Demon Names


There are a great number of demon names in the study of demonology, though not all those considered demons by the Church of Satan are considered demons in their original cultures. Indeed, not all the names on any list of demon names are considered theological demon names and the idea of female demons and therefore female demon names is an idea that is debated among theological scholars. When it comes to named demons in religious writings such as the Bible there are few, if any, demons mentioned by name as demons. Theological tradition differs from the canonical religious text and makes mention of a number of demons by name with descriptions of them. In fact, many of the demons that we ‘know of’ today come from the non-canonical scriptures such as the Book of Enock, the Gnostic writings and the Dead Sea Scrolls.

Demon Names

List of Theological Demon Names

Aamon/Amon/Nahum – a Marquis of Hell governing 40 legions; his name is believed to come from the god Amun or Baal-hamon. Nahum itself means ‘who induces to eagerness’.

Abaddon – Originally synonymous with Sheol, later was described as the king of the abyss and commander of an army of locusts used to torment men.

Adramelech – A high chancellor of hell and the one who tends to Satan’s wardrobe.

Agares – described as appearing like an old man; is said to command somewhere between 31 and 36 legions of demons

Amaymon – a prince of hell that is believed to have power over the demon Asmodai and will try to trip up an exorcist and frustrate his rituals and successes

Asmoday/Asmodeus/Ashmadia – From the Persian Aeshma-deva: demon of wrath

Asteroth – perhaps derived from the name of the goddess Asherah or Astarte, a very powerful demon who seduces those prone to laziness and vanity.

Azazel – chief of the demons that roam the desert known as the Se’irim; these demons often appeared as goats to the tribes that offered them sacrifices

Beelzebub/ Ba’alzebub/ Beelzebul – lord of the flies

Belial – from the Hebrew word for wicked or worthless, called the angel of enmity in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Belphegor – convinces people that they will get rich quick if they just create this invention he thought of; comes from the Moabite god Baal-Peor

Corson – one of the four demonic ‘kings’ constrained by Solomon in the Lesser Key of Solomon; considered King of the West

Focalor – believed to be in command of the winds and seas; known for killing and drowning men, considered a great duke of hell

Gaap – demon believed to make women infertile

Leviathan – this is a creature that is mentioned in a number of different sources always as a primordial monster similar to a world serpent or giant dragon with an affinity for water; compare to Tiamat or Jormungandr

Lix Tetrax – a demon of wind mentioned first in the Testament of Solomon

Lucifer – the seraphim that led a rebellion against God and was cast out of heaven

Lucifuge Rofocale – the demon in charge of Hell’s government; name means ‘to flee the light’

Mammon – the demon of avarice or extreme greed, believed to have taught men’s souls the greed that has led to their destruction of the earth

Mastema – another name for Satan found in the non-canonical texts

Melchiresa – one of a number of names for a being of evil that is mentioned in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Onoskelis – mentioned in the Testament of Solomon; said to be a ‘female’ demon of great beauty

Ornais – also mentioned in the Testament of Solomon, his name means ‘Pesky’

Satan – the name given to Lucifer in Christian writings; primary nemesis of Jesus and Christian believrs

Tannin – a Canaanite sea monster believed in Hebrew mythology to be a symbol of chaos and evil

Xaphan – a fallen angel who joined in the rebellion with Lucifer; came up with the idea of setting fire to heaven


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