Corporate numerology is the system of using numerology as a basis for business decisions. It can be used for everything from phone numbers to product and business names. The goal is to pick names that help the business become more successful than competitors and competitor products. If you have a business you are running and want to run it smoothly and with profit then you probably want to talk through your naming conventions with a numerologist reading to make sure you names, numbers and all other parts of your business that can be worked through with numerology are primed and ready to work for you.

Finding Out A Corporation’s Numerology Number

Corporate NumerologyFiguring out the number of your business name using corporate numerology is exactly the same as figuring out the numerology of your name! You set up a chart numbered one through nine, then write out the letters under each number, A, J, S are under one, B, K, T are under two, C, L, U are under three, D, M,V are under four, E, N, W are under five, F, O, X, are under six, G, P, Y are under seven, H, Q, Z are under eight and I and R are under nine. Add together the numbers the letters of your company or product fall under, for example Google is the numbers:
7 + 6 + 6 + 7 + 3 + 5 = 34
3 + 4 = 7

This means that Google’s number is a 7! Remember that the master numbers 11, 22, and 33 don’t apply to companies. Even though companies are made up of people, they are not their own consciousness and so master numbers don’t apply to them! Reduce all numbers to single digits!

Knowing what each number is best for is a great way to pick a business name. Business names that begin come to a one are best for research and exploration types of businesses because the number one is for self-determination, exploration and independence. Business names that come to a two are best for businesses invested in romance, marriage and diplomacy. The number two focuses on teamwork, diplomacy, relationships and companionship! If you’re thinking of a name that comes to a three, it is best for businesses involved in social gatherings, entertainment, music and creative design. The number three is best for self-expression, social interaction, and inspiration! Fours are best for tech companies because the four focuses on foundation and method. Fives are best for travel planning companies and communications. This number is full of wit and adventure! The number six focuses on family, home and healing making it ideal for businesses in the medical industry or hospitality. If you’re looking at starting a business in the new age, psychology or in property consider a name that comes to a seven. Seven’s are all about intuitiveness, wisdom and spirituality! Are you a lawyer or offering legal services? Maybe you’re offering business services or working in the commercial industries? The number eight is perfect for your business name. Eight focuses on realism, efficiency and balance. The final number is nine and it is best for community service organizations and theater productions.

The number nine involves idealism, compassion and philanthropy!

Knowing these numbers ahead of time and which businesses they suit best will help you plan your business name as well as product names! You can pair products up with the number that best suits what they’ll be used for and use that to help plan out their name! Using all of these together is a great way to add corporate numerology to your basic business plan and path to success.