Those with a Life Path number four in Numerology are strong and stable. Chief among their characteristics are dependability, productivity and punctuality. They are the most trustworthy and patient of the numbers, tending to be very conventional traditionalists. These are people who don’t rock the boat, but steady it with their calm demeanor. Other numbers may find the four to be a bit boring. These are people who love to work and get great satisfaction in a job well done. They are humble, conservative and often blend in.

Being The Average Numerology Number 4

Number 4 in NumerologyThe trademark of the four is appearing average. Their looks are nothing to be surprised by, healthy, neat and clean, but this belies their strength if you try to push in on what they consider to be their territory. They are goal-oriented, detail-oriented, and have an excellent memory. These people make excellent employees because they don’t cut corners, but many of them may struggle in social situations. They are excellent at working with their hands and many tradesmen are fours.

Excellent providers, they demand discipline and respect from their families. These are people who need control and may begin to fall apart if it seems that they have lost the control they need to have. Though they will inevitably be the more strict parent, they will also walk through fire to protect and provide for their children as is part of their inherit nature which we cover here.

Religious Tendencies Shown By Number Fours

Any born under number Four in Numerology tend to be religious, enjoying the structure religion offers them, in fact more than any other number except for seven, they are found in religious roles. Their imagination is often conventional. They prefer safe jobs and can often be found as higher ranking government employees enjoying the safety and security their hard work can provide them in that sort of environment. Many fours may choose a job in the military as well as those jobs satisfy their need for control, discipline, regimen and security. They are most at home doing clerical work.

Despite their desire to move through life causing as little disruption as possible, the four will not back down when they think they are doing the right thing. They can be a bit intolerant towards others, sometimes even downright cruel especially when others try to force them to change. A four will inevitably have a dry sense of humor when it comes to life, though they are not particularly social or fun loving.

The number four in Numerology is the polar opposite of number three in Numerology. The three shies away from deeper emotions that the four embraces. The three, untransformed, is unable to stay steady and dependable while these are trademarks of the four. True, they expect much in the way of discipline and respect from their family and friends, but the four repays this with steadiness and dependability. You will find fours in good jobs, working hard to provide. They will often reach the top tier as they work with the goal of being rewarded not with praise, but with tangible gifts they can bring home to their family.