Love Compatibility Horoscope Reading for Aquarius the Water Bearer


Aquarius is ruled by the planet Uranus, known for breaking us out of our everyday routines and getting us to try something new! As an air sign, those under Aquarius are often capable of brilliant revelations and sometimes quirky bits of wisdom. This is a sign that most often finds love among those they call friends. Let’s review an Aquarius Love Horoscope below so we can learn what’s in store for being in love with or as an Aquarius.

Aquarius’ love horoscope is based on the traits all Aquarius have in common. Because it is a complex sign, coming up with an understanding of who Aquarius’ soulmate is can be challenging.

First Things First When Reading An Aquarius Love Horoscope

The first thing to take into consideration when building an Aquarius love horoscope is the location of Jupiter. If Jupiter is in Aquarius or in the fifth house of Aquarius then they stand the best chance of meeting their soulmate. Marrying during these times is also a good indicator that the marriage will be one that lasts!

For Aquarius, and other signs, eclipses shouldn’t be taken as times to hide away, but as times to step out into the open. The eclipse is a time of change and it is during these times that your soulmate may come into your life. Remember an eclipse in Aquarius means that it is balanced on the first house of how we view ourselves and the seventh house of partnership and marriage both of which are great houses to be shifting into when looking for someone to spend your life with.

Ideally, while looking among their friends for people to share their lives with, Aquarius should be looking at the air signs Libra and Gemini. The air signs are mental signs and tend to compute things on a logical level, not so much an emotional one and this shared point of view makes them more compatible with one another than with the other signs. However, Aquarius’ love compatibility analysis should take note of possible problems. For example, when paired with Libra, an Aquarius wants to remember that Libra likes to be out and about and they love spending time with the opposite sex. Aquarius prefers the comforts of books and since they are easily hurt, this can become a relationship problem that easily grows into a large one that is completely out of control!

With Gemini, Aquarius and Gemini will get along great. Conversations will be amazing, they have a lot in common… until they get to the bedroom where Gemini can be a bit skittish about trying new things.

Great: Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius

Favorable: Leo, Virgo

Challenging: Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces

A Deeper Look Into Aquarius in a Relationship From A Horoscope Perspective

They work the best with Air and Fire, but rarely with the Mutable. As a Fire Air Sign of the Zodiac they are as stubborn as they come. They prefer to consider this trait as being loyal to their opinions. They are loyal to lovers too and gets along very well with fellow fixed buddies like Scorpio, Leo, and Taurus. The mutable signs are too flighty for this big thinker that just wants a partner to make a decision and stick to it. Fire signs and Aquarius get along swimmingly, their energies are both very quick paced and compatible. The emotional water signs can be too much for Aquarius, but sometimes the Water Bearer gets the watery need for emotional overload sometimes. At the end of the day, truth prevails for Aquarius and need a partner that believes same.

Aquarius tend to be unconventional, innovative, creative, loyal, loving, caring and easily hurt. They are constantly surprising their partners with new ideas and whoever they end up with should be able to handle the constant changing. They will never be monotonous. Their partners should not expect grand proclamations of love, but rather unique and rather unorthodox ways of saying ‘I love you’.

Everybody loves Aquarius because of their tendency to treat their friends well and always listen. This won’t change in a relationship. They’ll be just as interested in their partners’ day to day living as they were before they got together. This is part of why they end up with friends rather than strangers as partners. They value a strong, steady friendship as part of their relationship and no Aquarius love horoscope is complete without taking this into consideration.


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