Getting Your Reading From A Numerologist


Numerology has been used for thousands of years, but it was Pythagorus who really made it into the system that numerologist readings use today. He believed that numbers were connected to everything, more than simply a method of calculation, but a a spiritual and psychic expression of our lives! In our everyday living we interact with numbers constantly, most of the time in a completely unnoticed fashion, and numerology is based on the idea that all these numbers are connected. However, a numerologist knows that these numeric events are important and they study their connections and how they affect our lives to create a Numerologist reading!

In addition to the numbers we interact with on a daily basis, there are other numbers that are the basis for a numerologist reading and how they will determine the connections with numbers in our everyday lives. Birth date, Karmic, and other numbers are critically important when putting together a reading and a numerologist will want to know all of these before they can begin to put together a reading for you that will be comprehensive and useful!

How Is A Numerologist Reading Important To Me?

These numbers are important because they are signifiers of things like personality traits or special talents that only people with, for example, a Life Path number of 7 have. A Life Path number is determined by adding together the numbers in the birth date! These numbers can even help the reader determine obstacles and problems that the querent may have in their life and ways in which they can work to overcome them. A good numerologist can even use the querent’s numbers to help them figure out their interactions with family, identify good friends, and point out people that will only serve to be a negative influence in their life!

A numerologist reading will take place with a numerologist who will use a chart to figure out the numbers in your life and then use these numbers to create your reading. They will determine if you have any master numbers, eleven, twenty-two or thirty-three in your reading and help you understand both the positives and negatives in these numbers. It’s good to remember that a numerologist will be calculating down to single digits, the numbers one through nine, unless a master number makes an appearance. The goal is to understand the psychic vibrations in the numbers and use that as a guide for your life.

Chaldean numerologist readings will be much the same way, though their system of numerology is a little different. Some people believe that Chaldean numerology is the more accurate of the two, but some numerologists believe that both readings can be critically important to the reading and may perform both so that they can get a more rounded picture of who you are. In Chaldean numerology, the number nine is also important and most people will find they are within the numbers one through eight instead of one through nine. The chart used to determine your number is also different in Chaldean numerology as instead of nine columns it uses only eight!


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