Minor Arcana – Cups


There are four suits of minor arcana, or the cards whose meanings can be ‘trumped’ by the major arcana. These are filler cards that are used to help round out a reading and whose definitions or bearing in a reading are determined by the major arcana around them. We will be going over Minor Arcana Cups so you can learn more about what the cups may bring to your life.

The Minor Arcana Cups

Ace of Cups – The Ace of Cups is about new beginnings in your life, particularly a positive beginning in love, happiness and affection from both friends, family, and lovers.

Two of Cups – The Two is about balancing partnerships, not just romantic ones but also platonic ones.

Three of Cups – Three is the card of reunions, sadly not just romantic ones, and many of these reunions may be brief such as bumping into someone at the store. Regardless, the reunion is likely to be a happy, uplifting one.

Four of Cups – This card is a warning against wishful thinking and a reminder to be thankful for what is already in your life as opposed to wishing and dreaming for things that you don’t have.

Five of Cups – Five is another card of counting your blessings. Don’t cry over things that have happened in the past, or opportunities lost. Instead, focus on your life now and remember your focus affects your quality of life!

Six of Cups – The Six of Cups means that you are spending a lot of time reminiscing about the past, your childhood in particular. It often is a call to be more creative in your work, but to keep your relationships looking forward and not dwelling in the past.

Seven of Cups – This is a call to narrow your focus. It means you are doing too much and doing very little of it as well as you could be doing. Let some things go and focus on important tasks first.

Eight of Cups – The eight is a call to leave a relationship that isn’t working for you. Though there may be some sadness involved with letting the relationship go, in the end it will be better for you.

Nine of Cups – Known as the ‘wish’ card, the Nine of Cups is a sign that something you have been wishing and dreaming of is going to be yours soon.

Ten of Cups – The Ten of Cups is another card that is one of the best you can get in a reading! It means you are going to be happy, but less in the ‘ruling the world’ sense that the Nine of Cups implies and more in a grown-up, mature ‘happy with the world’ sense.

Page of Cups – The Page is a positive card, often meant as an encouragement to let your child-like side come through. It can also be an alert that someone younger than yourself is coming with a message.

Knight of Cups – This card is a positive warning that someone is coming with a message for you!

Queen of Cups – The Queen is a symbol of compassion, love and concern. She is the most loving archetype in the deck!

King of Cups – The King is the card of balance and often means that a man will be coming into your life and that you are supported by the universe when the man appears.


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