cancer is The Chariot is a card focused on overcoming challenges in order to gain victory. It is a sign that you have or will gain control of what is going on around you, stronger than when you started and victorious despite a long and winding path. It calls you to maintain your focus, to strengthen your confidence and to hold fast to your determination to succeed.

The minor arcana that work with Cancer Tarot are:

King of Wands – This is a wand of pure energy but not the energy of thought but the energy of action. Instead of catching yourself daydreaming the time away you feel inspired to take an idea and run with it. Your natural leadership skills are coming to bear and you’ll find people falling into step with you to get the job done. Now you just need to stick with it.

Queen of Cups She is the ruler of intuition and this is your strength. The Queen represents someone who is able to connect with you, able to help guide and support you. She represents your inner voice, giving you strength and the emotional support you need to be healthy emotionally.

1st Decan: Two of Cups – In the first decan the Two of Cups speaks to a union and connection with an equal partner. You’ll find that whoever this partner is intertwines with you and when you work together it is as though you are one person. Life seems to be balancing and with it other areas of your life are settling down and fortune seems to be favoring you.

2nd Decan: Three of Cups – From the period of balance in the first decan you move into a period of happiness in the second. The three of cups predicts a renewed friendship with someone you haven’t seen in years. Those with whom you share friendship will gather around you and you’ll spend time in the comfort of friendship and fullness of spirit.

3rd Decan: Four of Cups – The third decan brings a period of discontent and despite the previous happiness of the other two decans you find yourself unhappy and depressed; unable to bring yourself to fight feelings of apathy. The four of cups tells you that someone is standing there ready to help you but you have to overcome your mental fog and see it.


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