Page of Swords


The Page of Swords tarot card shows a young man standing with a sword in his hand pointing up to the sky. While his body and his sword are together, leaning to the right, his head is turned and facing to the left as though looking back to see what is happening around him. His hair is tousled by the breeze and clouds in the background look as though they are racing through the sky. His feet stand on green fertile ground. Upright, the Page of Swords is a card of positive change and forward motion. He brings new ideas and curiosity, a driving thirst for knowledge and even knew methods of communication.

Page of Swords

A card of passions, of energy and enthusiasm, this card is a sign that you are full of ideas and excitement for the future. It is a sign that you are capable of doing anything that you want to do, but a reminder that the challenge is to keep that energy going. The Page cards are often signs of a great start, but a warning that you may lack the stamina to see a project through. This is a card of beginnings – the preliminary stages where you have an idea and are researching it to see if it really has legs to stand on. You may make mistakes here but since you’re early on in the process these mistakes won’t be ones that ruin your idea, instead you’ll learn from them and grow.

When it comes to relationships, an upright Page is a sign of conflict. You may be finding yourself constantly in silly fights and arguments, the Page is telling you to let the small stuff go. If you’re single or waiting for something to happen then this card is a sign that you need to be patient a little longer, and you may need to get out more and meet more people. In terms of finances, this card calls you to get out there and go for your dream job, is a warning not to think you know all there is about money but to instead seek advice, and lastly, not to give up hope on that job you just interviewed for: be patient just a little bit longer.

The Page of Swords reversed can be seen as a negative card, but more than that it is a card of warnings. There may be bad news on the way, you may be feeling defensive or dealing with someone that loves to play mind games. You might feel scatterbrained or be full of bitterness and gossip; you may be challenged by vicious gossip from others! But though there is a lot of pain in this reversed card, it is also a warning to you to avoid being a cause of hurt and negativity in the lives of others. You could be full of malicious gossip and treat someone badly because you’ve been hurt, but the Page of Swords calls to you to choose a higher path, a better and healthier path.

If you pull a reversed Page of Swords during a romance or money reading this card is a sign that disappointment is on the way and you should be a bit cautious as you move forward in order to avoid heavy losses. When it comes to your health this card may be a warning of mental health issues that are coming your way as well as a reminder to slow down and take some time for yourself.


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