Love Compatibility Horoscope for Libra The Scales


Libra Love Horoscope Compatibility

A good Libra love horoscope compatibility report will cover both the positives and negatives associated with being a Libra and being with a Libra. Libras are considered the most gentle and kind, the nicest of the signs according to many. This comes with a number of positives and negatives that they must learn to balance both for themselves and for their partners. Libra loves balance and will seek to balance everything in their life and in the lives around them. They are generally easy going and diplomatic with a strong sense of justice and a love of a socially busy life. However, they are symbolized by the scales for a reason and if one part of their life gets out of balance with the other they will vacillate between extremes until balance is restored.

Libra And Others: What Horoscope Signs Are They Compatible With In Love?

The best matches are with Air and Fire, rarely will it go well with a Cardinal. Libra’s are a Cardinal Air sign and they like to be the boss. At the same time, this relationship oriented zodiac sign is ruled by lover Venus. Venus is all about the scales of Justice as well. Libra does not just like peace and harmony, Libra insists on it. There is no drama for this Mama. No matter what sign you are, if you also seek peace, you and Libra will get along just fine. They are best with fellow Air or Fire signs that match Libra’s special sparkle.

Libras are known to be people pleasers and often will hide their true feelings in order to preserve the feelings of someone else. A Libra love horoscope should note that this often means they will continue along in a relationship that they know, in the end, will end up fading when they should end it right away. They do this not for any malicious reason, but to preserve the feelings of their partner because they hate making others unhappy. These people tend to be very gullible as well and may find themselves being used and abused by people who seem trustworthy but turn out to be very different.

A good relationship horoscope will focus on the love for love that Libras have. They often fall more in love with the idea of being in love than they do with their partner. These are people who need to be in a relationship to feel stable and without it may sink into a depression until they find someone new again. They have a deep need to be settled in a long term, permanent relationship. They give everything of themselves to their partner to try and make them happy, but they also need to be appreciated and adored in order to avoid burning out.

Libras love the romantic side of everything. A female Libra will be looking for all the cheesy romantic offerings out there, and a male Libra will do his best to treat his partner with every romantic idea he can think of. It can be hard to keep up with these needs, but if you do you’ll be rewarded with a partner who can think only of you and what will make you happy.

Air Signs and Love: Libra Compatibility Horoscope And Other Elements

Great: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Favorable: Taurus, Capricorn

Challenging: Virgo, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

Libras are Air signs and this means they generally get along best with other Air signs and the Fire signs. They are most compatible, as a Libra love horoscope will show, with Gemini, Leo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. These are signs that meet their need to be romantic and romanced, that love to go out and be social, and who enjoy a good debate or discussion. These are signs that will share passion and fun with Libra. Though remember, any sign can work as long as both partners remember to communicate and work out their problems together.


Aries & Libra

ELEMENT:  Aries is Fire, Libra is Air, Air feeds the Fire that heats it
QUALITY:  Both are Cardinal, Headstrong leaders
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS:  Opposites, Soul twin match

Overall: Cardinal Fire Aries plus Cardinal Air Libra results in the wind moving fire and abundant sparks. This passionate affair is caused by being polar zodiac opposites. They are very skilled at creating balance in the union. This pair will learn well from each other, even if there are nasty sparks along way. Aries loves Libra’s need for harmony and balance, Libra appreciates the energy Aries brings to the table. Aries will be able to learn from a Libra mate that their way isn’t the best way. Libra will learn to be more spontaneous and to appreciate versus criticize. This could be a relationship to last. This is a feisty relationship; they are two dreamers that are passionate about what they believe. Unfortunately, there could be a spontaneous combustion if they find themselves at odds. This is challenging, but they can meet half way by sharing a mission.

Positive: They are the polar opposite of the zodiac, so the sexual chemistry is difficult to reproduce. They are well balanced. Venus rules Libra who exudes charm and couture with Aries by their side.   Libra will appreciate Aires ability to provide luxuries. Libra always balances pros and cons and thus has difficulty making decisions. Aries will help or make the decision all together. Libra’s harmony and partnership helps for the long haul. Is this a match made in heaven? Warrior Aries and peaceful Libra have immediate chemistry, even if they initially cannot stand each other. The tension can dissolve as they discover shared conviction for justice and honor. They get into deep conversations quickly. They fight differently, but have the same passions. Libra works the room, Aries wants undivided attention from a few admiring fans. If they meet in the middle, both are better.

Challenges: Cardinal signs are great initiators. Starting projects are their forte, whereas finishing is not. Each will be frustrated at the other for some thing that they do. Libra will be frustrated at Aries impetuous and impulsive nature. Aries will feel weighed down by Libra’s need to pause and think. Libra’s pause is sometimes manipulation which will rile Aries. Compromise will be critical. It is certainly a love hate relationship. Fast paced Aries acts on impulse and rattles Libra’s feathers. Libra is polished, charming, and non-confrontational. Tactless Aries goes for the jugular. When talking about family they are not home enough to do anything. They have to purposefully coordinate things if they want a family.

Make it Work: There is an opportunity for bad sparks if they don’t both compromise. Fire Aries is a true leader in energy. Aries needs to truly appreciate the intellectual component that Libra brings to table. This will result in harmony. With time, and a little effort, they can realize they balance each other’s needs and fill in the blanks. They will fall in love with things that they will imitate later on in their commitment and unity.

Libra & Taurus

ELEMENT:  Taurus is Earth, Libra is Air, Earth builds on Air’s nature
QUALITY:  Taurus is Fixed, Libra is Cardinal, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Taurus is Yin, Libra is Yang, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Quincunx, Original odd couple

Overall: This pairing registers very well on the love compatibility meter. Both are ruled by Venus love, which means this will be a harmonious loving match. They will have a strong flow of feminine sensuality, love, and karma. They will feel like soul mates. This is a connection of two halves making one whole. They will be slow to start and may seem to not share much in common. Over time this relationship will grow into something beautiful and one that can last a lifetime. If they can understand each other and grow together, they will make it last. The relationships can be beautifying and harmonious, but superficial at times. Two pleasure-seekers that love the finer things in life, you want to be sure you share the same values too. In this relationship, you are both warming and welcoming, as well as equally charming and disarming.

Positive: Both are ruled by Venus, so this pair is full of sensuality and beauty. Both love their partners deeply and neither are likely to stray from the other. They have a strong love of creative things, beautiful things, and even arts. This will connect them throughout. They share enjoyment of fine dining and theater. They have mutual creative interests. Taurus is very charmed by Libra’s elegance and class. Libra loves the luxury that Taurus brings. This match bodes well financially as both are committed to practical success. Taurus likes the balance that Libra brings, as it helps Taurus not be so fixed. If they can overcome their shadow sides, then they will be balanced and harmonious. Both are ruled by Venus the planet of beauty and harmony. As a couple, you’re charm is personified and easy. Flowers, music, designer labels; they love everything that is top of the line and custom ordered. If they create a family together then the home is likely to become a warm and inviting hub for holiday celebrations.

Challenges: The shadow sides are what will get them if they call it quits. To preserve their love, Libra must learn and understand Taurus. But Libra will also tire of the fixed and stubborn Taurus. Taurus may find Libra’s critical side a bit much. Taurus focuses on sensual groundedness and Libra seeks connection at the intellectual level. This will cause them to butt heads unless they work together to resolve differences. Taurus is insecure to Libra’s beauty. Libra does not like Taurus jealousy and obsessiveness. Great on the surface but the relationship may focus too much on superficial. Make sure you share common values. Indecisive Libra can frustrate organized Taurus by refusing to give a straight yes or no to the Bull’s plans. Taurus is more of a homebody than Libra and likes everything neat as a pin which is not Libra’s style.

Make it Work: If they can understand the qualities that exist in the other, they can have beautiful things. Taurus must give Libra freedom without questioning everything they are doing. Libra will need to reserve a night or two for Taurus. Libra needs to pull back on the criticism.  Libra will also need to realize that coming back from Taurus’ temper is a victory only a few know. The sensual side of both is the easy way to smooth over everything and get back in there. A pretty present or luxurious pampering helps one or both of them.

Libra & Gemini

ELEMENT:  Both are Air, Constant movement
QUALITY:  Gemini is Mutable, Libra is Cardinal, Directing the flow
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS:  Trine, Add mystery for harmony

Overall: This partnership bodes very well. Mutable Air Gemini matches with Cardinal Air Libra. There is a loving breath of fresh air at the table in this partnership. They have a lot of common ground. Both zodiac signs are big thinkers and talkers. In most cases, they can put their money where their mouth is, especially with Libra. They have sharp tongues and cold tempers, which can be the downfall of the pair. However, if they use the gift of gab and intellect wisely together, then they can have a long and promising future. Two social butterflies that have met their match in each other. These indecisive signs might struggle to reach conclusions together, since both are prone to changing their minds. They move at two different speeds, but having a good time together will strengthen their bond.

Positive:  Mutable energy of an Airy Gemini with the Cardinal energy of Airy Libra will be well balanced. There is a lot of common ground which bodes well for their long term future. Additionally, each sign has what the other needs, and each are happy to give it. Gemini needs balance and structure, Libra desires this too. Cardinal energy Libra provides a stable home life with good finances and gives Gemini the long term stability they crave. Libra has a feminine energy and that is another area of balance that works. Gemini is masculine, so love and communication will be markers of this partnership. There will be harmony and balance which both are in constant pursuit of. There is an easy attraction between two Air signs which could turn into a lifelong courtship dance. Social butterflies by nature, they quickly become King and Queen of scene and always pop up at a social event. If you go with marriage and kids, it will be with an unconventional twist and plenty of entertainment value for two of you.

Challenges: They are dual air which means lots of energy. Gemini has a swoosh of Mutable, while Libra has the leadership of the Cardinal influence. Libra is good at starting, Gemini is good at following. There is one critical missing step, finishing the project. There is lots of exciting new beginnings and adventures but Libra has a tough time choosing. Gemini likes to argue, even if intellectual banter is the last thing Libra wants. There will be intense conversations between the two with lots left unsaid. Even though skilled, there will be times it gets ugly. If there is anything that threatens the love match it will be petty fights that turn into blow ups. Chameleon Gemini meets indecisive Libra there will be uncertainties, other than instantly being comfortable around each other. Fun is the glue that holds you together, but the bond may not have the strength to keep you connected for the long haul. Fast moving Gemini can upset patient Libra’s equilibrium. Libra’s messy habits can unnerve OCD Gemini. They need to force themselves to instill a few grounding practices in their lives or you’ll scatter like the wind.

Make it Work: Libra is a long term partner. Gemini flits around like a butterfly. This could cause some problems for Libra. Gemini will want to argue until the point is long gone. To overcome both, they will need to make an effort to begin tense conversations with love. This is easy for Libra. Gemini needs to remember they don’t always have to get their way. Libra doesn’t hold grudges. If this couple remembers to forgive and forget, then they have a shot of happiness.

Libra & Cancer

ELEMENT: Cancer is Water, Libra is Air, Collision of head and heart
QUALITY:  Both are Cardinal, Headstrong leaders
POLARITY:  Cancer is Yin, Libra is Yang, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Square, Push-pull dynamic

Overall: This ranks very well. Cardinal signs have a lot of leadership energy coming into the match. Both also have what the other wants and needs, so balance and harmony is a beautiful thing. With Cancer being Cardinal Water, they come from a place of feeling their way through the world. Libra is a Cardinal, meaning they think first and feel later. Two very different perspectives are coming into play. This bodes well for the long term if both individuals are able to keep goals aligned in this relationship. This relationship is elegant and sensual, but also emotional.  They are two peaceful signs that both avoid conflict like the plague, which can lead to harbored resentment. They are highly sensitive, since they internalize feelings.

Positive: These are two born leaders and initiators. Cancer is emotional, Libra is thinking. They come from very different places. It is slow to start but then will take off. Libra needs balance and harmony at all costs, this favors partnerships and long term relationships. Libra is attracted to Cancer’s domestic center and long term vision. Cancer on the other hand is attracted to the charm and elegance Libra exudes. Cancer loves the idea of marriage and so does Libra, so they are on the same page from the get go. Cancer is gifted at being the domestic center of the home. Libra is gifted at making sure the home is beautiful on the inside and out. This is two feminine energies coming into the mix here with Cancer being ruled by Moon and Libra ruled by Venus. This combined energy bodes well for a long term relationship marked by love, beauty, and the ever present flow emotions. Gracious and elegant, both are the picture of class. They create a gorgeous home together filled with art, music, treasures, and a gourmet kitchen for every foodie fantasy fulfillment. You should keep freshly whipped crème fraiche and organic strawberries on the nightstand. Cooking elaborate meals and touring the best restaurants is part of your courtship dance and makes for ongoing sensual delights as you build a life together.

Challenges: Things can get a little tricky when you pair two born Leaders and that’s what you get with this match. At the same time, as much as these two have in common, both come from different perspectives. Cancer feels through life, Libra thinks their way through life. With the challenges that arise, one leads with heart and the other with their head. Libra doesn’t understand why Cancer is so emotional and can get critical about everything. Cancer is extremely sensitive and could feel wounded for days over the smallest thing. They need to work through the differences and embrace them or it will lead to their demise. Neither one of you deals with conflict well or willingly. Resentment can fester. Cancer may hold a silent grudge for years as Libra cluelessly bops along. Libra may avoid addressing issues for fear of hurting sensitive Cancer’s feeling. A few sessions with a couples therapist would be money well spent, as you learn a format for addressing the difficult issues. Otherwise you could wind up being the couple that never fights but wakes up one day to discover magic is gone.

Make it Work: There are two Cardinal signs leading the way, so there is a lot of leadership energy taking the reins here. To be happy, they have to take turns being the boss to experience a shared union. Libra is unable to make decisions, so Cancer can pickup the reins. When Cancer doesn’t rationalize, Libra leads the way. There is a lot to offer each other including shared goals and visions. They need to embrace vs bicker, which is the key to the long term.

Libra & Leo

ELEMENT: Leo is Fire, Libra is Air, Air feeds the Fire that heats it
QUALITY: Leo is Fixed, Libra is Cardinal, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS: Sextile, Best of friends

Overall: Wind and Fire combining means we get a passionate and exciting connection. There is a lot of love compatibility in this union and both parties will find a lot of commonalities with each other and a lot of things they agree on. There is a deep loyalty in this connection as both want long term love. Libra wants a partnership and harmony. Leo hates drama and power struggles. Add the wind to fueling the Fire and it is a passionate connection with a lot of chemistry that fuels romance for as long as desired. This relationship is glamorous and decadent. It is made up of two social butterflies that love to rub elbows with the VIPs, which could lead to jealousy if its not kept in check. This one is ripe with excitement, since both love to dress up and paint the town red.

Positive: This is the Fixed Fire sign of Leo combining with the Cardinal Air Sign of Libra. There is a lot of dominant energy, but never any kind that will overtake the other. The differences between this pair are what will keep them going. Libra is ruled by Venus and thus loves beauty, luxury, and harmony. Leo loves excitement and adventure, and they are loyal to core. Libra is very attracted to these traits. Leo is ruled by the Sun and needs to be center of attention a lot of the time. Libra doesn’t have a problem giving credit where it is due and is happy to wave their wand of Venus love over Leo. They are fair and balanced when approaching love so they appreciate the common ground they share. There is no shortage of sparks or sexual chemistry. It is a stellar matchup of two social butterflies. Love dressing to the nines, attending glamorous events and rubbing elbows with rich and famous. They likely met on the party circuit or at a dance club. They work the room like a pair of exotic peacocks. Beyond their standout style, they have similar values. Sentimental, family oriented, and fiercely protective of the ones you love. Leo can be a bit of a spotlight hog, while Libra is the sign that rules the partnership. Non confrontational Libra won’t compete for the stage, but Leo should play supporting cast mate on a regular basis. Leo needs to help Libra shine by providing pep talks and the occasional tough love push.

Challenges: Cardinal Air Libra and Fixed Fire Leo have very different approaches to life and this could cause some wrinkles. Leo is adventurous and loves to use their energy. Libra is more passive and prefers the slow and methodical approach. Leo is going to want to be up and about almost every night, Libra doesn’t. Libra has a tough time coming to concrete decisions and Leo will be impatient with that. Leo likes to flirt, Libra doesn’t like that at all. Tempers will fly when the wind stokes that fire and if it isn’t handled well Leo will wind up with a bruised ego which is the worst thing for a Fixed Fire sign. Gregarious and lively, both tend to talk more than listen. Neither one of you is a fan of discussing unpleasant issues, but you will need to develop coping skills for the conflicts that may arise. With children, beware of becoming a pair of stage parents, in other words, let the kids find their own path versus viewing them as an extension of identity as a couple.

Make it Work: To make it, both have to pull back on their dominant side. They don’t have to be wishy washy but they need to learn to give and take in love. Libra has to get out of the house once in a while and explore the adventurous world that Leo has in store. A few quiet nights in could be very passionate and exciting for Leo if they give Libra the chance to show it. Neither likes drama and going back to their roots of passion, energy, and harmony will be the key to ensuring success for compatible couple.

Libra & Virgo

ELEMENT:  Virgo is Earth, Libra is Air, Earth builds on Air’s nature
QUALITY:  Virgo is Mutable, Libra is Cardinal, Directing the flow
POLARITY: Virgo is Yin, Libra is Yang, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Semisextile, Cosmic combination

Overall: This match bodes well. They love harmony, balance, long term love. They hate drama like the plague. They have shared goals and visions in this lovely union. They bring security to the table in unique ways. One thing both parties need to be careful of is their critical and sometimes unfeeling nature, as they can turn each other off in the wrong scenario. If they can get past it, the harmony and long term love lend to a beautiful and balanced relationship. This is a meeting of the mild mannered minds. Two athletes that love good food and culture, which can make nights out on the town fun and interesting. However, their laid back nature can lead to complacency.

Positive: This relationship poses some theoretical differences on paper, but ranks high in love compatibility when both are focused on long term success. Mutable Earth Virgo is rooted in financial security, hard work, deep devotion and commitment to Cardinal Air Libra. Virgo is ruled by Mercury so they like to talk it out. Libra loves all things in their Virgo. Virgo is represented by harmony, balance, and an enjoyment of long and intellectual conversations. Virgo loves pretty and elegant things and so will be attracted to Libra’s offers from the world. At the same time, Libra is very appreciative of Virgo’s need for order and even finds Virgo’s organization sexy. The sensual pleasures that Virgo is able to provide is very appealing to Libra. The intellectual approach to life Libra takes is one that Virgo finds stimulating.  They are attracted to each other’s mild mannered sides, but it will take work to keep things interesting. They need to steer clear of suburbia. This matchup works best if live in bustling, cosmopolitan environment. Both are bookworms and musk lovers, have easy access to live shows, and intellectually stimulating cultural activities that keep the relationship from becoming a snoozefest. Since they are not able to resist the mellow side of life, they should do yoga and meditation together.

Challenges: A Virgo and Libra combination is one where both have high standards for themselves, each other, and the world. If things are not up to snuff, the other will make it known. This leads to some criticizing which can work the wrong way for both. Earth and Air are colliding here, which are two different approaches to love and understanding that could lend to some confusion once in a while. Virgo doesn’t appreciate the manipulative way Libra handles problems. Libra will not enjoy being criticized for wrong doing. Both need to rely on shared gifts of communication to overcome snaffoos. Analysis paralysis alert! Both prone to pontificating endlessly, but as a couple tend to be more talk than action. They don’t like to be uncomfy, so the slow jam could grind to halt quickly. There is a threat of becoming a pair of armchair revolutionaries. Who will bring the fire, passion, zeal?

Make it Work: Virgo and Libra view the world in unique filters. They desire to understand those differences and get past them, which will help last the test of the relationship time. One thing this pair has going for them, besides the gift of communication, is the need for harmony and balance in love. Virgo and Libra avoid drama at all costs, so if they can keep it at bay, they will succeed in a long term affair. They desire long term partners and take that up at different speeds. Both need to learn and understand the romantic peace of the other. They are manipulating and pushing for individual goals, which will backfire on both. If they can master it, they can master a love that is harmonious and lengthy.

Libra & Libra

ELEMENT:  Both are Air, Constant movement
QUALITY:  Both are Cardinal, Headstrong leaders
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS:  Both are Conjunct, Twinning that needs separation

Overall: This is high on the compatibility charts. Two Cardinal Air energies come into play so there are many positives for this relationship that bodes well for its long term success. They are very charming, elegant, intuitive, and intellectual, with likes and lives on finer side of life. To find a partner that is and enjoys all of these same things is a match made in heaven. They both avoid drama like plague. Libra is ruled by Venus, the Goddess of love and beauty. Harmony, peace and love are in abundance when these two join forces. There is an instant harmonious connection as it is a true meeting of hedonistic minds. Ruled by decadent Venus, these two lovebirds are an enviable couple in social settings. They are dressed lavishly head to toe in the most fashion forward trends. The relationship can quickly take a turn toward overindulgence if you’re not careful, since you both have an affinity for finer things in life.

Positive: This is a match made in heaven. Cardinal Air Sign Libra is ruled by Venus the planet of love and beauty. They love beautiful things and a harmonious love bond to enjoy it with. They feel like destined and Karmic connection. Conflict is something Libra cannot tolerate, Libra loves when everybody loves them. They truly understand traits in Libra mate, they will work very hard to accomplish this for each other. While doing so, they will enjoy a finer side of life together that they both truly enjoy and appreciate. These Cardinal signs work together in relationship at same pace. This will create a lovely balance and harmony for both Libras in this love match. This pair is quite possibly the most loving combination on planet. It is a double shot Venus-ruled energy which makes for a magical dreamscape from get go. Beauty, harmony, peace and justice are values that Libras hold dear. If the scales are balanced, you’ll flow through this fairy tale relationship with nary a disagreement along the way. Socially, you’re an enviable couple, always dressed to the nines with a golden halo of good vibes emanating from sunny personalities. Date nights are epic affairs and lavish spending is the name of the game.

Challenges: Problems arise when shadow sides come into play. The things they both need to work on could lead to demise. Libras have difficult time taking no for an answer, due to the Cardinal Air energy. This is a very difficult to have relationship, because both parties refuse to take no for an answer. That is, unless they are both committed to maintaining harmony. Libra has tendency to be too rational at times. Overt displays of sensitivity or emotions are confusing. Libra doesn’t like drama at any cost. If one Libra is having an emotional day, the other will need to put their rational side aside to be there. Libra has tendency to be a bit cutting with criticism when tempers are fueled. This could land both in hot water in a Libra and Libra match. These two people are wearing rose colored glasses. This might make for a flowery view on life, which can quickly create a delusional duo if you don’t plant your designer footwear in reality zone from time to time. Debt can rack up quickly and since neither of you likes dealing with conflict, so too can denial. Before the bill collectors come a-knocking, create a pleasurable experience out of working on joint experiences. Dress up in vintage loungewear as you pour over quickbooks, sign utility bills checks with ostrich feather tipped pen. Start an entertainment budget for your nights on the town, but have savings auto-deducted from your paychecks in equal measure. With an injection of practical planning skills, you’ll make blissful heads of household, and provide a secure foundation for yourselves and family.

Make it Work: This can come very easily to both involved in relationship. Because Libra is committed to harmony and this trait will often prevail in relationship, that could wrinkle in Libra and Libra match. It won’t be a matter of who will bend first, one of the two Libras is bound to take on the role of peacemaker in love. Balance and compromise will be a key feature of this relationship, which is something both are good at. Their charming and elegant ways give them a natural  flair to do this and will need to be what both keep in mind when trouble arises. At the end of the day, their airy energy and commitment to diplomacy will work in favor of union. Both keep an eye on prize, love will be talked about for decades to come.

Scorpio & Libra

ELEMENT:  Libra is Air, Scorpio is Water, Collision of head and heart
QUALITY:  Libra is Cardinal, Scorpio is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Libra is Yang, Scorpio is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Semisextile, Cosmic combination

Overall: Fundamental differences in play with Libra and Scorpio. Both need to be committed to the end game if they want this match to make the long haul. This shared common ground will make for a firm foundation for a harmonious and sexually charged relationship. Cardinal Air Libra pairing with Fixed Water Scorpio. Both like to be in control, both bring very different intense energies to the table. Finding the balance to these differences will be key in turning the Libra and Scorpio love match into one destined for success. There is an intriguing connection that magnetizes these two polar opposites. These night owls both know how to have a good time, but the relationship could quickly fizzle out once you realize fundamental differences. Secretive Scorpio plays it cool while amorous Libra wears their heart on their sleeve, which leads to misunderstandings. They can thrive if they are willing to make some serious compromises for each other.

Positive: The good thing in this connection is both have the same fundamental basic needs in love. Both need a long term connection that makes them feel secure, balanced, at peace, and sexually charged. Both will work very hard to provide these fundamental basics for their partner. Libra will be very attracted at how Scorpio is fixed to the notion of making this relationship win at all costs. Scorpio will appreciate Libra’s rational approach to life and how hard Libra strives for harmony in world. Scorpio will be very attracted to Libra’s elegant charm. Libra in turn will feel enchanted by Scorpios sexual intensity and how it is always directed at them. Scorpio has unique way of knowing exactly how to make Libra feel special. Libra responds to Scorpio’s needs intuitively in turn to create a very balanced and complimentary relationship.  In this relationship, day meets night and intrigue begins. Sunny Libra is the Zodiac’s flowerchild and they wear their heart on their paisley-printed sleeve. Brooding Scorpio, the mystical spy, is clutching their top secret cards tightly against their black leather vest. Since you’re both night owls and music lovers you might meet on the dance floor or at a live concert. At first, Libra is flattered by Scorpio’s intense focus, its nice to find someone so interested in discovering who you are.

Challenges: These are intense signs in own rights, but affected by two different elements. This brings a lot of intense energy to table, which could lead to heated battles and a lot of drama. Libra’s Cardinal Air energy has tendency to lead with words and criticism first in an argument. Scorpio’s Fixed Water energy on the other hand can be emotionally draining as well. The best case scenario when Scorpio is upset is emotional manipulation, which Libra picks up on very quickly. Worst case for Libra is if Scorpio brings out the emotional stinger. This could lead to disaster in love because for either sign when its done, its done. Libra also finds the jealous side of Scorpio is on stifling side and Scorpio would prefer it if Libra was a little more affectionate. Both will need to work hard in this union to remember that true love means embracing all sides of the one they are infatuated with. The sexy tango falls out of step when conversational Libra inquires about Scorpio’s life. Scorpio’s cryptic answers and sarcastic remarks are simply not in Libra’s lexicon and it might feel like Scorpio is playing them for a fool. If Scorpio can drop the defensive posture, this can be a heavenly upward trek through romantic peaks and chart topping climaxes. Unfortunately, Libra’s flirtatious personality often provokes Scorpio’s jealousy and you two can get caught up in a modern day, ‘war of the roses’ before you ever start your ascent. Some major compromises will have to be made. Libra may have to tone down their innate social tendencies and private Scorpio will have to come out of that cave and mingle more often. Don’t expect to be each other’s everything if you want to keep making and enjoying beautiful music together.

Make it Work: There is intense drama over time due to the controlling personalities with completely different energies. They will need to work to find a way to balance and honor these qualities in each other, without damaging egos in the process. The good news is that in the end, both want the same thing and the same outcome. Libra’s gift of diplomacy and harmony may need to be exercised a little more often around Scorpio but Scorpio’s lavish passion and affection in return will make Libra more than appreciated. Both these signs unity is key to happiness in love and so both Libra and Scorpio will need to remember team work is critical to their romantic success.

Sagittarius & Libra

ELEMENT:  Libra is Air, Sagittarius is Fire, Air feeds the Fire that heats it
QUALITY: Libra is Cardinal, Sagittarius is Mutable, Directing the flow
POLARITY: Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS:  Sextile, Best of friends

Overall: When they join forces there is no stopping them. This dynamic match is full of energy and has love compatibility in spades. Cardinal Air Libra with Mutable Fire sign Sagittarius. Air and Fire will create lots of sparks, passion and creativity that will keep this union excited and happy for as long as they want. Both zodiac signs here differ in approach to life, but Libras love of harmony and balance will smooth any wrinkles over. Little give and take on both sides will be needed to make this a go for long haul. The sexual chemistry between these two hardly seems like work. These two are best friends for life. Pleasure seeking hedonists love good food and a good time, which can also lead to overindulgence. The relationship is free-flowing and warmhearted, since both understand each others bohemian ways.

Positive: They are highly compatible as relationship partners and excellent friends with each other. This is an exciting basis for a relationship. This is a fun energy with sexual chemistry. They give both parties an added loyalty and commitment for the future of the relationship. Libra is charming and elegant and enjoys the finer things. Sagittarius is attracted to all of that. Sagittarius is always up for new adventures. This stimulates Libra’s love for learning. The cup of love will be flowing in the beautiful home when Libra is around. Sagittarius loves the sense of security Libra provides. Libra loves how flexible Sagittarius is when going with the flow. The relationship is like friends with benefits and maybe a little more. Pleasure seeking Libra meets hedonistic Sagittarius, resulting in their mutual lust for life sparking. Both are foodies, bookworms, extroverts, and class clowns who love nothing more than a great belly laugh over a plate of four star pasta, quite possibly followed by a night of karaoke or dancing after that. The pounds could pack on quickly, but you’ll be too busy groping each other to care about a little muffin topping. A creative project may take the place of kids for you, but as parents, you’ll tend to take a more bohemian approach to childrearing.

Challenges: This is two very different energies and qualities. Libra likes to be the boss, make decisions, and likes to be in control. Sagittarius on other hand doesn’t like to be boxed in to one way of thinking or mindset. Sagittarius is always on the hunt for a new adventure, Libra may find this flighty and wishy washy side of Sagittarius one that they don’t like. Libra likes a long term relationship as well, they need their partner to feel secure. Sagittarius  will not be the first to approach any talk that elevates relationship status. Libra could get bored waiting for Sagittarius to commit and Sagittarius could feel restricted by Libra’s need to be partnered by the third date. Trouble emerges in paradise when you start talking commitment. This is one matchup where Sagittarius tends to chomp at the bit for certainty rather than playing the wishy-washy role. Libra’s slow moving pace could infuriate the impatient Archer who wants to know NOW that there’s no one else in the picture for Libra. If Sagittarius doesn’t slow down, and Libra doesn’t speed it up, you could both destroy a perfectly good thing before it gets off the ground. If you do manage to find a common speed, this will be a blissful union that stands test of time.

Make it Work: If they want the match to last the long haul then they both need to make compromises for each other’s greatest needs. Sagittarius needs to feel independent, Libra likes to feel partnered. Conflict will arise if Libra doesn’t give Sagittarius the freedom they need to feel honored in the relationship. Sagittarius on the other hand will also have to meet Libra half way when it comes to relationship loyalty.  Sagittarius doesn’t like to be bossed around and that’s exactly how Libra rules in most facets in life and why they are often most successful. Libra will need to find a way to balance this by allowing Sagittarius to feel control on occasion. Sagittarius will need to balance their adventurous side with Libra’s love for long, sexy nights in. With the sexual chemistry between the two, Sagittarius doesn’t take a lot of convincing in this regard.

Capricorn & Libra

ELEMENT:  Libra is Air, Capricorn is Earth, Earth builds on Air’s nature
QUALITY:  Both are Cardinal, Headstrong leaders
POLARITY: Libra is Yang, Capricorn is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS: Square, Push-pull dynamic

Overall: There are many differences in this relationship, combined with a pairing of intense energies, that leads many astrologers to say the love compatibility in this match will need some work. There are many gifts that both Libra and Capricorn bring to the table. Both have very different pairs of gifts. Both Libra and Capricorn are only too wiling to share conjoined successes. When both can stick committed to the big picture and their greater vision, the intense energies that both bring to table will fuel success into long term romance for the pair. This partnership is the perfect blend of power and pleasure.  These two fashionistas know how to work a room together, which can lead to power couple status. Their relationship can also be superficial, since both struggle to drop their masks behind closed doors.

Positive: There is a lot of common ground in a Cardinal energy that they both will need to focus on in order to make the match work as both signs function at very different paces. They want a long term successful relationship, so this is a shared goal that born leadership skills, when combined, can make happen. Libra is the intellectual type and Capricorn is really attracted to how smart Libra is and their knack for knowing everything. Libra loves beautiful things in all corners and finds Capricorns work ethic and material success very satisfying. Both Libra and Capricorn lead in very different ways. This pairing is as addictive as cocaine. The simmering obsession begins the moment you two fashionistas lock eyes. Capricorn brings power and elegance, Libra supplies charm and beauty. Their combined social mojo could rattle the coolest snake charmer’s cage. Although together you could hock ice to Eskimos, you might also sell each other a false bill of goods. Looking good is important to both of you.

Challenges: They have very different visions for success, so this will come into play at some point. Both want the same long term success in love, so that is common ground. Libra comes into the union with a very fast paced Airy energy, while Capricorn as the Earth sign is one of slowest. Capricorns need to think things over and do not have a problem coming to decisions. Capricorn may have a problem with Libra’s inability to come to a firm decision. Libra will get upset with Capricorn’s pushy nature of making a concrete plan. Both hard workers, Libra likes to enjoy time off with their mate and getting Capricorn out of the office will be difficult more times than not. Libra could get manipulative about this, which Capricorn will have zero tolerance for. One Cardinal may bend or cave for the other more often than not, which could lead to bitterness and resentment. The social masks you wear for the world don’t come off easily when the two of you get behind closed doors. As a result, the relationship can remain superficial, even after knowing each other for years. Ambitious Capricorn puts career and financial success above relationships. Libra would sell the farm in the name of love. Reaching a happy medium is challenging for the long haul. If Capricorn is willing to be the bread winner, earning a sizable enough budget for Libra’s tastes, you could divide roles along traditional lines.

Make it Work: There are potential differences in play with this match. Both signs are committed to success in love and thus this match has true potential. Both are great leaders and initiators, but seeing things through to completion is tough. Compromise and balance in picking up where the other partner leaves off bodes well. If they find a way to make it work, they will happily and harmoniously fill in gaps for each other for a long and successful relationship.

Aquarius & Libra

ELEMENT: Both are Air, Constant movement
QUALITY: Libra is Cardinal, Aquarius is Fixed, Two styles of leading
POLARITY:  Both are Yang, Aggressively driven
ASPECTS: Trine, Add mystery for harmony

Overall: This is an exciting match with a high score in compatibility as the pair brings many unique similarities to the table. This is Cardinal Air Libra paired with the Fixed Air Sign of Aquarius. Both are visionaries and big thinkers, and they will both find this very attractive about the other. This relationship will be one marked with a lot of long philosophical conversations and a lot of sexy flirting as well. This is an energetic and dynamic union between two Air Signs that are always stimulating each other in their own unique ways. They want the same things in love and will be committed to providing that for each other. The Libra and Aquarius match will be one with all potential to make it through many generations. This one will go straight to cloud nine. These two dreamy Air signs both love freedom and travel, which will lead to epic adventures together around the world. They both tend to avoid conflict, which can lead to resentment if you don’t voice your feelings.

Positive: This is a relationship that is stimulated by intellectual conversation, elegance of life, and philosophical approach where both forces are committed to change humanity as a whole. Libra does this as a Cardinal sign does, by leading and initiating projects and adventures that broaden their vision of the world at large. Aquarius as a Fixed sign is committed to whatever task for humanity is front of them. Where these two differ actually balance each other. Libra needs a sign that can work the amazing jobs that they start and when this come to love, Aquarius is only to happy to fit the bill. Definitely Cloud 9! This is a heavenly matchup when you uber-compatible Air signs decide to float through life as a couple. Libra loves nothing more than a jam packed social calendar. Aquarius is generally found at the epicenter of a lively crew of off beat thinkers, seekers, artists, and rockstars. Although Libra’s friends tend to be more polished and refined, their social circles dovetail beautifully. Before you know it, respectful friends are facebooking each other without prompting, creating an automatic extended family for the two of you. This is good timing, since the matchup lends itself more to legendary adventures than children. You’ll happily fall into the role of babysitters or the quirky Aunt and Uncle who teens look up to. If you decide to marry (which may seem like an unnecessary extra step for your free bird matchup), pick out matching luggage sets for your registry or have guests contribute to a honey fund so you can kick off your life together with epic travel plan. Seeing every corner of the world as a couple is a destiny worth fulfilling together.

Challenges: The intellectual side to these signs ensures they err on the side of rational and not so much on the pragmatic. Since a successful love relationship requires emotions and communication, this love match may feel a little dry on occasion. Neither Libra nor Aquarius is overwhelmed by huge displays of emotion and affection but both need it on occasion. Libra will need to ensure their desire for love and beauty makes Aquarius feel special. Aquarius needs to ensure Libra’s intellect is honored in emotional conversations so Libra feels understood. Fixed sign Aquarius has a jealous side that Libra can do without. Libra’s Cardinal energy can get a little too controlling for Aquarius who sees the bigger picture of humanity as a whole in even the smallest conversations. This will irritate Libra who wants things to get done. This pairing is full of passive aggressive control. As easy going Air signs, both avoid conflict like the plague, which can cause bitterness to quietly fester. When tolerance reaches its limit, Libra will lash out with a snippy, judgmental comment. Aquarius will strike back with deadly lightning bolt, even being shockingly cruel. Force yourselves to air grievances as they happen instead of letting things build up because both want to be seen as cool and laid back.

Make it Work: Focusing on your shared common goals will be the key to ensuring the match works. This is not difficult for either of the zodiac signs because both are committed to harmony in the world at large. To ensure harmony works in love union, both need to remember to pull back on their rational and intellectual side in conversations on love. Both need to remember their amazing partner in life wants a little affectionate talk or displays of affection. Aquarius as the Fixed and more jealous side may need this a little more than Libra. Aquarius can entice this from Libra by catering to Libra’s love for elegance. At the end of an uncomfortable day or chat, all Libra needs for harmony to be restored is pretty new things to be excited about. With all of the dynamic energy in play then, the couple will have an exciting relationship marked by harmony and humanity even through the tough times.

Pisces & Libra

ELEMENT:  Libra is Air, Pisces is Water, Collision of head and heart
QUALITY:  Libra is Cardinal, Pisces is Mutable, Directing the flow
POLARITY: Libra is Yang, Pisces is Yin, Strengths equal complement
ASPECTS:  Quincunx, Original odd couple

Overall: This is a very balanced partnership. They both work hard to meet the others needs regularly. Cardinal Air Libra and Mutable Water Pisces compliment each other. Intellectual leadership joins forces with a creative and emotional sign that is known for going with the flow. They are two very different sets of energy coming into play but they do balance each other well. They are looking for love, and when they find each other, they have a full cup of it. Both are instantly swept off their feet. As hopeless romantics, you both love flowers, chocolates, and candles and receiving them will send you both to cloud 9. They are highly sensitive and compassionate, since both understand each other’s empathetic ways.

Positive: They dislike drama like the plague. Pisces will retreat to cave when wounded or at first sight of Libra. Libra will learn quickly and love Pisces emotional and harmonious side. Libra is ruled by Venus and loves beautiful things, or the finer side of life. Pisces does too, so this pair will enjoy many creative experiences of luxury. Theater, opera, art gallery, etc. They have a balance of energy in the elements. Libra’s Cardinal energy is skilled at starting conversations and projects. Pisces as Mutable energy picks up where Libra leaves off and is skilled at going with the flow. This creates balances and harmony. It starts as a wonderful friendship and transforms into harmonious love match with a lot of sexual chemistry. As hopeless romantics, they are waiting for their proverbial prince or princess to materialize and sweep them away. Initially, it seems you finally found this in each other. Your hearts go pitter patter as bottles of wine are uncorked, life stories are exchanged with vivid and dramatic tragic detail, and forgotten dreams  are reawakened in a supportive glow of a cocreated safe space. The love affair has a magical storyline worthy of network television coverage.  So stop questioning the relationship and take one day at a time so you don’t scare each other off. Find other people to fill in the practical gaps for you. This is one relationship that needs a life coach to keep on track.

Challenges: They handle emotional disturbances in different ways. This doesn’t bode well unless both are committed to working through it together. Pisces runs and hides at the first sign of emotional upset. Libra doesn’t tolerate this and doesn’t wait for apology. Libra is destined to be a committed partner and seeks marriage as the ultimate goal in love. Mutable Pisces has a bit of wandering eye. Getting them to commit will be difficult at first. Both have a way with words when it comes to conflict. Pisces has a tendency to use emotional manipulation to make things work. Libra turns to biting criticism which will wound Pisces tender feelings. Libra is intellectually turned off by someone that resorts to emotional manipulation. They can build castles in the clouds with words, but both tend to be more dreamers than doers. Inspiring conversations may never materialize into something tangible, which can be buzzkill for both. Libra is indecisive, how can you really be sure you’ve found the One? Pisces tends towards flakiness, and they would rather swim away than be caught in anyone’s net. Although they may commit to each other on paper, its hard to ever feel 100% certain about each other. This thorny fairytale might not make it to final rose ceremony.

Make it Work: At the end of he day, they stand a real chance because both adore each other to death. There are challenges in how they approach problems on different perspectives. This couple will start off as friends however and then learn to understand each other’s perspectives. Libra will need to curb sharp criticism if they want to keep Pisces tender heart in tact. Pisces will need to ply on the flexible side and learn to let things go once in a while. Pisces will also benefit from not taking everything Libra says so personally. Libra will benefit from paying more attention to honor Pisces sensitive soul. Libra and Pisces find balance and this will be a very dreamy and creative and emotionally inspired romance that will stand the test of time.


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