Things to know about Planet Saturn


The Ruler of Number 8

Planet Saturn is the ruler of number 8 and person born on 8,17 and 26 comes under the leadership of planet Saturn. Saturn is considered to be the most important planet in both the fields of astrology and numerology. But there are things one must know about the most feared planet in this world.

Planet Saturn is considered as the malefic or evil planet by most astrologers and numerologers across the world. The main reason for this being Saturn harsh way of punishing a person, as well as being the lord of tenth house in astrology. One’s mode of death is determined by the position of planet Saturn in one’s horoscope. The seven years of Saturn’s period is also the reason for people to be afraid of him.

But to the contrary, Saturn is not an evil or a malefic planet as one describes. Well, Saturn along with Uranus, Pluto and Mars are considered to be evil planets by so called astrologers, but they have failed to interpret the true meaning of Saturn’s nature and those born on the dates like 17,26,8 or life path 8. Its completely unfair to term Saturn as a cruel and malign planet. Saturn is the planet of wisdom, Pure Justice, Teacher, and one who finally initiate the holy process called “Death” in one’s life. When a person is born on 8, 17 or 26, or with Saturn’s influence they are likely to lead a life full of difficulties, challenges, sorrows, pain, hardships, and a dark life  OR the opposite of it, like kingly life, merry, joyful life, highly successful.

The influence of Saturn directly in a person ( Numerologicaly born in 17,8 or 26 / Astrologically moon sign with Saturn or Saturn lagna) simply means that the person is living his last life and will never be reborn again. That’s why what ever path they choose they have to be careful. Their karma’s will come back to them and since Saturn is a teacher, one cannot escape doing a bad act and will be seriously punished by planet Saturn.

Some people live a king like life being born in 8, such person usually carry good karma’s in their previous life and will complete their last life with all the benefits from their good karma’s. But who ever it may be, one has to clearly watch his actions if born in 8 series which you can read more about on this  part of our website –

As we discussed earlier, Saturn is really not a bad planet, as one experiences challenges, difficulties, its not wise to blame Saturn, but the truth is Saturn brings out the best of discipline, hard work, true morality in them which is mainly missing in the rest of the masses. Only saturnian’s show their true nature, true morality, and are person’s of great discipline and god fearing. Their personalities are very hard to know, because their life is very deep and meaningful. They are not shallow like others, but they are very deep and know the meaning of real life.

All the beautiful meanings of life can be known only with the help of Saturn. Without Saturn;s influence in life, one will be a nomad, meaningless, aimless, and person with no real motives or ideals . They will lack real character. Saturn brings out real character in ones. Whether 8 born’s choose the path of good or bad, they will stick to it till end. They are real ones, not a mirage in desert. Thats why one finds the most holiest as well as the most satanic in number 8 borns.  God is an embodiment of both extremes, one cannot differentiate good and bad, because both are same energies in different planes.

Unlike neutral planets like Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus, Saturn and Mars are the only non neutral planets. People born on 4 and 8 are always rebels who cannot stand the injustice and will rise to the occasion.  Every planet has the both good and bad qualities, Saturn’s prime qualities are Wisdom, Patience, Endurance, Humility, Self Discipline and thriftiness. If a person with a good name numerology born in 8 will inherit these qualities. If a person’s name numerology is not good, they will inherit the bad qualities of Saturn like selfishness, narrow-minded, fearful, pessimistic, miserly, and destructive.


        • The purpose of life is not be reborn again and free oneself from the wheel of samsara or karmas. But man reborns endlessly owing to his past karma's (actions in his life), When soul is liberated, it never reborns and attains the onesness with the cosmic consiousness. This cosmic consciousness is what we call God in our layman language. The whole universe is filled with consciousness of the Supreme, and when one is liberated, The son ( man) merges with the cosmic consciousness in Universe (The Father). This is what Jesus meant " The son becomes the father " When one is having is last birth, he is bound to repay all his past karmas, hence his life will be based on moments, i.e. what ever action he does, it comes back to him immediately, and also since this is last life, either he ll be extremely successful (if his past karma's are good) or suffer a hell of pain in this life itself ( if his past karma's are not good).

  1. I was born April 13, 1946 … at 3:46AM EST Brooklyn, NY USA …
    I was really curious …. how do you determine if it is someone's last life. I am a retired past life therapist, and serve the planet by writing books based on my 50 years of studying wisdom of virtually every culture on earth. My curiosity is not regarding myself, as my life is full and I help several hundred people weekly and I don't mind coming back to help more in a next life on earth, if we survive 12/21/2012 – more accurately, how do you make your determination? Thanks.

    • There r many ways to determine, there r millions of ways, God has always given million ways for anything to do, cos he knows that there are million minds, and for every mind there is a unique technique, One of the ancient and globally accepted way is Astral Science, i.e. astrology, during one's birth, one can see the position of Planet Jupiter and see if its his last birth, other way is numerology or numbers, any one born on 8,17 or 26 or lifepath 8 is having his last birth. Also one can determine one's nature of ear and say about his last life or not. Other way is Palmistry, and also Aura of a person.Out of all this, astrology can concretely say if a person s havin last life or not, if a person is 8 born then naturally his horoscope will mention about his last life, astrology and numerology, palmistry are inter related. One can also make his life as a last birth with the power of meditation, Apart from natural last birth's, the only way for a person to stop rebirth is Meditation. A person who opens his third eye (pineal gland) with meditation will have no re birth. And there are many other ways also in meditation. Easiest way known for mankind is Love, Love is the greatest meditation.

  2. there are 6 3/4 billion minds …….
    So if a person has a 22, or 33 master number means nothing
    And a life path 8, or born on 8th 17, 26 is your determination.
    And only meditation and opening the minds eye are guaranteed
    Is that the summary of your numerology. Not that I disagree, it's
    very prejudiced against all the others who serve this planet
    including Mother Theresa, Buddha, Moses, Mohammed, etc.
    Jesus I believe is a number 8 ….. but all of us who serve are
    denied entry to freedom and liberation except by opening the
    mind's eye through meditation. Isn't that prejudiced teachings?
    Sorry, just inquisitive.

    • Well Dr, i never proclaim that numerology is for awakening people's minds or helping them to liberate them, its for helping them to lead a better life in society. Again, i have clearly said that numerology isn't the only way in this world to determine things, You failed to read my last lines i think. There is no greater meditation or gift other than LOVE. As you mentioned, Buddha, Jesus, Mother Teresa, all are symbol of love and compassion. We havent invented anythin new, we have not even learned to love. A man who has no real love or compassion cannot enter the gates of heaven. I have already dedicated a post on this issue here

  3. Does this apply to someone who is born in the Capricorn/Aquarious Cusp?
    Life Path: 6
    Expression (Pythagorean): 60/6
    Expression (Chaldean): 46/1
    First Name (Pythagorean): 38/2
    First Name (Chaldean): 23/5
    DOB: Jan 20

  4. i am born on 17 may 1989. 22:53 delhi, name is pranay kaul.
    life path no. 22,expression no 3, soul no. 6? is it my last incarnation. and if its so
    will i do anything in this last life for the other souls in the world??

  5. hi sir, how r u?? busy as ever isnt it?
    my name is pranay kaul=18+12=30 ie 3.
    dob = 17/05/1989= 8+5+9=22 ie life path= 22/4. err a master no.
    birth day=17 ie 8. is no 17 really mystical nd full of power?
    expression no.=3 , again 3.
    soul no =6.
    born in delhi,22:53 , again 22.
    2+2+5+3=12 ie 3 , again. hmmm….interesting…num-er-ology….
    basically i am a kashmiri , livin presently in faridabad, haryana.
    seeing my no. is this my last incarnation?? and if so are my numbers strong enough for me to do something good for other souls on the earth , this one last time.

    is it true that jesus was buried in kashmir. if so, isnt christianity based on lies, kept secret by popes in order to not lose their positions. then , the news sayin 21/12/2012 is the end of the world is also abig lie as is the existince of christianity??

    • Pranay,

      Its obvious that you are interested in the metaphysical and religious truths of the world as there is a strong presence of 8 and 4 are there in your birth date. Yes, its your last incarnation. Your name as 30 is a good number but it will not act as lucky for you. Let us not get into religious debates, the truth is one buts its conveyed in many ways. Individual has no bearing on their religion, and they must know the true nature of their soul to know what it is true.

  6. Hello Saravana,
    I have been signing my new name now for at least 2 months now , but i am and things still appear to be the same. I have just finished changing my bills over to new name as they were still addressing me by old name. My photo id isstll in old name though.

    How long does this take to take effect? is it different for each person.

  7. my name adds upto 39. is it a good number?? the fact that i am born on 17/05/1989 , is it neccesary to have a name add upto 5. some book i read said that the no . 3 (39=3+9=12=1+2=3) is the no. of jupiter a no. of luck. so is it good or should i change my name????

  8. another thing i wanted to know is what basically are master no. ?? i have one as well—–> 17/05/1989==22. if master nos. are a real concept . pls do tell me the significance of 22 , my destiny number??

  9. one last thing, as u seem to be interested in astral sciences , my natal chart contains sun in taurus at 26 degree. very near to it i have a stallium in gemini where i have venus, mercury and jupiter very near to each other. another interesting thing i have another stellium in capricorn where i have saturn , uranus, neptune very close. pluto is in scorpio , ie very destructive ,mars in cancer and moon in libra.
    are stellium very powerful , i have 2 of them….???
    info to check___ 17/05/1989, 22:53, in delhi( to b precise aiims) .
    pls do respone , i m waitin eagerly?? thanks

  10. Hey there,

    Since learning heaps about numerology from you and being a num 8. I have been asking everyone there date of birth. Many 8 i meet however dont seem to be as deep as me and have very little knowledge of life. Arnt they meant to be the top of the humans knowledge wise?

  11. Hello Sir,

    Reading your blog and am immensely respectful for your work. I got more than one question. Could you kindly answer?

    1. Am…I am born on 17th October 1980 at 8:03 PM in India. I guess am at the last birth of my cycle. Correct? Since i was born on 17th in the Libra sign, does it mean I have the Saturn and Venus strong in my chart? Is it good for me?

    2. My marriage…My wife, Sreelekha (KV) now Sreelekha Sumesh is born on 19th April 1985 at 9:30 PM. We got married on 8th of September 2007. I must say our marriage is full of love. But when we do fight, its at its best. But we do sort out our differences and solve the problems fast and move on. How do you rate our marriage? We do plan for children and would like to know how lucky are we in general.

    Thank you for your time and your advise,


  12. Sir,

    Thanks for your reply. Is it possible for you to give me some comments about my first question above? Just being curious.


  13. Dear Sir,

    Please post information on number 48. I know Donald Trump and Mario Vargas Llosa, the famous writer, are 48. It is an unlucky number? I found that 5 winners of Nobel prize in Literature also got 48 as name.
    How do we know when is our last life? Or how many more remain? Thank you so much,



  14. I was born on 8th June, 1984… is only recently that i have started reading about numerology (as i did not truly believe in it), however, recently after having read a few articles i am very intrigued by it. I would really like to know is how can a number have such a say in a person’s life. Also, i have read a lot scary stuff about number 8. Is my life going tp be full of struggles will i never be able to enjoy success for sometime at a stretch. I have noticed when all would seem to go well suddenly something would go wrong, will this continue to happen all throughout my life time

  15. I would really appreciate if you could please guide me. My husband’s was born October 17th, 1968. He had a very difficult life.
    My dob is March 5th,1975. I have read about Saturn. We have 2 girls.
    Its because of my girls our marriage has been strong otherwise we have too many issues.
    Any advise for us.

  16. hi…how are im born september 26,1975.. may i nkow what you mean by it’s our last life? what happens to to #8 after where do we go or become? pls help me understtand thanks 🙂 and pls giude me through what i should do to make Better my present life thanks 🙂

  17. Hello, could you please tell me or suggest me anything important in my life?
    My destiny number is 5, my life path number is 8, I was born at 8, my soul number is 8, and my karmic number is 6.
    I feel what you write are mostly happened in my life. And sometimes I felt some are scary.

  18. hello sir ……….
    i was born on 29/4/1982……..i m having so many trobles in my life….why this is so…..and what is my life ahead?…

  19. Saravanarejendra respectable,

    When you offer to us to read about the number 48 within its wonderfully studies?


  20. You are right. As I was reading your blog it appeared I was reading my life. I am total 8, birth number and life path number. Name number 31. 

    My questions are: a. to which of 5 series shall I change to . you have mentioned in your post any of 5 series. Yet kindly advice which shall be best?b. What the procedure to change name?Does it include making public declarations by news paper? Changing name on letter heads/emails/fb account etc? Whats most effective way?

    c. How sooner can difference be felt?


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