The Two Mortals: Gemini the Twins


Sign: Gemini the Twins
Dates: May 21st through June 20th
Planet: Mercury
Element: Air
Life Pursuit: Gemini seek to do a little bit of everything but stay ahead of the crowd.

Gemini the Twins
Gemini the Twins

Gemini Personality:

Gemini is less a story of two personalities and more a story of who the Gemini wants to be as opposed to who they feel they should be and the two being at war with one another.

Language is a core piece of this sign. These are the people with the ‘gift for gab’ or a gift for languages, or a gift for writing. Language is a core part of who this sign is and what they can do. Additionally, these are the people who are always being talked about. In fact, Gemini are one of the most talked about signs, next to Virgo and Scorpio. Most conversation is positive, but if there are negative comments floating around, chances are they’re jealous comments from others wishing they led lives as unique and exciting as Gemini lead.

Those born under Gemini the Twins seek constant intellectual stimulation. They are constantly looking for the next thing that will engage their brain, whether a new relationship or a new hobby. It’s not laziness that keeps them from finishing projects, but more that they are easily distracted by a bright new challenge that has grabbed their attention. Like Leo, this is a sign that loves to debate and does it well, thriving in the spot light and with conversational skills that will move from topic to topic with ease.

Business-wise, their flighty behavior isn’t something to worry about. Though they may procrastinate, they will always meet their deadlines, but don’t be surprised if they quickly leave one job in exchange for another that they think will be more stimulating. If you want to keep a Gemini, you want to make sure they’re doing things that keep them engaged – especially the case with Gemini women.


Buyer beware is a good phrase to keep in mind with this sign when considering a relationship. They love to be financially daring and more than one marriage has ended because their partner has tired quickly of constantly being on the edge of financial ruin.

Remember too that the Gemini tends to be logical more than emotional. It’s not that they can’t love, but more that love tends to fall second to logical reasoning that can easily keep them out of an emotional attachment that may, in the future, turn out to be more difficult than the Gemini gauges the relationship to be worth. They tend to theorize rather than live in the moment. A Gemini is more likely to judge the health of a relationship based on how they think they ‘should’ feel, rather than how they actually feel. They are always out looking for the best of the best and have trouble keeping up a long-term commitment when they feel something better may be waiting just ahead.

This sign is constantly at war with itself. One side seeks to be emotional, to be what others feel it should be, and the other is logical, knowing who and what the Gemini is and fighting to be free to be who they should be. They will need partners that understand this and help them to touch both sides, balancing them carefully.


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