Temperance Tarot


The Rider-Waite deck depicts the Temperance tarot card as an angel with wings. The angel could be male or female, there is no obvious gender, and is wearing blue robes. On the front of the robes are the symbols of male and female; within them are a square and within the square a triangle. The angel’s feet are carefully balanced; one on a rock and the other in a stream and in each hand is a cup with water being poured between them. The triangle on the robes is meant to signify humans and the square it is surrounded by shows that we are bound by the natural laws and the earth. The foot on the rocks is our need to stay grounded, while the food in the water shows that we must also flow with what comes our way. The water flowing between cups is the flow of all life. In the background of the card is a mountain range with a winding path; this signifies our journey through life. Above the mountains is a golden crown and it is surrounded by a glowing light. This crown and light are symbols of taking a Higher Path and staying true to the purpose and meaning of our life.

Temperance Tarot


When a tarot card is dealt in the upright, natural position it is called an Upright card. An upright Temperance is a sign of balance, patience, peace and moderation in all things. It shows that you have found inner peace and have a good perspective. Things in your life are harmonious and you have a found a way to avoid the conflicts of others; instead you’ve adapted and maintained your balance. You are content, in touch with who you are meant to be. In relationships this is one of the most positive cards you can get. You and your partner, the card says, are in harmony with a perfect balance of commitment, respect and love. You may have even found your soulmate. If you are looking for love then this card is telling you that you have finally brought balance into the other areas of life that were holding you back and now you are ready for the universe to bring that love to you.

As far as your career, finances and health are concerned, things are looking good. It’s time to set up new goals and start working for what you want. Remember that temperance is the key; don’t make big purchases, don’t go crazy. Work on keeping a healthy budget, work on building your savings. In health you’re in a good place; time to get any bad habits worked out.


When a tarot card is dealt and comes out upside down it is said to be in reverse. A reversed Temperance is a sign that things are out of balance in your life. You are engaging in excess and self-indulgence. Your perspective is off and you may be reckless and hasty. This card is a warning to slow down and work on finding your center once again. Your relationships may be experiencing conflict because of imbalances. Take stock of things and figure out where the problem is; chances are you are hearing but you’re not listening to your partner. Try to calm your inner self so that you can once again hear your partner and work on connecting with them.

Conflicts may be present or coming at work or you are reacting poorly to necessary constructive criticism. Resist the urge to impulsively spend money; don’t spend money to try and feel better about yourself! Work on finding your inner peace!


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