Life After Death Stories & Experiences


Life after death stories are somewhat common, in fact a number of famous celebrities as well as normal people have had a life after death experience. Celebrities who have life after death experiences include Tracy Morgan, Jane Seymour, Peter Sellers, Elizabeth Taylor, Sharon Stone, Gary Busey, Burt Reynolds, Chevy Chase, and George Foreman Scientists aren’t exactly sure why or how people have these experiences as many occur after the heart has stopped beating which means brain function has completely ceased. Few people have the same exact after death experience, but there are certain themes that are common among those that have life after death stories.  Read some more psychic stories by clicking here.

Life After Death Stories & Experiences

Life After Death Stories

Feeling of Overwhelming Love
This is the number one most common experience people have and makes a frequent appearance in life after death stories. Some have a general feeling of love, others get it from a specific source or from beings that they meet.

Sudden Telepathic Abilities
Many people also found they could communicate on a telepathic level with people or beings they saw during their experience. Communication was more often than not non-verbal and took place consciously rather than through speaking.

A good number of people also mention seeing moments from their past. This tends to vary from person to person. Some may see their whole life from beginning to end play out before them, others may experience it all in reverse. Some people see every detail that happened while still others may only experience the ‘highlights’ of their life.

Divine Figures
A majority of people who have life after death stories will recall an encounter with a divine being. In fact, even atheists report having these experiences.

Feeling of Joy and Freedom
A majority of people will also talk about having a feeling of joy and freedom. They love being in this after-life experience, they have no pain, they have no fear or worry, and they are in the presence of an overwhelming feeling of love. They have no desire to leave and return to their earthly bodies.

Unlimited Knowledge
Many people who have life after death stories will tell you that they know all the knowledge of the universe exists. They have been in its presence and some may even know that it was shared with them, but are distressed that upon returning to their bodies they cannot remember any of it.

Not Ready Yet
A good number of people with after-life stories will recall that though they felt ready to go, they were told that it was not their time or they were forced to make a decision. Despite knowing they must return, most of them will recall the reluctance they felt to leave such a wonderful place.

Some people who have had life after death experiences were shown multiple realms or levels of the after-life. For some this included experiences in a Hell like realm that they can recall as being a place of great torment.

The Future
In some cases, the spirit was shown the future and in some cases this information was given to them to help them decide if they wanted to return to their bodies.

The Light at the End of the Tunnel
Though many people think of this as the typical life after death experience, relatively few people will have this experience. Many people have also seen a hand reaching down to them, or experienced floating above their bodies as rescue workers seek to resuscitate them.


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