Judgement Tarot


The Judgement tarot card is seen with men, women and children standing in open graves, arms outstretched towards an angel blowing a trumpet. They are surrounded by a mountain range in the background. Though this is, at first, a rather macabre image it is not intended to depress or frighten; the people are ready and eager to answer the call of the archangel Gabriel as he calls them forth to judgement and finally to their eternal reward. The mountains signify the impossibility of avoiding judgement; the time has come to answer for their lives. Much like the Death card, this card is one of endings and as with any ending there will come a time for new beginnings.

Judgement Tarot


Upright, the Judgement tarot card is dealt as a reminder that every choice and action we make has resounding consequences in our lives and the lives of those around us. It is a sign that it is coming time for you to accept this responsibility and begin to honestly evaluate what kind of person you are. You must reflect on yourself because a time of awakening is at hand. This is the moment of reckoning, this card is the scales on which your actions will be weighed before you move forward into the next phase of your life. This is a card that speaks of self-evaluation, awakenings and renewal, and finding our deeper purpose.

In love, this card is a call to closely examine your relationships and look for the places where things must be changed; and it means for you to begin this examination with yourself and what you are doing in your relationship. Remember that your actions affect the relationship too; keep communication with your partner real and open and use the lessons you’ve learned to make positive changes for the future. In your career you may have suddenly discovered your true purpose or calling and this can make things uncomfortable but will ultimately lead to you finally being revitalized and true to yourself. It’s also a warning to pay more attention to the effect you are having on your coworkers and where you can improve yourself. This card is an admonishment to take responsibility for your actions and accept the part you have played in any conflicts. Come clean, apologize, and move on.


When reversed, the Judgement card signifies someone that is prone to self-doubt and loathing, someone who lacks self-awareness and struggles to learn lessons that life is trying to teach them. Learn to give yourself some grace and mercy; remember that you are just as human as the next person. We all make mistakes. The key to accept that we have done something wrong, apologize when we hurt others, and to learn from those mistakes and grow out of them. It is a warning not to voice criticisms against others without first fairly evaluating both your complaint and your own behavior. It is a sign that you need to boost your confidence in work, let failures be left behind in the past where they belong, and move on towards success.


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