The Sun


The Sun tarot card shows the dawning sun after a dark night. There is a child playing in the foreground, naked and riding a white horse. The Sun represents life and life energy. The child is enjoying the warmth of the sun, sharing his joy and happiness, the same happiness we feel when we are at one with our true self. The child represents our innocence, the nakedness, our purity. The horse is a symbol of all our strength and nobility of spirit. The Sun tarot card meaning is happiness, success, and optimism. It speaks of finding joy and vitality, happiness and truth.

The Sun

Like the sun that courses through our sky, the Sun tarot card blesses those that draw it with success and abundance. It signifies that strength and radiance are coming to bless you with vitality. You feel personal fulfillment and you are inspired and encouraged by the Sun to share that same joy with those around you. You’ll find that people are drawn to you when you radiate this kind of energy – everyone loves to be around someone who radiates love and affection. The Sun is shining down on you and life is good – this card is known for providing nothing but a feeling of goodness and fulfillment.

When it comes to your love life, the Sun is a herald of happiness and joy. The same feelings that fill your heart alone are present in your relationship. You and your partner are getting closer, enjoying the blessings the Sun offers and building a strong connection during this time of harmony. If you’re single then get out there and let your lovely, amazing self shine the radiance and positivity of the sun on others. They’ll be drawn to you like a magnet and you’ll experience the kind of romance that you’ve only ever dreamed of!

The Sun – Your Career, Finances & More

In your career and finances you are experiencing enthusiasm and motivation. You’re feeling fulfilled in your career choices and the happiness that you shine on others is creating a wonderful working environment. Financially, just as the sun shines on the garden and you experience a bursting abundance of flowers, the same is happening in your financial life. Nothing is hidden from you.

A reversed Sun tarot card meaning is one of not being able to see the silver lining on the clouds blocking the sun’s rays. You may be bored, or lacking in confidence. You might be experiencing problems and challenges that are setting you back. If you’re in a relationship you might be feeling bored even though things are perfect. Take some time to rekindle your romance with your partner. A little hard work never hurt anyone – focus yourself on falling back in love with them.

In your career the reversed Sun tarot card may be a sign that you’re struggling to appreciate what’s in front of you. Make your needs known and you’ll be surprised to find out how many people are willing to work with you. However, avoid being conceited or over-confident as this can prevent people that would normally help you from being willing to work with you.


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