April 20 Zodiac


The zodiac sign for April 20 is Taurus, but since the zodiac signs do not simply flip over at midnight, people born on April 20 are born on what is called the cusp. The cusp is the period where the sun transitions from one sign into the other and extends from the day it is shown to change a few days in either direction. An April 20 zodiac sign might be Taurus, but these folks will definitely have some of the influence of Aries in their personalities; as will those born a few days before and after them.

April 20 Zodiac

Taurus is represented by the bull and much like you would get out of the way of a charging bull, once a Taurus begins moving towards their goals you have the choice to either join them or get out of their way. Taurus people are dedicated, relentless, passionate and love the finer things in life. The Ruling body of a Taurus is Venus making them very sensual people as well.

People with an April 20 birthday, however will have trouble when their Aries side rears its head. Aries is ruled by Mars. Unlike Venus which simply wants to enjoy the luxuries of life, Aries feels the need to compete constantly. The Aries side will drive you to be adventurous while the Taurus side will insist on luxury. If you plan vacations; you’ll find yourself drawn to the unique and different while booking the best hotels so you can still enjoy all the amenities.

If you’re born on this cusp you will likely find that you are constantly looking for balance and love. You want close relationships and may fall into a trap of getting into relationships with people who need to be fixed because they are broken. This is you projecting your own need for a partner that can help you come to terms with the duality of your own soul. These early relationships will help you grow so that when the universe brings you to people who can help you begin to evolve you will be ready for the growth of the soul that they bring.

Your search for healing and wholeness will lead you into a lifetime of nurturing and healing of others. People with an April 20 zodiac sign of Taurus excel in types of healing such as energy healing, psychology, nutrition and other ‘eastern’ medicines. Remember that you are a creature of evolution and once you have started that path, like a charging bull, you should not deviate from it. Resist the urge to fall into a dark, unforgiving depression. Remaining in the same place with an unfulfilling career or an unhealthy relationship will cause you to become indifferent and empty. Rather than being the beacon of healing that the universe intends for you to be, you’ll become a trapping darkness that drags those around you down as well.

Being born on the cusp of two signs can present very unique challenges, especially if you’re born right on the cusp and not with a buffer of a few days. Don’t allow this challenging duality to bring you down. The universe believed you could handle this challenge and will give you the tools to see it through to the end.


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