Love Horoscope Compatibility can be a tricky thing. It’s important to remember when looking at compatibility and the zodiac that just because you seem to be the worst couple possible that everything is fluid and we make our own destiny. A pair that should be doomed can, with hard work and determination, make their relationship a beautiful one that lasts a lifetime. Love horoscope compatibility is important in helping you to narrow down who might be good or bad for you, but should never be used as a definitive guide of what will and won’t work simply because every single person in the world is different.

Love Horoscope Compatibility

So how is compatibility determined? Love horoscope compatibility is determined using a complex series of equations that look at each part of your astrological chart and that of the person you are interested in! Your chart and that of your potential partner are divided into the twelve houses, one for each sign of the zodiac, and each house has its energy or powers. These are given a number and compared to the numbers of the other houses. High numbers go together well, and low numbers mean potential problems. Then this is compared to the numbers in the chart of the person you are considering a relationship with.

Successful Relationships Via Love Horoscopes

Just as in determining the areas of your life that go well together, matches in your love compatibility horoscope help determine the successes of your relationship. Remember, this doesn’t mean that low numbers are a relationship that is determined to fail. People are always changing! But it does mean that you and your partner may have to re-sync with one another so that you’re on the same wavelength. People with higher compatibility will have to do this less than people who have lower compatibility. Compatibility horoscopes basically checks to see what the cost of a relationship may be so that you can determine if you think the person is worth spending that much time and energy working with!

Looking For Compatibility In Your Love Horoscope

When an astrologer looks at your compatibility horoscope they are going to be looking for ascendant signs and links. These are ways that you and your partners sign are compatible with one another. They’ll also look for sun and moon signs, houses and aspects and use these to see if your energies are in sync with one another. This finds out things like, are you both career oriented? If you both are this could cause problems at home and is something you’d definitely want to know before entering into a long term relationship with someone!

They will also check to see where Venus and Mars are in your charts as this is important in determining how much conflict and tension may be present in your relationship. They’ll also check Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury for things like surprises, joy, stability and communication! They will be looking for completions, areas where each of you fill in the blanks for one another. You don’t want two people in a relationship that both have the same shortcomings, but rather two people who fit together like puzzle pieces.