Learning To Read Your Astroprofile Birth Chart


Learning to read your astroprofile or birth chart is something everyone interested in astrology should do. Your astro-profile is the chart that is created based on the date, time and location of your birth. It is unique to you and helps you, and any astrologists you work with, figure out your horoscope and answer any astrological divination questions you may have.

The key to successfully reading and defining an astro-profile is understanding that every part of it is important. You can’t just focus on what sign you are and think that one part defines who you are as a person. Each and every part of the chart, no matter how small and insignificant it may seem, places a crucial role in helping to divine and understand. While it is certainly recommended that you approach reading your astroprofile in pieces, you must remember to weave them all together to create the tapestry of self. Just as a blonde is not stupid simply because of their hair color, a Leo isn’t just selfish and a Virgo isn’t just a prude because of their star sign. There are many small parts that offer a fuller picture of each individual person and these must be combined to get the whole picture.

Beginning Your Astroprofile Reading

Begin by interpreting the planets in the signs. Each of the astrological planets will have a place in the different signs. Take note of the Ascendant’s sign, and use astrological chart interpretations at first to help guide you through the general meanings of each planet’s location. Once you are more comfortable with this you’ll be able to gather your own insights when reading an astro-profile. Which sign the planet is in shows how the planet is manifested so if the Sun is in Virgo you will find that the person is hard-working and has lots of common sense. Remember that the planet in the sign will bring focus to the house. Each ‘house’ covers an area of everyone’s life such as home or work. It may be best to think of the planet as the what, the sign as the how, and the house as where the what and how will take place.

Part of the reason taking the house into consideration is so important is because a well-read astro-profile will explain things that seem contradictory in a person’s personality. Once you have experience reading a natal chart you’ll be able to more easily pick out the bits and pieces that give a broader picture of the person, helping them to better understand who they are and why they are the way they are.

Houses are ruled by the planet on the cusp of the star sign. Sign rulerships do not change and express the attitudes towards the house. This is a bit different than the planet in the house which shows circumstances which you can read more about on the following page: Astronlogia.com/astrology-explained/

The Aspects of Astroprofiling

Reading the aspects is another important tool for reading an astroprofile. The aspects can bring positivity or negativity to a reading by telling whether the energies of a planet will be receiving trines and sextiles or squares and oppositions. These are important pieces of the reading and give additional, necessary depth. You will also want to look at the elements as a person’s predominant element may differ from that of their sun sigh and the qualities of the planets, ascendants, and midheavens.

One of the most important things to remember about reading your astroprofile is that, though the alignment of the celestials at the time of your birth are certainly powerful forces behind who you are, they do not control you nor do they create for you a future. The astroprofile may express your personality, but what you do with yourself is entirely up to you. A natal chart is simply a tool for expressing one’s own agency in the best way possible.


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