Unexplained UFO Sightings


Unexplained UFO sightings are pretty rare, but they do exist. Most UFO sightings have been explained away without too much trouble but there are four sightings that have remained unexplained despite all attempts to explain them away as weather balloons, fireworks, or other man-made or weather related phenomenon.

Unexplained UFO Sighting in San Diego

In 2004 two Navy fighter jets came across a UFO in the air above San Diego. The object they saw was traveling at high speeds and seemed to be surrounded by a halo and rotating as it moved. One pilot is even heard in a recording from the event saying that there was a whole fleet of the objects. They are described as resembling a breath mint candy, but being about the same size as the fighter jets. They had no obvious wings and when approached accelerated beyond the ships and out of sight.

Eleven years later on the other side of the country, a similar craft was spotted by a ATFLIR or Advanced Targeting Forward-Looking Infrared Pod in an encounter with another fighter jet. The appearance was similar – oval shaped and white without wings – It was tracked for a while, then disappeared. No one is sure what the object was – no foreign governments have claimed responsibility at this time.

Chicago UFO Sighting

In 2006 at Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, no less than 12 airport employees say a grey, metallic object hovering over one of the gates. It was late afternoon and cloudy. The witnesses report that it hovered for about five minutes, then shot up through the clouds leaving a hole in them large enough that they could see the blue sky behind them. The FAA declined to investigate claiming it was a ‘weather phenomenon’ because the UFO didn’t appear on their radars. This is definitely an example of an unexplained UFO!

Astronaut UFO Sighting

In 2013 a retired astronaut reported a UFO to NUFORC, the National UFO Reporting Center. It was described as a large orb that was glowing orange and moving rapidly. It was follow by three similar looking objects a few minutes later, then two more of them flew past a few minutes after that. There was no sound, and a cell phone video taken was difficult to decipher. His experience as both a commercial and fighter pilot, as well as an astronaut makes it difficult to dismiss the phenomenon as nothing more than weather or meteors.

Pacific Coast UFO Sighting

Another airline pilot flying between Portland, Oregon and Los Angeles, California noticed blue lights over Mount Shasta in California. They were brighter than stars and there were only two of them. These were not lights he had ever noticed before and though they were the size of stars in his windscreen, one by one they slowly dimmed until they went out. The lights didn’t fall, however, they dimmed light lightbulbs on a dimmer switch until they simply went out and disappeared. They weren’t following typical satellite paths, and there were no clouds or other occlusions in the sky that might have hidden them from the pilot’s sight.


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