What Is It

Numerology is the study of numbers and their impact on our lives. It is the universal language of numbers. The entire universe is a system that mathematically breaks down into basic elements: numbers. This is also known as the study of the numerical value of letters in words, names, and ideas. It is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number and one or more coinciding events. It is based on the premise that we are timeless souls who have lived and will continue to live many lives for the purpose of wisdom and growth. The idea is that each of us is a spiritual being or soul, who incarnates many times in order to further evolve toward higher states of awareness.  Each of us were born with a set of numbers that are unique to us. These numbers unlock the door to the depths of our personality and reveal the way we interact with others. They are able to reveal the truth about ourselves and the path we will walk during this lifetime. They give logic to life and order to the universe.

Modern numerology has various antecedents. Alphabetic numerology assigns value to letters in the alphabet. Chinese numerology states even numbers are lucky, with a different set of meanings to numbers and combinations. Indian numerology varies completely. Either way, modern numerology updates the ancient practice. It is all about the observations, experiences, and conclusions drawn consistently from the same set of circumstances.

In Modern numerology, there are eleven numbers. This includes one through nine, eleven, and twenty two. Anything larger than these numbers can reduce to these core numbers. The only exception are master numbers. Master numbers are intensified versions of the single digit number they replace.

Many astrologists and mathematicians have reportedly used Numerology to discover what lies inside of each one of us, such as the talents we may possess, what type of person we may fall in love with, what individually motivates us, and even when is the best time to make certain life decisions. These are all the details that can be found in our numbers. People have used Numerology to help them decide things like when to switch jobs, what type of investments to make, or even when it is time for them to move away. When the numbers are set harmoniously and without any karmic intervention, one is bound to get success. Numerologists believe every one of us, in our quest for self-mastery, has a preset agenda consisting of the specific lessons we’d like to learn and destiny we endeavor to fulfill while we’re here. Our numbers are pre-chosen for us prior to this incarnation to provide the necessary tools and experiences to assist us in our quest. People should make the most of their journey. Numerology is considered by some to be the most accurate and powerful self help tool available today. This is probably why it is the most popular system used around the world.

History of Numerology

History indicates that numerology has been around long before it was ever recorded (c 1907). Numerology is older than astrology. Pythagoras and other philosophers of the time believed that because mathematical concepts were more “practical” than physical ones, they had greater actuality. Pythagoras is actually considered the father of modern numerology, even though the actual origins of numerology predate him. He was a Greek mathematician who founded a school in Italy. It was like a secret society that taught math, astronomy, and music. They adhered to a code where they never wrote down his teachings. His students experienced a five year period of perfect silence to reach a deep level of contemplation and faith. After Pythagoras died, all his teachings were written down. He focused on the principles behind math and thought the universe could be expressed through numbers.

The Study of Numerology was made popular by early mathematicians. Its early concepts led to the beginning of structured math. Its the prime prerequisite for the study of measurement and the motion of stars. It is most basically defined as the study of the mystical relationship between numbers and life. According to numerologists, without numbers there would be no form or organization. It is widely associated in today’s society with Astrology and the paranormal. It is believed by many that numbers can reflect and define different personality traits and character tendencies in relation to the cosmic plan. This is because sound is represented by numbers. In Numerology each letter of the alphabet has a numerical value and that value provides a cosmic vibration. Luckily, you do not need advanced math to understand any of it.

While in some circles it is believed that Numerology predates even Pythagoras, he is widely given credit for at the very least bringing it into the public’s eyes. After the time of Christ it laid dormant for a very long time. Then in the early 20th century a man named L. Dow Balliet published a series of books from 1911-1917 breaking down the teachings of Numerology. Then in the 1930s Florence Campbell preached the gospel of Numerology to anyone who would listen. Over the last 90 years or so Numerology has picked up tremendous steam and has become one of the more popular forms of Astrology.

In 1975 quantum physicist Fritjof Capra states that the scientific community discovered unity between all physical events in universe. He described it as a self help tool. From this point of view, numerology cycles indicate what opportunities and challenges, joys and pains that will arise throughout different periods of our life. How you choose to handle these occurrences at any given moment is to still up to you.

The Numbers

The Numerology Chart
When constructing what is known as “Numerology charts” there are 11 numerological numbers that are used. These numbers are 1-9, 11, and 22. A larger number can occur when you are adding the numbers of your birth date or the numbers associated with your name, but these numbers are reduced by simply adding the numbers together until the sum is one of the core numbers. All you do is add these numbers together (multiple times if you must) until you come up with one of the single digit numbers or one of the numbers 11 or 22. The numbers 11 and 22 are known as master numbers and they are the only exception to the rule of reducing to the single digits. Each one of the single digit numbers reflects a certain characteristic as well as different expressions. Master numbers are intensified versions of the single digit they replace (usually 2 or 4). Master numbers are said to represent a person who has a high threshold for knowledge and interpretation. Master numbers are said to be able to function in much more stressful situations than normal people.

This is the chart of values assigned to each letter in the alphabet.

Numerology is a very fun and very complex form of Astrology. There are many different parts that goes into a person’s reading. We hope this basic breakdown of what Numerology is will help you better understand it and perhaps even get you interested in it. It has the ability to help you uncover your pre-chosen life blueprint.

The various types of numbers, like birth date and name, bring awareness of our personal strengths, challenges, opportunities, and patterns. It can explain introvert versus extrovert, beautiful versus ugly, and even destiny. It can provide your life’s mission. The whole picture of one’s life can be decided (influenced) by these numbers. This is why it appears to focus on two main areas, personality profiling and forecasting. In Numerology, there is no such thing as a lucky number. It is your power of belief that makes it lucky or real.

Destiny or Expression Number

How To Calculate

This is calculated by utilizing your full birth name. The letters of your full name at birth reveal talents, abilities, and shortcomings for your lifetime.  Your name represents an inheritance of personal history up to the moment of birth. Whatever your history is, its shaped who you are. When your parents name you they do so by picking up personal vibrations and choosing accordingly. This is one of the major differences of western/modern numerology. It places greater influence on birth certificate names. It represents the environment and opportunities that the person will come across in life.



  • Dream of: being a leader, the one in charge, want to be known for courage.
  • People think: you’re sure of yourself.
  • Happiness and satisfaction come from: work versus any other source.

As a natural leader, you have an ability to influence opinions of others. You are a bit self centered when it comes to your goals and highly critical of others. You are courageous and willing to try new things if you see the promise in them. You are unable to witness injustice without jumping in and setting things straight. Ones are a friend for life to those they know. They have a great capacity for humor. They are a dedicated protector and brave partner.


  • Dream of: close and meaningful relationships.
  • People think: you’re easy to get along with.
  • Happiness and satisfaction come from: equal devotion and being treated as a princess.

You are the friendly, open minded individual who prefers partnerships over leading. The key to your personality is your sensitivity. You are the most underestimated when it comes to power and strength. You are almost always gentle, tactful, diplomatic, and forgiving. You like to keep peace and avoid confrontations. You are the ultimate survivor and extremely resilient. It is easy for you to bounce back from hardship. Two’s are the power behind the throne and are clever, but sometimes get frustrated for lack of recognition. You understand other people’s underlying qualities to make people act. You control the outcome of events with grace and style. Your anger is formidable and if you think you have been crossed or mistreated, you are mean, cruel and unrelentingly vengeful. You will claw an adversary to pieces and never look back.


  • Dream of: artistic expression.
  • People think: you’re likeable.
  • Happiness and satisfaction come from: realizing the need to find deeper happiness.

Always optimistic and outgoing, you have a bounce that impacts others. Though you have great potential in the arts, you lack discipline. You are a gifted teen who is still under the protection of your parents. You are spoiled, scattered, and in need of guidance. You are creative, express feelings, ideas, and visions of imagination. You are extroverted with excellent social skills. Your charm and wit make you quite charismatic. Unfortunately, you lack focus and direction, you procrastinate, and do not take responsibility. You are superficial and narcissistic. Though you are optimistic you lack internal fortitude. You need your friends and family to support you and teach you discipline. Long term relationships are challenging and you have a nasty jealous streak.


  • Dream of: being a solid citizen.
  • People think: you’re a person with a plan.
  • Happiness and satisfaction come from: being devoted parents.

You are the foundation of any enterprise and approach life very methodically. Though rigid and stubborn, you are always trustworthy. You are the salt of the earth. You reflect strength and stability. You are dependable, productive, and obedient. As a patient, trustworthy, and traditional individual you can also be a bit boring and antisocial. You will always choose results over financial reward or recognition. You do not like to draw attention and have a dry sense of humor. You are capable and notice every detail. You have an excellent memory but you are a workaholic who is prone to panic. You value your moral convictions and will not back down. You are insecure and intolerant.  You are devoted to kids but do not have a good imagination. You feel safe and secure in the predictable. Your greatest obstacle is yourself. Though you do not like to make waves, you will not back down when you think you’re doing the right thing.


  • Dream of: being totally free and unrestrained.
  • People think: you’re easy to converse with.
  • Happiness and satisfaction come from: constant change.

Free-spirited and freedom loving causes you to love change and adventure. You are scattered but gifted at communication and always want to try everything at least once. You are unpredictable and always in motion. You are in constant need of change. Your daring and independent in mind and soul. Your adventurous and risk taking nature make it hard for you to stay in one place, job, or relationship. Surprisingly you are loyal but selfish and irresponsible. You have to try numerous careers before finding one. Your focus, energy, and quick mind help you be successful. You are charismatic, versatile, and progressive. Anything conventional boxes you in, you are drawn to eccentrics and misfits. You are social, funny, and uplifting so you are well liked. Your uncompromising demand for freedom in thought and action makes you very opinionated. You desire instant gratification.


  • Dream of: guiding and fostering perfect family.
  • People think: you’re domestically successful.
  • Happiness and satisfaction come from: teaching and guiding young, old, and less fortunate.

You are loving and caring to the point that you put others needs before your own. You have a high regard for justice and honesty with a gift for harmonizing opposites. You are the motherhood number. You are the most harmonious, loving, and caring of all the numbers. You are all about sacrificing, caring, and healing others. You love to protect and teach. You are the glue for your family or community. Unfortunately, you can become too involved with others. Even with this, you are genuinely appreciated and adored. You have a strong sense of responsibility, are demanding, but will stay in the background. You work and care without expectation of reward. You are idealistic and easy to take advantage of. You wear your heart on your sleeve, are warm, funny, and jovial. You have a sense of duty and responsibility, are respected, and well liked. You focus on the little details and are often a bad judge of character. You can be conventional and self righteous. You are merciless when those who receive your heart do not return the kindness.


  • Dream of: opportunity to study, read, and shut self off.
  • People think: you’re a teacher.
  • Happiness and satisfaction come from: the world of academics and science.

Your analytical mind drives you to find truth and knowledge. Though you have interest in scientific matters, you keep your thoughts and time for yourself.
You are a rational, flexible, and hungry for knowledge. You have a vast imagination and enjoy long hours of solitude. You are a seeker, thinker, and searcher of truth. You never look at anything at face value. You are always trying to understand the underlying, hidden truths. You know it is not as it seems, that reality is hidden behind illusions. You are introverted, shy, and not big on social settings. You are intellectual, but not always at an obvious level. You love to explore the obscure. You lack empathy and are often cynical. You ponder the age old questions of what life is about and you do not stop until you find answers. You have a dry sense of humor and are very aloof. You hate gossip and are immune to the small minded backstabbers of life. Money doesn’t mean anything to you. You are not superficial and have excellent taste. You are attracted to eccentric people and have a strong sense of justice. You are not athletic nor are you a warrior. You are an opinionated loner who knows something about everything.


  • Dream of: success in business world.
  • People think: you’re an entrepreneur.
  • Happiness and satisfaction come from: balance.

You are the most misunderstood. Your focus in life is career, business, finances, and authority. You are the karmic equalizer, a force that just as easily creates as it destroys. You are practical, intelligent, and realistic. You are generous and willing to take risks. You have drive, ambition, and you are organized. Your efficiency and goal oriented attitude keeps you focused. You do not shy away from confrontation. You have the potential to be successful and prosperous. You need the support of others to flourish. You can become easily frustrated or dissatisfied. You have a can do self confidence and are honest to a fault.


  • Dream of: being a creative intellectual.
  • People think: you’re good at support and advice.
  • Happiness and satisfaction come from: helping others.

As a humanitarian, you have great compassion and idealism. Your deepest intention is to transform the world. You are the most worldly and sophisticated. You offer global consciousness and give it to all. You understand the connection to all mankind. You believe there is not difference between anyone. You are aloof and above small minded issues. You may love or loathe people, but you will always respect them. You have impeccable taste, you are talented and creative. You devote your self to fixing injustices and suffering. You do not need credit for actions. You are powerful or you can bend, whatever the situation calls for. You are not romantic because it is impossible to understand how to connect. You hide your heart. You are loyal but not vulnerable. Your intuition allows you to always be aware of surroundings. You can be condescending, arrogant, and cold. If you feel you are a victim to injustice, you become vindictive.


  • Dream of: casting a light of illumination.
  • People think: you’re a big dreamer.

You have a powerful presence and are enormously sensitive. You are dependent on relationships and the bridge between unconscious and conscious.

You dream big, of making your mark. There is no limit to what you are capable of.

You are a master teacher with a profound spiritual wisdom. You have high expectations and things can go positively or negatively.

In Love/Relationships

ONE. Takes the lead, the chase is important, and needs excitement.

TWO. Bend backwards to keep things smooth, promotes security for partner, and is like the astrological Cancer vibration.

THREE. Fun and energetic, need space, and have to be free to socialize to be happy.

FOUR. Steady and trustworthy, will get emotional and frustrated when caged, and likes to solve problems to feel loyal.

FIVE. Adaptable and attractive, witty and fun, and needs variety and mental stimulation.

SIX. Deep dislike of discord, work hard for peace, and devoted and stable.

SEVEN. Spaced out and hard to reach or understand, interesting bed partners, and intuitive loners.

EIGHT. Commitment with responsibility and bravery, easily alienate others, and are practical and secure.

NINE. Involved and helpful, sympathetic doormats, and show love through help.

ELEVEN. Idealistic romantics, least selfish, and masters of compromise.

TWENTY-TWO. All or nothing, bent on achieving in life, and sheer intensity is something people love or hate.


Your birthday number comes from birth dates, or the day of the month on which you were born. It reveals your true talents.

1st. Self confidence. Those born on this day are determined leaders in the truest sense. They gain support and trust of others easily. Even so, firsts prefer to work alone as they are highly independent. They have a keen mind and strong drive for success. Their creativity sets them apart from others.

2nd. Seek affection. Those born on this day are very sensitive and diplomatic. Their warm demeanor is a strength when they are dealing with or mediating others. Their intuition is strong and they can easily tap into the inner thoughts of those around them. They always strive for harmony and can easily tap into the feelings of others.

3rd. Vitality to life. Those born on this day have a highly developed creative talent, whether they work at it or not. They are natural born artists with affectionate demeanors. Their wit makes them social stars. They inspire others with their creativity and imagination. This is a quick witted, charismatic number.

4th. Good manager. Those born on this day are an employer’s dream. They are hard working and detail oriented. These individuals have very high principles but still maintain their sense of compassion for others. They have a love of close family. They are very conscientious and take care in what they do. They take their obligations seriously.

5th. Versatile. Those born on this day are wanderlusty and eccentric. They love changes of scenery and crave travel or adventure. This is a highly adaptable number who excels at communication. They love change in general and can relate well to others. They are extremly curious and thrive on excitement.

6th. Response. Those born on this day are generous family people. They have a kind soul with a strong skill in keeping the peace. They are able to resolve unrest between loved ones easily and find the best middle ground. They have a generous soul that is focused on others. They strive for balance and harmony.

7th. Perfectionist. Those born on this day enjoy contemplating on any topic. Their developed mind is their greatest asset. They have a great sense of focus and do not take anything at face value. Their excellent intuition helps them find truths that are often hidden to others. They are sensitive to the spiritual sides of life.

8th. Gift for business. Those born on this day are the idea people. They love to dream up new adventures and then back it with creative approaches. They are efficient, realistic, and confident in their skills. This number is always up for a challenge. They are very ambitious.

9th. Idealistic. Those born on this day have a relentless optimism and compassion for fellow man. They have an open mind and are true humanitarians. This number is charming and well liked by others regardless of differences.This individual is strongly connected  to the world and people.

10th. Extra energy. Those born on this day are highly ambitious and yearn for independence. They want to follow their dreams however they see fit and always strive for success. This number can rely on their analytical mind and solid managerial skills. They achieve success through determination and creativity.

11th. Dreamer. Those born on this day are optimistic but not naive. They have a rose colored view of the world that is matched with confidence and determination. This number has a refined intuition, allowing them to reach a deep understanding of others. They are dreamers and thinkers who can inspire others.

12th. Bounce back quick. Those born on this day are true artists that bring creativity to everything. They are enthusiastic by nature with a unique self expression. This number has an imagination and wit to make them the light of any social circle. They are the life of the party since they are always friendly and affectionate with others.

13th. Dominate others. Those born on this day are the rock in their family and community. They are dependable above all else, but also organized and detail oriented. This number uses these skills in everything they do.  They have a great love for their family and for tradition. They are one with nature and are strongly disciplined.

14th. Work well with others. Those born on this day are the restless globetrotters. They flock toward the unexpected twists and turns that travel and variety provide. This number possesses an analytical mind but is also very social. They love change and excitement and thrive off new things. They have a gift with words.

15th. Domestic strong. Those born on this day have a creative spirit that push them toward artistic expression. They possess strong instincts in business and financial matters as well. This number’s sensitivity and range of talents make them accessible to those around them. They are multi-talented but also business minded. They are generous and understanding as well.

16th. Lonely scientist. Those born on this day never quite feel at home in the real world. They love to concentrate their focus on big ideas. This number’s interests lie in the spiritual and philosophical realms of life. Their intuition is excellent. They seek what others cannot see. They are sensitive and deep.

17th. Money lucky. Those born on this day have lofty ambitions and towering goals. They are balanced out by their grounding skills in finances and business. This number has practical judgement that combines with their confidence and efficiency. They are confident and talented. They have big dreams.

18th. Need individual identification. Those born on this day are natural leaders. They have a keen understanding of other people and can be efficient managers. This number is broadminded and able to express them self well. They are exceptionally inspiring to those around them. They are also highly creative.

19th. Face obstacles. Those born on this day are highly ambitious and thrive on independence. Their pioneering risk tasking mentality is balanced with creativity and sensitivity. This number can succeed in a wide variety of endeavors. They have a drive for success and power.

20th. Emotional. Those born on this day are like a mood ring, reflecting emotions, desires, and fears of people around them. Their intuition and sensitivity are strong. This number must fight to keep a healthy distance from others. They are keenly aware and impacted by others feelings. They are drawn to beauty and love.

21st. Easy going. Those born on this day have creative visions and unique ideas. They are propelled by their determination to succeed and their imagination drives everything they do. This number has a passionate nature that is reflected in their love of other people. They are highly imaginative and charismatic.

22nd. Unorthodox but capable. Those born on this day are strong professionals with drive. They flock toward innovative business rather than supporting the status quo. Their greatest strength is in their unusually dualistic perception. This number is able to envision what they want and actually make it materialize. They have enormous potential for success. They are practical and idealistic.

23rd. Works well with others. Those born on this day love change and excitement. They are thankfully quite adaptable and easy to get along with. They are strong communicators with versatile minds. This number loves to experience something new. They view life as an adventure to live to its fullest.

24th. Responsible. Those born on this day are family oriented with a gift for restoring balance. They are an emotional soul who is willing to sacrifice for the good of others. This numbers strong skills lie in mediation. They are energetic and sensitive. They are generous healers who care for the needs of others. They strive for harmony.

25th. Technical skill. Those born on this day are rational and analytical. They balance this with strong intuition and broad knowledge. This number’s understanding of things help them make the best decisions. They have a sound, rational mind and keen insight. They are logical and intellectual. They seek what is below the surface.

26th. High organizational skills. Those born on this day have a strong sense of business and financial affairs. This is supported by their creative, daring mindset which makes them confident and capable professional leaders. This number just has to make sure they do not lose sight of the details within the bigger picture. They are efficient and highly ambitious with a strong character. They are also generous.

27th. Selfless. Those born on this day are efficient managers that are capable of organizing the facts. They are inspiring for others with their knack for creativity.  This number can use their strong understanding of others to excel in art, law, and politics. They are an expressive soul and they are philosophical.

28th. Executive ability. Those born on this day have a gentle air of authority about them. They feel the most comfortable leading others when there is a sense of cooperation and teamwork. This number has a rational mind but unconventional thinking. They are idealistic and independent with a gift for leadership. They have a strong level of confidence.

29th. Imaginative. Those born on this day have rich imaginations and a visual approach to every area of life. They have great intuition. This number’s connection to higher spiritual forces is strong. They are highly sensitive to others and tend to be compassionate. They are a gentle, yet powerful leader.

30th. Good at expression. Those born on this day are artists to the very core.  They have highly developed creative talent. They are sociable people who are charming and inspiring. This number seeks harmony in all that they do and has to remind themselves to balance imagination and discipline.

31st. Dependable worker. Those born on this day love their family and tradition. They are a solid foundation for loved ones and draw appreciation and support from order.  This number is urged to make the most of the many opportunities they will encounter. They are grounded, practical and reliable.

Personality Number

How To Calculate

This is calculated by adding the consonants in your full name. It represents how other people will think of you or in other words your outer personality.

Use the chart below to determine the value of the consonants in your full name:

1 = J, S
2 = B, K, T
3 = C, L
4 = D, M, V
5 = N, W*
6 = F, X*
7 = G, P, Y
8 = H, Q, Z
9 = R

*Do not count W or X as a consonant if they are being used as a vowel


Headstrong and blunt leadership.
Positive characteristics: Inventive, independent, individualistic, takes initiative, courageous
Negative characteristics: Aggressive, egotistic, boastful, lazy, selfish, egotistic

Instinct that may seem almost psychic.
Positive characteristics: Adaptability, sensitive to others, modest, cooperative, harmony, loving, diplomatic
Negative characteristics: Shy, self-consciousness, depression, over-sensitive, tactless, timid

Light, bubbly, with a great sense of humor and self expression.
Positive characteristics: Imagination, optimistic, happy, artistic, creative, social
Negative characteristics: Lack of direction, moody, self-centered, pessimistic, exaggerates

Passion for perfection unrivaled against rest of sun numbers.
Positive characteristics: Practical, detailed, organized, constructive, systematic, practical
Negative characteristics: Stubborn, too serious, slow to act, argumentative, extreme seriousness

Dynamic, sociable, and chaotic.
Positive characteristics: Versatile, curious, resourceful, versatile, entertaining, knowledgeable
Negative characteristics: Restless, edgy, hasty, careless, restless, nervous

Care-giving number that regularly ignores own needs for others.
Positive characteristics: Responsible, artistic, unselfish, love of home, unselfish
Negative characteristics: Stubborn, meddles, egotistical, skeptical, has to learn how to be alone

Look at deeper meaning of everything in life and tend to be quiet.
Positive characteristics: Analytical, charming, perfectionist, scientific, spiritual, wise
Negative characteristics: Reserved, sarcastic, inflexible,  selfish, lazy, aggressive

Tough read because they do not show or say how they feel.
Positive characteristics: Decisive, good judge, powerful, organized, authoritative, executive ability
Negative characteristics: Workaholic, impatient, materialistic, loves recognition

No nonsense and sturdy, see things how they are without letting emotion get in the way.
Positive characteristics: Friendly, giving, artistic, philanthropic, humanitarian, generous, selfless
Negative characteristics: Possessive, moody, careless, impulsive, careless with money, inclination for high living

Spirituality emphasized more but in essence the number 2.

Exceptional projects are possible but otherwise the number 4.

Life Path in Love/Relationships

How To Calculate

This is calculated by using your full birth date (date, month, and year). You add them together and then reduce to a single digit. It represents inner talents and abilities of the person and the lessons to be learned.

Self conscious ones are most compatible with: Three, Five, and Six.
– One & Three work because happy go lucky Three balances the serious One.
– One & Five work because the flexible and adventurous Five gives energy to a One.
– One & Six work because the loving and caring Six gets along with everyone.

It is better if One’s avoid other Ones due to two captain like mentalities resulting in a short- lived experience. One’s and Eights will always be in a state of competition, while Ones and Twos are just better when partnered in business. Ones and Sevens are better as friends.

Subtle Twos are most compatible with: Six, Eight, and Nine.
– Two & Six work because Six is protective, loving, and forgiving.
– Two & Eight work because business minded Eight is both a good romantic and business compliment.
– Two & Nine work because Nine is classy and composed, as well as slightly aloof.

Two’s and fours or Sevens struggle because the Two will get bored eventually. Twos and Ones can sometimes work, if they accept differences. A five will provide a passionate adventure but ultimately wreak havoc on Two. With Threes, Twos will have to carry the load.

Threes are most compatible with: Five and Seven.
– Three & Five work because the adaptable and adventurous Five suits Three’s needs for chaos.
– Three & Seven work because the quiet Seven adds depth and appreciation to life where they complement and elevate one another.

Three’s and Fours struggle because they will pull the worst out of each other. Three’s and Fours eventually drive each up a wall with criticism. One’s and Three’s will work though its a bit of a critical and domineering relationship from One. Three’s and Twos are lasting, since Two is forgiving. Three’s can’t thrive together because they are flaky and lack focus.

Strong Fours are most compatible with: One, Six, and Eight.
– Four & One work because One’s focus and determination suits the Four well.
– Four & Six work because Six is a motherly or fatherly figure; they will have lots of kids.
– Four & Eight work because they are both goal oriented and organized. They will make for a great romance and business combination.

Fours value grounded lifestyles and routines. For this reason they need to avoid the playful Three and restless Five. Nine’s are also too worldly and remote for the Four. Sevens would actually make for a dynamic and lasting relationship based on the thought provoking Seven.

Restless Fives are most compatible with: One, Three, Six, and Seven.
– Five & One work because the One is always daring and courageous.
– Five & Three work because Three is playful and optimistic.
– Five & Six work because Six is protective and sacrificing.
– Five & Seven work because Seven is philosophical and earnest. They really balance each other out.

Fives have a wide choice of potential romantic partners but it lasting is up to partner due to Five’s restlessness. When it comes to Fours, this pair will get bored with each other. Eights are too goal oriented and Nines are too idealistic. Fives are the rare exception where they actually work well together due to their mutual passion.

Sacrificing Sixes are most compatible with: all but Four.
– Six & One work because Ones are heroic and driven.
– Six & Two work because Twos are gentle and guided by their heart.
– Six & Nine work because Nines are conscientious and sympathetic.

Sixes can have harmonious, lasting relationships with any number because of their willingness to sacrifice and their limitless ability to give love and care. Threes are about the only number Sixes struggle with since they are too scattered and irresponsible.

Sevens struggle with compatibility for the longterm.

– Sevens & Twos work because they are superficial and sentimental.

Sevens really struggle because they have a critical nature and lofty dreams. They are too difficult to live up to so they provide a challenge with most every number.

Eights are most compatible with: Two and Six.
– Eight & Two work because Twos are feminine.
– Eight & Six work because they are loving and sacrificing.

Eights want to guide and control because they do not compromise well and like being in charge. For this reason they do not do will with aggressive Ones or freedom loving Fives. Threes are too irresponsible and Sevens do not always understand them. Fours make for good business partners.

Secretive Nines are most compatible with: Two, Six, and Three.
– Nine & Two work because Two is intuitive and sensitive.
– Nine & Three work because Three is creative with a sense of humor.
– Nine & Six work because Six is protective and loving.

Nines keep their distance and enter relationships slowly. They make for great and loyal friends. They struggle with erratic Fives and offbeat Sevens.

Heart’s Desire

How To Calculate

This is calculated by using the vowels in your full birth name. The sum of all are converted and reduced. It represents your inner desire and motivation.

Use the chart below to determine the value of the vowels in your full name:

1 = A
3 = U
5 = E, W
6 = O
7 = Y*
9 = I

*Y is a vowel when no other vowel in syllable and when proceeded by a vowel as one sound


This gives us the reasons behind our actions and shows us what we really want.

ONE’s have a sense of contentment when they succeed in competition. Fulfilled by: being a winner.

TWO’s have a deep inner need for love and harmony. Fulfilled by: avoiding stress.

THREE’s have a sense of contentment when they engage in creative endeavors. Fulfilled by: social interaction.

FOUR’s have an ever present need to feel secure financially and professionally. Fulfilled by: others’ appreciation.

FIVE’s have a desire to have complete freedom. Fulfilled by: unrestrained life.

SIX’s have a sense of being needed and appreciated that is always a present pressure. Fulfilled by: others look up to them.

SEVEN’s have a strong inner need to make spiritual sense of world. Fulfilled by:  solitude and wisdom.

EIGHT’s have a harbored, focused drive to achieve material authority and power. Fulfilled by: status.

NINE’s have a desire to benefit humanity in order to feel happy. Fulfilled by: helping where they can.

Hidden Passion

How To Calculate

This is a number represented by a square divided into 9 smaller squares. Each square has the numbers 1 through 9 (1 in top left, 9 in lower right). The top of each square has the number saying how many times it is represented in your full name at birth. Your hidden passion number is the single digit that occurs most frequently in your name. You can have more than one if there is a tie.


ONE. Survivor, leader, warrior. You have a drive to stand out and accomplish as much as possible.

TWO. Considerate, sensitive, worrier. You seek peaceful and pleasant situations, harmony is always the goal.

THREE. Social, charming, charismatic. You love to party and entertain.

FOUR. Organized, systematic, determined. You are the rock of all numbers and are always concerned about the welfare of the community. You need to love the job.

FIVE. Adventurer, adaptable, versatile. You are impulsive and sensual with a desire for freedom.

SIX. Progressive, responsible, self righteous. You dream of being of service to those you love and the community.

SEVEN. Deep thinker, perfectionist, skeptical. You love abstract ideas and finding unique solutions.

EIGHT. Manager, good judge of character. You love success and material reward.

NINE. Warm, generous, compassionate. You have a desire for insight and universal knowledge.

Personal Year

How To Calculate

Your yearly number is  calculated by the current year number plus your birth day (day and month). For example, if your birthday was March 10, it would be 3 + 10 = 13 = 4. 2018 (current year) is 2+ 0+1+8 = 11. 11 + 4 = 15. 1+5 = 6.


Year One: The Year of Action
Plant things now, so that you can reap them later. It is not a social year because you are focused on your needs. You are outgoing and have a strong initiative in this year. Advice: Stand alone, start fresh, take action.

Year Two: The Year of Potential Companionship
This is a quiet, gentle, and harmonious year. It is less active and more gentle. You will find yourself more responsive to others and more attractive to others. Advice: Be patient, be receptive, enjoy peace.

Year Three: The Year of Sociability
This is a year where you are friendly and easily enjoy life and people. You should focus on personal freedom and making new friends. You will be ready for adventure and have a lighthearted year. Advice: Reach out but do not scatter your energies.

Year Four: The Year of Work and Development
Put your nose to the grindstone. You need to deal with practical matters and not be lazy. You might feel like its hard, routine, and lonely.  Advice: Get organized, work to build resources, keep busy.

Year Five: The Year of Exploration and Freedom
This is a year to reach out and explore. It will be full of opportunities. Advertise and sell. There are surprises in store as routine is broken. Perhaps new relationships or new life in a relationship. Advice: Explore, keep eye open for opportunities.

Year Six: The Year of Relative Contentment
This year love is the easiest to attract. There is a good chance for longevity and establishing harmony. Advice: Develop existing relationships, be positive and receptive because these energies help attract what is desired.

Year Seven: The Year of Prep, Chance, and Refinement
This year is not a time for dramatic changes. Reflection on the past is helpful and refinements should be made. Study and analyze. There will be unexpected twists and chance meetings. Advice: Take stock of life to prepare for years to come, examine the past, plan the future, get in touch with deep needs and personal power.

Year Eight: The Year of Power and Accomplishment
Actively seek to expand and take educated risks. There will be opportunities in the material and business world. This is the year to problem solve. Advice: Take action, plan ahead, and seize opportunities. 

Year Nine: The Year of Completion and Transition
It is time to let go of things that no longer serve purpose and hold onto things with a future. Clean out the dead wood, give to yourself, and release burdens.  You are outgoing and have a strong initiative in this year. Advice: Let go of what is holding you back, express compassionate side.


How To Calculate

You add the numerical value of your initials of your full name at birth (first, middle, and last) then reduce.


This is a minor number with influence in your life when it is in turmoil. It is all about how you can handle challenges.

ONE. You can easily become a loner. You draw strength from yourself but should be more willing to share troubles with friends and family. In the face of problems you can become isolated. You need to be open to advice of others. To overcome: you need to find strength, creativity, and courage.

TWO. You are overly sensitive and fear confrontation. You need to use tact and diplomacy to resolve things and be less emotional. You need to be courageous in your approach. Your innate talent is in finding a mutually satisfying solution to all. To overcome: you need to find balance and harmony, be optimistic, and not blow things out of proportion.

THREE. You get too personally attached. You use your charm to influence troubling situations. You need to try to control your extreme emotions. You need to realize your impact to others. To overcome: you need a degree of objectivity and to be lighthearted.

FOUR. You have a hard time controlling anger. You need to try to have a better perspective and be more lighthearted. You need to watch your attitude towards emotional issues and realize more angles. To overcome: you need discipline, compromise, and to be practical.

FIVE. You may try to avoid issues by really indulging your senses to avoid feelings. It would be wiser to put your focus on real problems. You need to make sure you do not escape into food or alcohol. To overcome: stick your mind to it.

SIX. You can rely too much on friends and family instead of solving things on your own. Your strength lies in understanding people and the underlying conditions of conflict. You rely on feelings provided by the people not involved. To overcome: you need to accept responsibility.

SEVEN. When issues arise, you retreat into the safe haven of your self. Your clarity and analytical abilities of mind can solve the challenges. You need to ensure you do not get too emotional. To overcome: you need to confront your self, be calm, and check your emotions.

EIGHT. You use your considerable power in manipulative, but balanced ways. You do not force your solution on others, but include them instead. To overcome: you need to accept responsibility,  use creativity, and take on a leadership role.

NINE. You retreat into aloofness. You find solutions when you empathize with others. You have a gift of understanding and seeing the broad picture. To overcome: you need to come down to reality and be giving.


How To Calculate

Sun signs are the number that guides you. It describes your personality on a basic level and is based on your day of birth. Numerology is similar, but is based on the day and month you were born. You add the two numbers together and then reduce. In this way your sun number is represented by a single number.


It describes traits at a high, simplified level. It deduces the pattern of existence based on the day you entered the world. It is considered first though it is less detailed of a pattern of who you are. It is categorized into nine groups; the more details you get the more you can uncover. The sun number is an anchor.

ONE. You are stubborn, headstrong, motivated, and impulsive with energy to spare. You have the stamina to survive but you do have limits. When those are reached, you will shatter. You will need a long time to heal. You respond quickly but do not always recognize your true nature. You need to recognize the subtle signs that appear ahead and be aware of your pride. That can be your downfall. You are passionate with a jealous streak and there will be problems if you feel taken for granted.

TWO. You are intuitive, have a cunning intellect, and you understand human nature. You take a careful and deliberate approach to changes. You avoid direct confrontations, apply tact and diplomacy, and have a good sense of timing. You draw support from others and you share troubles and successes easily. However, you often surrender quickly without much of a fight. Your strength is resilient and you will rise again quickly. You are sympathetic to the plight of others but can fall victim to selfish and greedy tendencies. You are a romantic that needs to be handled with kid gloves and you do not play games.

THREE. You are innovative, creative, think outside the box, and optimistic. You have a childish streak that avoids responsibility. You are loved by many but you return a superficial love. You skate the surface and use humor to keep things light. If you get hit by a serious challenge you will surprise everyone by the endurance and courage you will apply. Your creativity is your biggest asset when overcoming obstacles. You leave unfinished projects and empty promises. To be successful you have to focus and be disciplined. Though you may seem superficial that hides serious undertones. You dread negativity, preferring the happy and upbeat. You approach everything with caution.

FOUR. You are systematic and approach whatever comes your way very efficiently.  You are solid and stable and dislike change. You miss opportunities because you wait too long. You are willing to put in the effort and apply your self with focus and dedication. You are not satisfied until you are the best at what you do. You are all work, no play, and lack empathy. You are equally demanding of yourself as you are of others. Your accomplishments are the crux of all existence. You are comfy in most settings, except romance. You are not passionate but you do have an intense devotion that provides a solid as a rock relationship.

FIVE.  You are the best equipped to deal with change. You thrive on change because you operate best in a dynamic environment. You are better at responding to the moment as you are an adrenaline junky. You love to travel and you are social. You do not like the routine or the predictable. You have a wild streak and lack discipline. You dislike stability and responsibility. You are bothered by being taken for granted and  freedom is your most prized asset. You are however loyal to a fault and extremely passionate.

SIX. You are the most harmonious. You ignore your own needs in favor of helping others. You are a born caregiver, and you are stable and level headed. You deal well with changes. You can be annoyingly self righteous and short sighted. You do not see the bigger picture. You take responsibilities seriously and almost too much at times. You are patient when working towards a goal. You take love seriously and give fully without restraint. You can be promiscuous which means you break more hearts.

SEVEN. The world of philosophy and spiritual awareness is your domain. You do not take anything at face value and always search for the deeper meaning in everything. Change does not bother you. You are a dreamer but not materialistic. You are opinionated to a fault and bothered by superficial people. You really only have a few close friends because you control and/or hide your emotions. You are extremely curious with a scholarly nature. You are a late bloomer when it comes to romance as you don’t know how to handle love. You interests are spiritual and intellectual, not the physical. You are a great lover once the ice is broken and can be extremely giving.

EIGHT. You have an authoritarian streak and like to be in charge at all times. You can have a tough time with change because if you feel like you are not in charge you get agitated and angry. This results in you being aggressive and bullish. You are, however, capable and smart, you can see the bigger picture usually before others. You have a sense of balance that allows for dealing with the material world successfully. You take chances and use your assets or resources in ways others feel is too risky. Sometimes you can be too quick or optimistic and set your expectations too high. This results in you being disappointed, though you won’t be sidelined for long. You are not an easy person to please because you do not show much of what you are feeling. A confident, level headed partner is perfect for you. You take care of those around you and fight to protect them.

NINE. You are the idealist. You have a global consciousness that makes you aloof and distant. You are not good at emotions at all. You like well thought out situations. You want all possibilities to be considered. You do not have a problem with change because you are so good at long term planning. You need something bigger than yourself to be happy or feel like you made your life count. You are slightly arrogant. You are the most difficult to get close to because you do not display emotion. You can be a joy to be around once things are established. You are considerate, careful, and generous. You do not ask for much and are tolerant and forgiving.

Karmic Debt

How To Calculate

We accumulate a wealth of wisdom, but as we make mistakes or potentially abuse the gifts given, then we have to rectify the errors by taking on possible additional burdens. In this way we learn the lesson we failed to learn in a previous lifetime. This is the Karmic Debt Number. There are four Karmic Debt numbers.

Where the numbers are found is important. When found in the life path, the debt is repeatedly felt but not continuously. When found in the expression number, the person feels the continuous effect but not dramatically. When found in hearts desire numbers, this means the individual has a tendency to make bad choices and decisions in their lifestyle and relationships. If the Karmic Debt number is in the personality number, its influence is felt in social interactions and health issues. Karmic debt numbers in the maturity numbers means it is felt strongly during late teens and early twenties, then again in midlife.


THIRTEEN. The individual will experience frustration and will have to work very hard to accomplish any task. This debt is a result of the individual spending the previous lifetime lazily and taking advantage of others. For this reason, this lifetime will be filled with obstacles arising time and time again. People in this debt are burdened and frustrated by the futility of efforts. They constantly have the desire to give up. However, success can be within reach if they work hard. The key is to focus and not take shortcuts. Order will be essential; follow through on schedules and do not procrastinate.

FOURTEEN. The individual will be forced to adapt to ever changing circumstances and unexpected occurrences. This debt is a result of abusing human freedom in the prior life. People in this debt are in danger of becoming a slave to their own freedom through abuse of drugs and alcohol. Being modest and reining themselves in will be crucial. They need to maintain order and emotional stability. The key is to focus on adapting and flexing. Commitment will be critical, but there will be a roller coaster ride when headed in the right direction.

SIXTEEN. The individual will feel the destruction of both old and new. They will experience the fall of their ego and a cleansing of sorts. This debt is a result of destroying everything in a prior life. With work, the individual can reunite with their spirit. They just have to be careful as there will always be challenges to grand plans. The key will be to stay humbled in order to experience later success. If the person learns, they will experience awareness and an increased consciousness.

NINETEEN. The individual will always have to stand up for themselves. They will feel alone, especially since they resist help. They need to learn independence versus power use. The key will be to reach out for others and accept help a needed.