The Kundali Vedic Astrology Chart


Kundali is a Vedic astrology chart used predominantly in Indian cultures to divine the future and most importantly to predict a successful marriage. They are also used to help find the right business or career path in order for the person to be happy and prosperous. A Kundali is most often created at birth using the date and specific time of birth as well as the latitudinal and longitudinal coordinates of the location of birth in order to make the Kundali as specific and accurate as possible. The family will then have the chart read to learn about the baby’s personality, character, their future career and relationships, as well as their prosperity in life.

A Kundali looks at the positions of seven major planets and two shadow planets, as well as the twelve astrological houses. The planets used are the Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu. Their placement in the Kundali gives either fortunate or unfortunate influence to the persons life and the Kundali gives a Vedic astrologer a roadmap showing where these influences may crop up in a persons life and in what way they may affect the persons life.

In Kundali each of the houses represents a different area of the human life from birth to death, for example the seventh house is the house of marriage. How the planets are aligned with these houses is how predictions are made. So, for example, a person will get married at a young age if the planet Mercury is found in the seventh house. Knowing this information gives the parents fair warning that they should expect their child to be married young and to be prepared for those expenses and changes. Conversely, if the Sun is found in the seventh house the child will not get married until they are over and this delay will also come with obstacles. Understanding more about Astrology as a whole is a great way to overcome said obstacles, and we recommend you start here to build your foundation:

The 12 Houses in Kundali are as follows:

House 1: Tanu Bhava the House of the Self
This first house involves everything about the person from what they will look like to what their personality will be.

House 2: Dhan Bhava the House of Wealth
This house, as its name would suggest, looks at the wealth of the person from a financial and possessional stand point. It also points out any vices such as foul language or a tendency to be a liar.

House 3: Sahai Bhava the House of the Siblings
This house discusses the relationship the person will have with their siblings and family as well as their education and physical fitness.

House 4: Bandhu Bhava House of the Home or Mother
This is the house of domestic comfort and happiness and all that is contained in that.

House 5: Putra Bhava House of Children
This is the house that indicates how many children a person may have, how lucky they are and how smart they are.

House 6: Ari Bhava House of Enemies
This house gives the warnings of who will be an enemy and what pitfalls to expect in life.

House 7: Yuvati Bhava the House of the Spouse
As discussed above, the seventh house is the house of marriage and tells when a person will marry and what sort of person they will be most compatible with.

House 8: Randhr Bhava the House of Death
This house discusses not just death but negative aspects of life that may come about. It gives warnings of bad omens and when to expect them.

House 9: Dharma Bhava the House of Fortune
This house isn’t the same as the house of finance. This is more karmic fortune and is focused on education, religion, and virtue.

House 10: Karma Bhava the House of the Career
This house is used to determine what sort of career is right for the person and what businesses they will both thrive and fail in.

House 11: Labh Bhava the House of Large Sums, Gains, and Friends
This house is one of gains both in fortune and in friends. It predicts when the person may receive windfalls so they can be prepared for them.

House 12: Vyaya Brava the House of Enlightenment
This house is a mixture of all the struggles necessary to achieve enlightenment. it represents both positives and negatives in life, things to be wary of.


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