March 23 Zodiac


The zodiac sign for March 23 is Aries. This is a sign that is very focused and has a lot of ambition; you may find that you tend to start new projects and are easily able to bring people along with you as you work on completing the project. You approach the world with a child-like spirit, but you’re also a risk taker and visionary. The biggest challenge you face is following an idea to its completion rather than letting another grand adventure come along and carry you off early. You have to be careful to fight off this desire to start a new project when you’re already working on one. Finish one project, meet all your goals and then move on to the next.

March 23 Zodiac

Do people call you bossy? That’s pretty common for an Aries born on March 23. Even though you’re good at communicating you’re also not afraid to speak your mind and that can cause others to accuse you of bossiness. Don’t allow this to hurt your feelings; brush it off. They’ll still happily follow your lead.

Born March 23, Aries is also born on the cusp of Pisces and this can bring a few challenges. You’re creative but somewhat sensitive. You have initiative but will struggle to keep that initiative going. You’ll bring people to you but this can begin to feel stifling and cause you to need to run away from groups of admirers and this can cause trouble in your relationships. Make sure that you communicate about finances with your partner. While others see money as something important, to you it’s simply a necessity that comes and goes – if you didn’t need it to survive you wouldn’t bother with it. This attitude can lead to conflicts with other signs that view money as much more important.

Physical fitness is very important to you, however a March 23 zodiac sign will want to look out for upper body infections and problems with migraines. You will probably develop an interest in holistic medicine and would prefer to treat illnesses naturally rather than with more conventional medicine but be sure that you don’t allow something to progress beyond your ability to heal. Sometimes we all have to take our medicine.

The March 23 zodiac sign compatibility shows that you are very passionate but not at all in a rush to fall in love and give your heart away. You take time finding the right partner, someone that understands and appreciates you. You want someone who can meet you in passion and ambition, with no small amount of creative uniqueness and you may struggle to see the real partner in a sea of admirers. Since you are born on the 23rd of March, look for partners that fall under the Libra, Leo and Sagittarius signs and focus on those who are born on the 1st, 2nd, 5th, 9th, 11th, 19th, 21st, 23rd, and 30th days of their months and signs as these are the people you will have the most compatibility with. Be warned, however, since you are born on the cusp of Pisces chances are you will not find a good, healthy match with anyone born under this sign.


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