Archangel Chamuel


The Archangel Chamuel, also spelled Camiel, Kamael, and Samael, whose name means ‘He who seeks God’ is one of the most powerful and magnificent of the archangels. Dwelling in the direct presence of God he brings to us the unconditional and divine Love of the universe and all its never-ending blessings. This divine love is all encompassing; not one type of love or another. You can reach out to Chamuel for help in any area of your life where love or relationships play a part and get help. Chamuel can help with work conflicts, finding inner peace, forgiveness, nurturing and encouraging romantic love, and helping to resolve turmoil for those seeking peace. Fittingly, the Archangel Chamuel symbol is that of a heart and artists’ works often depict the archangel with a heart.

Archangel Chamuel

Though Chamuel isn’t mentioned by name in any of the major religious texts, it is believed in both Jewish traditions and Christian traditions that he carried out some very important missions at God’s behest; for example, it was Chamuel who helped Adam and Eve after their expulsion from Eden, and it was Chamuel who comforted Jesus as he prayed in the Garden of Gethsemane before his arrest and crucifixion. On the Jewish tree of life he is believed to represent the quality Geburah, or strength, and expands his role from that of a comforter to almost more of a parent, able to deal in ‘hard love’ lessons as well as the easier ways of teaching people.

When the Archangel Chamuel is near you can recognize him by a pink ray of light. That pink ray is a sign that Chamuel is near and working in your life and on your relationships. You may begin to feel contentment with your life and relationships, you will find your heart opened to the ideas of love and forgiveness. Chamuel is there to help us heal relationships, especially with those we are close to. If you are struggling with your family; if you and your parents are constantly fighting, if the relationship you have with a young or adult child is strained, you can ask Chamuel for help and he will help you repair those relationships.

Don’t wait to ask for help with love in your life; remember the archangels cannot interfere in our lives without us first asking for their help! Thankfully it is easy to connect with Chamuel – in fact he’s probably one of the easiest Archangels to connect with. Take a moment, even when surrounded by negative energy and negative forces, and ask for assistance and protection. It doesn’t require you to stop what you’re doing and meditate; you can simply whisper up a quick prayer asking that you be allowed to experience the unconditional love of God, that you receive protection from those trying to harm you, and that you be shown how to act as a conduit and further share that universal, unending Divine love to those around you. If you struggle with forgiveness or some other relationship issue then don’t be afraid to mention it as well.


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