Akashic Readings


An Akashic reading is a reading of your Akashic records done by a psychic medium who has experience accessing and translating the Akashic records. A reading is usually done in three parts. The first checks to see what in your life is already activated so that the reader can avoid the sections of your life that are already obvious and apparent to you. The second is the actual reading of the Akashic records, and the third part is giving the querent a chance to ask any other questions that may have come up during the reading. What sort of questions should you ask during an Akashic reading?

Here are some suggestions and tips for how to handle questions during Akashic readings:

1. Ask the most important questions at the beginning of the session so that you have time for them to be fully answered by the reader. You don’t want to have an important question pop up and then run out of time to get the answer!

2. Write our your questions ahead of time, then list sub-questions. For example if there is someone you have trouble with, write down the question,”What is my relationship with Rachel”, and follow it up with “Why do I have trouble with Rachel?” or “Why do Rachel and I seem to hate each other.”

3. Don’t be afraid to be specific. This is different than a psychic reading. You don’t have to be afraid of giving specifics, in fact you want to give them so that the reader can know what to look for in your records in order to give you an answer. Remember, an Akashic reading isn’t about the present, but understand the past in the light of the present.

4. Remember that though Akashic readings can be used to predict the future, that you are a being with free will and so nothing is set in stone. Just because a prediction is made it doesn’t mean that it will happen. You can always change the future.

5. Avoid should I or shouldn’t I questions for the very reason that the future is always up to us. The records will not tell us if we should or should not do something because that would be removing our free will from us.

6. Don’t worry about giving background information. Ask questions as though the guide or reader has known you all your life. They are accessing your Akashic records, and so they basically do. The Akashic records are a record of everything in your life, so the reader already knows the background to your question!

7. It may be a good idea to ask if there is anything your guardians want you to know about yourself at the end of your reading. This gives your guide or reader a chance to answer any questions you might not have thought to ask and to pass on important information that your spiritual guardians feel it is important for you to know! Don’t pass up a chance to get these last crucial pieces of information!


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