1212 Angel Number


Angel numbers are numbers with the power to help us connect with our guardian angels. These numbers help to draw our attention to special messages from these celestial messengers and through their knowledge and assistance we can achieve higher purpose and begin to work towards the final evolution of our souls. Angels and humans have a sacred connection with one another that can be challenging to establish and even harder to define. We often struggle to pick up on the signs that they use to try and get our attention because we simply don’t know what to look for. Angel numbers, like the Angel number 1212 are just one of the many ways these celestial guides may reach out to us.

1212 Angel Number

How To Tell if 1212 Angel Number Is “For You”

Angel numbers can be seen at any point in our life but the way to tell if the angels are using them to communicate with you is their frequency. For example, a clock will always have the time 12:12 twice a day and noticing this once or twice a week isn’t a big deal. But when you begin to notice the number 1212 pop up more frequently – say two or three times a day several times a week – that is a sign that the higher beings are trying to get your attention.

What does the angel number 1212 mean? Before you can begin to understand what the angels are trying to tell you, you have to break the number down into its parts: the numbers one and two. The number one when related to the angels is a sign that you should focus on your hearts desires because you are coming into the power to manifest what you want in your life. It’s a sign that new beginnings and positivity are coming your way. The angel number 2 is a the symbol of your souls mission, its driving passion and reason for being. This is the number that tells you that your life’s purpose is about to be revealed and you should be ready to embark on the journeys that will carry you through to its end.

Together the numbers one and two make twelve and the angel number is a sign to be positively focused and mindful of the energy you put out into the universe as you travel along working on exploring the facets of your soul mission and divine purpose. When you see two twelves together as in the 1212 angel number it is not just a sign that these things are true and you should pay attention to them. We will often see the 1212 angel number when we’ve fallen into a slump or a rut and are struggling to pull ourselves out of it. It’s a call from the celestial beings to restore our faith and trust in the Divine and once more put our feet on the path that has been chosen for us.

Angel number 1212 is also a sign that they are sending people to help give you the love and support that you need. They understand that you feel burned out and alone and that nothing is worse than having to try and achieve your soul mission alone. It’s a sign that they are sending people your way to help you get going. If you’re not married then prepare because it might be time for you to meet ‘the one’!


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