Numerology for Martin Scorsese


Martin Scorsese is one of the finest directors of all time. His movies have earned him a reputation of one of the greatest film-makers of all time. He was nominated six times for academy award and won the best director for his movie The Departed.  Let’s go over the numerology of Martin Scorsese

Martin Scorsese was born on November 17th 1942, which comes 8 as birth number and 8 as life path too. He is one of the famous example for celebrity born on number 8 with life path as 8.  Another example is Roger Federer which i have cited in this blog.

Martin Scorsese is a typical 8 and 8 person, with some dark characteristics and uncanny personality. Generally, a 8 born person with life path as 8 will be composed of dark elements and loves all the bad and dark elements in this world. These things would fascinate them. Thats why its  advised to have their name in 5. Federer has his name 50 (5) which comes 5. But unlike roger, Scorsese name comes 48 i.e. 3. Although 3 is a benevolent number, it does no good to a 8 born person.

With name numerology  not being in 5,This makes Scorsese admire Mob, gangsters, drugs, prostitution, crimes, jealousy, infidelity, etc… Though all these qualities may not be present in Scorsese but these things would surely fascinate him and tempt him.

Its very evident  from his movies, his greatest movies are that of gangsters, eccentric personalities, psychopaths, and troubled characters. Scorsese has been a master in these cinemas as he was experimenting himself in these movies. His real life admirations are the ones that turns into movies life Taxi Driver, Goodfellas, Raging Bull etc..  Scorsese himself was a cocaine addict for a long time, and it was actor friend De Niro who helped him revive his career.

As i said in my previous posts, 8 borns with not having name in 5 are bound to have a complicated marriage life. This is clear in Scorsese’s life as he was married five times. His marriages never lasted for long time. Although he is extremely talented and creative, luck always deserted him. The position of number 8 in both the date and lifepath is known to delay things greatly, this was true in his life as he was having a poor luck and it took seven nominations to fetch him best director award in Oscars. Although his health seemed to be weak, he will live for a longer period. The number 8 produces illness and portrays him old very sooner but provides stability and longevity.

Although scorsese has a famed career, hi himself knew very well that his personal life is a mess and he searches for his lost happiness.



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