June Zodiac Sign


The zodiac sign for June is Gemini and astrologists consider this sign to be one of the most important of the sun signs as it captures the most basic levels of humanity. It speaks to the duality of our nature both the lower and the higher self and the way they are symmetrical. It is considered the most adaptable sign but is there more to this sign? Let’s learn the best traits of the June Zodiac Sign:

June Zodiac Sign

Traits of the June Zodiac Sign (Gemini)

1. Gemini are Curious
They want to know how everything works, what everyone is doing and where they fit in with all of it. Some people might see this as just plain being nosy but the Gemini doesn’t mean to be nosy. They simply want to learn all they can and see how they can fit it into their world view and find their place in that world.

2. Gemini are Great Communicators
You don’t have to worry that you’ve misunderstood a Gemini. These are great communicators, able to express themselves very clearly even if they change their mind later. If a Gemini says something you’d best believe that, right then, that’s what they mean.

3. Gemini are Flexible
Curiosity and outspokenness don’t leave a lot of room for mistakes and without flexibility Gemini wouldn’t last long in the world. However, these folks are able to take in new information and accept that it will change their world view with an adaptability that is second to none. Just because they believed something that turned out to be wrong doesn’t mean they’re going to go into a depression, they’ll land on their feet with the grace of a cat, taking in the information and continuing on like that was what they thought in the first place.

4. Gemini are Tenacious
They may get themselves into trouble with their communication, but Gemini also have a stunning ability to get themselves, and others, out of almost any situation they get themselves into. After all, mistakes are just a way to learn something new and Gemini are nothing if not curious!

5. Gemini have a Great Sense of Humor
You’ll rarely, if ever, find a Gemini that isn’t able to see the humor in any situation. This ability to see the silver lining is one the universe responds well to and so you’ll find that the a situation resolves itself in the Gemini’s favor.

6. Gemini are Outgoing
These people are the life of the party. They attract people to them with bright and fun conversations that somehow never seem to get annoying. Maybe its because you’ll never catch a Gemini having a boring conversation, but instead managing to lead a deep conversation about the meaning of life with all the ease of discussing the weather.

7. Gemini are Very Intelligent
No one can deny that Gemini are highly intelligent. Since they are always looking for answers they are always learning and growing not just spiritually but intellectually as well. They’re never lacking for conversation topics, always willing to learn and equally happy to share their knowledge.


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