Ashtar – Ashtar Sheran the Extraterrestrial


Ashtar also known as Ashtar Sheran is an extraterrestrial being or a group of being that have been channeled by psychics and mediums. Messages from Ashtar were first received around 1952 and there have been so many different claims about Ashtar made that the Ashtar movement is considered to be a UFO religion and is certainly one of the most prominent UFO religions.

Ashtar – Ashtar Sheran the Extraterrestrial

The Ashtar Movement

Ashtar, according to those who follow the Ashtar movement, is the commander of the Grand Cosmic Squadron and leads space ships as a part of Ashtar Command. Ashtar Command is a group of beings, some extraterrestrial, some angels, some other types of beings, that are working together as part of a spacefleet that is believed to be located above the Western hemisphere. These beings, under the command of Ashtar Sheran who is guided by Sananda, a being who is believed to have walked the Earth as Jesus the Christ, are working together to help Earth achieve ascension into the fifth dimension. Those who follow Ashtar believe that there was a human named Jesus, who was Sananda corporeal, and then a larger Christ ‘consciousness’ that is a collection of souls that are working to help birth Earth’s ascension. Ashtar is believed to come from the fifth dimension of Heaven from a planet called Nirbua which is the same as the planet we call Venus but it is found in the third dimension.  Read more about paranormal and extra-terrestrial beings here:

Communication with Ashtar is believed to have first occurred in 1952 when George Van Tassel, founder of the Ministry of Universal Wisdom based on his communications with Ashtar, claims to have first received telepathic messages from Ashtar. He re-interpreted the Christian Bible, using this knowledge from Ashtar, as an explanation of extraterrestrial intervention in our future. He also taught, through the Ministry of Universal Wisdom, that humans are able to tap into the ‘Universal Mind of God’ or the ‘Christ consciousness’ in order to help our evolutionary progress. He claimed that we could receive messages not just from Ashtar through the Universal Mind, but also through other enlightened beings that had passed on. In fact, Van Tassel claimed to have been able to communicate with Nikola Tesla and through his communication with Tesla was given instructions on how to build an integration machine that would extend lifespans and help us access knowledge from the past and from the future.

UFO Religion

While not particularly well-known in the world at large, Ashtar is the most prominent UFO religion and the movement continues to be in existence and people still participate in channeling sessions with Ashtar and Ashtar command. Many have even begun to use the internet to help increase membership and awareness. There are many online sources that have transcribed communications with Ashtar and Sananda that explain what the purpose of the Ashtar Command is, who and what Ashtar is, the idea behind the Ashtar trinity and other important issues. Those who follow Ashtar are enthusiastic in their convinction that this extraterrestrial influence on earth is done only with love, wisdom and patience but they also point out that Ashtar must be strict as he is responsible for our ascension.


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