Archer Numerology Analysis


Ever wonder what FX’s TV show Archer has to do with Numerology?  Well, look no further, here’s your Archer Numerology Analysis

Archer Numerology Analysis

Archer Numerology

Lana Kane
Numerology Number: 5
Fives are the people that love adventure and travel, they are always in motion. These folks, however, are also a bit unstable, unpredictable and constantly changing. Lana is no different. Here is a woman who started out as an eco-terrorist and went on to become an amazing female spy and assassin. She’s a no-nonsense person when it comes to other people, but is completely oblivious to her own unpredictable and unstable personality. Fives are primitive and erratic people, and they, like Lana Kane, will always be taking people on some kind of adventure.

Sterling Archer
Numerology Number: 4
The number four is the number of stability and grounding, of calmness and home which may seem to be very counter-intuitive when thinking of Sterling Archer, but make no mistake, it works. After all, when Lana wanted a daddy for her baby, who did she turn to? Not the stalwart and outwardly steady Cyril Figgis, but the person she knew, deep down, would be a good, loving father; even if he was a bit weird at it. Fours are persistent, enduring, and the number four in numerology signifies a need to get back to your roots and center yourself, ideas that also speak to the character and nature of the worlds best spy.

Cheryl Tunt
Numerology Number: 2
The two is kind, balanced and brings people together by helping them to unite their minds and communicate. Cheryl Tunt achieves this… even if it is just through her ability to unite everyone in finding her frustrating and a bit weird. She is, perhaps, the anti-two, not at all balanced but still something of an equalizer.

Pam Poovey
Numerology Number: 2
Pam Poovey suits the number two a bit more than Cheryl Tunt. As the head of Human Resources at ISIS, she sought to help her coworkers overcome their differences and work together. As a fully fledge spy and member of the team, she constantly throws her whole self into helping the others complete jobs and work together.

Cyril Figgis
Numerology Number: 7
Seven is the most spiritual of numbers, it deals with magic, imagination, and manifestation of our desires through our conscious thoughts and awareness. Cyril hardly seems like the sort of person to be carried away by his dreams, after all, he’s an accountant! How many accountants have wild imaginings? But he has them. Remember, he started out as a defense attorney, a job that requires lots of imagination and faith in the world. He’s smart, and organized, and perhaps not as wild as Lana or as untethered as Archer, but Cyril has his dreams just like any seven. He’s just a bit slower and steadier to realize them.

Malory Archer
Numerology Number: 2
Malory may seem almost as far from a two as Cheryl Tunt, but really the number works for her. She has both the ability to judge and plan, she may not be kind, but she has the ability to be tactful and balanced. She constantly keeps the others moving and involved, never allowing set-backs to keep them from moving forward and really, it is Malory’s iron will that keeps the group together and prevents them from falling apart.

Ray Gillette
Numerology Number: 8
The eight is a number of wealth, business and success because it symbolizes repetition and cycles. Ray could definitely be considered successful even if it is just in the way he manages to survive Archer’s constant attempts and breaking his spine. He is, perhaps, the only person other than Berry to suffer so much from bodily harm. Eights are constantly cycling over and over towards their final evolution.

Algernop Krieger
Numerology Number: 8
Krieger is another eight and like Ray he is definitely successful in his own way. His creations and experiments, while certainly odd, are almost always working and even useful! His imagination is always at work coming up with new ways to build, and expand.


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