How to calculate the Numerology value of your Name?


Happy Navratri Days For All of You!  This post should have been my first one, but its never too late to post it now. Most people dont know to calculate the numerology value of their name. Also, many people have so many doubts about the division of ones name which includes  First Name, Middle Name, Last Name or First Name alone or First Name, Second Name or More than Three divisions of name like a lengthy one with more than three names.

How to calculate the Numerology value of your Name?

I will provide the value of letters and ways to calculate your name. In this post, we will see how numerology effects are seen for the divisions of names. And also the ideal way to name a person or ones child.

The Chaldean Numerology Values of Letters are

A=1    D=4  G=3

B=2    E=5   H=5

C=3    F=8    I=1

J=1     K=2   L=3

M=4   N=5  O=7

P=8    Q=1   R=2

S=3     T=4  U=6

V=6     W=6  X=5

Y=1      Z=7

Lets see how to calculate the numerology value ones name in the following types,

Adolf Hitler can be split in two ways Adolf as first name and Hitler as Last name, now calculating the value of the name Adolf = 1+4+7+3+8 = 23, the name  Hitler = 5+1+4+3+5+2= 20. Adding the two names comes 43.

Now lets see the prediction for this name, The overall effect of this name is number 43, hence the ultimate end of this persons life will be based on effects of number 43. But this overall effect will bear the effects of those two numbers 20 and 23.

Adolf Hitler’s fanatism and Nascism is attributed due to number 43, number 43 makes a person so fanatical with some idiotic theologies and ideas which is mainly a religious one. His hatred towards jews is a trademark example of number 43. Also, number 43 denotes the downfall of one person due to his fanatic ideas and unsympathetic attitude. This number also denotes a fanatic approach towards religion.

One more trait of number 43 is that the person with this name number mostly never gets married, or gets married very late in their life, if they get married early or at right age then they get separated and live a lonely life. Hitler got married moments before he committed suicide.

The never dying fame, popularity and his stupendous success (shortime) can be attributed towards the presence 0f number 23. And his acts of lunacy and mental imbalance is attributed by number 20. But the overall result will be that of number 43, which sealed his fate.

This is a sample i have taken to to show how name numerology comes into effect. In this case, there is only First Name, Last name. But some names have middle name also, then the result will have traits of value of middle name too.

Ideal Way to Name

The best way to keep ones name is to restrict with only one name. Like First Name alone. In this way, the person can gets the complete power of that name without the influence of other names like last name or middle name.

For E.g.  A Name like Aryan which comes 10 in numerology, hence a person with name Aryan alone will get the complete result of number 10.

Krishna comes 19, hence the person with name Krishna alone without any surnames or middle name will get the complete effects of number 19.

One can even have name with First Name and Last name, in this way the overall effect will bear the effect of two values. Hence, its wise to choose a name which has auspicious First name value, Last name value and overall value.

If a name has more than First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, then that name will bear the effects of the corresponding values.

Have a Great Navratri days one again!


  1. hi Saravana, thanks for this article, Very nice one. You have great writing skills, I’m so addicted to your site… everyday i am finding new things.. in some comments, and in your answers…Keep writing!

  2. Hi Saravana,

    Thanks a million times to educate us with how to calculate the first n last name value numbers. my name is prity gupte and my bfs name is vikash.k
    can you please make me aware that our values are fine for our deep relationship that we have in our lives.
    waiting eagerly to hear from you earliest.

    regards prity

  3. my bith date is 2
    lifepath num:6
    name number:59
    first name:23
    last name:36
    Sir could you tell me a brief about my future and profession
    thanks in Advance

  4. Yeah very interesting.
    You must have a MASSIVE volume of requests right now. Your site is #2 (well there is 2 entries above but they are the same URL) on google for the term
    “Chaldean Numerology”, and even more important, it is by far the best.

    Wish you the Best,

    Nitya M Grenham

    P.s. Thanks again for the name Suggestion, it is growing on me every day.

  5. hi saravana, please suggest a good combination for my brothers son. he was born on may 9 2002at 9.30 am. combinations are 13+16+23+16 13+18+21+16 13+19+10+16 we only have the choice of the middle name combinations because first & last name numbers are fixed ones.please help me in this regard.he born with the combination of 9 & 9 . thanks a lot for helping us and god bless you.

  6. hi saravana,

    can you please tell me about my life path number and my bfs life number? are they better for each other ? if not than what changes do i have to bring in my name? waiting eagerly for your reply..
    God bless ya

  7. Hi Saravana,

    Your articles are quite interesting. Having read, I request your views.

    My birth number is 5 and the life path number is 6. My name is M. Ramani which comes to 18. A month back I changed it to Venkat Ramani. M, which comes to 41. Want to know whether this is ok.

    Also, between 23 and 41, which name number suits me best and is more lucky ?

  8. Hi saravana,

    my dob is 10/10/1986 born at 5.25 am . my fiancee dob is 16/10/1981 at 2.55 am
    his name is vikash.k . my name is prity gupte. would you tell our life path numbers? are they suitable and best for us together. if not wut changes in name would i bring.
    please let me know earliest. i thankyou lot for your selfless help .


  9. Oh dear …!
    So , does it mean that I am doomed ? !
    I have 23 and 20 in my name ! But I can assure u that I do not have his ‘devilish’ tendency …. more of a peaceful dove than a hawk !
    (I had asked for free numerology reading on 13thSept09 … after reading this I am even more anxious to hear ur reply !

  10. hi saravana,
    I am anxiously waiting to hear from you from many days. my dob is 10/10/1986 born at 5.25 am . my fiancee dob is 16/10/1981 at 2.55 am
    his name is vikash.k . my name is prity gupte. would you tell our life path numbers? are they suitable and best for us together. if not wut changes in name would i bring.
    please let me know earliest. i thankyou lot for your selfless help .

  11. hi sir,

    i request you to advice me also the solution as i have mentioned above in post at 4th october. Am waiting anxiously to get some help from you.

    Thanking you

  12. why is it so confusing some numerologist give 9 letters bt in chaldean numerology 9 is nt given to any letter.calculate ur name frm two way will give u different number so whch do i accept

    • Chaldean numerology has meaning and has its roots from planets, its a divine one discovered with the help of nature. Its a science. But i dont know how pythagorean system works, the root is not clear. Its a modified man made concept that is invented.

  13. sir i have no words to comment coz i was in search of one nice person like you to guide and lead me i was born on 04-05-1974 i am a single parent and have twinbabaies one boy and girl –dob –29-07-2009 planning to name kirthi for girl and krishna for boy suggest me is it correct not planning to keep initials also as u have mentioned four borns defnetly find problem earning money am into share trading suggest what do i do and any change in my name plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz i beg you

  14. my name is dolly angeline and date of birth 20.02.1970

    does my name and date of birth they suitable and best for me. if not wut changes in name would i bring chances in my life?pls help

  15. My DOB: 05/Nov/1986
    My name isUday Kumar=27. Shall I keep it same or do you suggest any changes?
    My nickname is Buddha=22. Shall I keep it same(as my Lifepath is 4) or shall I change it to Buddhha(=27) or Buddhaa(=23) (as birthdate is 5)? Which is more beneficial?
    I would like to use the name Vebz as my business/brand name and pen name (in future).
    As Vebz=20 , shall I keep it same or shall I change it to Vebzz(=27) ?
    I feel glad if you suggest me even any other changes apart from the above mentioned. I have posted you a lot of times sir. Please answer..
    Thanks in advance.

  16. my CALCULATION name KABEER VAISNAVA IS GETTING 41 , like 2+1+2+5+5+2=17, and 6+1+1+3+5+1+6+1=24. now 17+24=41. as previously u said to add one more ” a ” or ” i ” to make my name 41. pls guide.

  17. thank you saravana. i think i should make 41 as my lucky no. should i ?
    my firm name PAISAA FINANSC , i recently set with the book of CHEIRO. pls tell that how the names work ? means how do we use our names, i think u underestand what i want to say.
    pls guide.

  18. Hello,
    I’m due to have a babygirl in 2 weeks. Which of these names do u
    Hello, can you please suggest a first name for the last name Uppuluri,
    pick from, sharika, meghana, aarushi, shriya
    or, what number will be a good combo with the last name Uppuluri
    that adds upto 40
    Lastly, do you do consultations for a charge?
    I thought I could use some more of your knowledge.
    Thank you,
    Priya Uppuluri

  19. My baby girl was born on 11-23-2009. After months of research on your website, We named her Myrra Uppuluri. I would greatly appreciate it if you let us know if this Is this a good name for her? Also, I have to compliment you on this terrific website.

  20. yo, got my answer. But people often call me Shradha will it be fine.I’l give my date of birth again 27-08-1979, 8.52am.Please don’t forget to advise me.

  21. Hi Astronlogia
    do you do paid love compatibility reports? i have calculated mine and my man’s name numbers and i don’t know how they match, he has a nickname and i dont use my full name all the time i dont know which names are best to calculate. my birth date is 20-2-1972 and his 11-7-1971 in Southern Hemisphere.
    we have been together 6 years and 3 children. i do love him. are we destined to stay together? or too different?

  22. he has left me but wont say he doesnt love me. he is like a magnet to me i cant stop thinking about him. i love him. we have both hurt each other in the past i love him and want to be with him. he is hurting and doesnt trust i love him. there has been no unfaithfulness that i know of.
    it would be easier for me to let him go but i am finding it very hard. i know he is still attracted to me and loves me. i love him very much and want to grow old with him, is there a special day for us that i could propose marriage.

  23. Dear Sir, congratulations on such a wonderful site. I can relate to the description of number 7 persons given by you. I’m a number 7 person as i’m born on 25/03/1978. I’m interested in the occult and spiritual subjects. My name number adds up to number 8. That is, first name = 4 (22) and second name (which is my father’s name) is again 4 (22). So 4, 8 and 7 are numerologically highlighted in my name and birth date. But despite being a talented person, I’ve not been able to achieve material success. Can you please give me suggestions on how to improve my prospects. I’m still unmarried and have not had any luck with regard to marriage also. My horoscope is supposed to be very good, but I’ve not been able to get the fruits of such a good horoscope. Plus, the person I’m interested in has number 2 as name number (first name adds up to 27 and second name adds up to 11) and his date of birth (with month, date and year) adds up to number 30 with his birthdate being 2. Can you suggest any numerology change to my name so that I become successful in my life and relationships. Your response would be highly appreciated.

    • Miss M,

      Even though u have all ingredients to lead a successful life, your name in 8 is what stands as greatest obstacle, You much change your name (full name) to 23 or 32 or 41 or 50 to remove these obstacles and taste success

  24. Dear Sir, thanks for your response. You suggested me to make my name number as either 23, 32, 41 or 50. Can it be 14 as it also adds up to number 5? And is it enough if only the full name comes to number 5 and the first name adds up to some other number. And also, pls suggest how can I get paid consultation from you.
    thank you

  25. Hi,
    I’m forming a new company, and decided to call it AGUANTE. Can you tell me if this is ok and if not can you give me a suitable correction.
    I would preffer if it has a value ONE

  26. My first name adds to 27, last name to 22. 11 life path. My first name, in short (dani) is 11, should I keep Danielle or Dani. My fathers name was 11, 22, and my mothers 12, 11

  27. my name is sandeep (31) kopp(25) = 56 my dob is 7th nov 1986 ,with day no 7,and lifepath no 6. is my name correct acc to numerology. i was suggested to change to sudhakar(24) s(3) kopp(25) =52, please suggest is it correct .am in dilemma b/n these two names

  28. my name is sandeep (31) kopp(25) = 56 my dob is 7th nov 1986 ,with day no 7,and lifepath no 6. is my name correct acc to numerology. i was suggested to change to sudhakar(24) s(3) kopp(25) =52, please suggest is it correct .am in dilemma b/n these two names .

  29. Hi Sir,

    This is just, a wonderful site. You’ve taught me so much and explained in such an excellent way. Thank you, and I’ve told a few select people about your words.

    I don’t want to bother you with questions about my name + birthday, but I am curious as to how these name numbers are decided. For instance, what makes 43 so bad/crazy? Is it related to numerology 7?

    And also, does this mean that going by my nickname Jess (12) is better than going by Jessica (17)? Do I have to legally drop my last name (which will make everything (35)?

    I am just wondering how all this is calculated.

    Stay amazing!

  30. dear sir
    my name is MEHUL. VIJAY. BHAVSAR. and my birth date is ( 24-11-1978 ).
    is my name and birth day commbination is correct
    do u suggest me any changes …..
    plz reply
    thank you

  31. Hello Astronlogiaji, your blog is very useful. i have a doubt naming my newborn child according numerology. My friend who knows bit about numeroly suggested to name the baby with starting letter Ka. While calculating the name value , should calculate value only for given name or include my initial value or my full name value. Because in passport and important document we use full name which first name expantion for initial. We tamil people use initial normally.For ex. my name TV.Raja but in my passport its mentioned Thanavelu Raja. He was born 17th may 2010. at 5.25am.

  32. Sir,I need a clarification for my name. Im born 6th march 1976. My name is TV. Raja which comes to 15, Only Raja come 5, (TV.Raja which Thanavelu Raja comes to 36 & 5 = 41. which value should is considered TV.Raja’s -15 or ThanaVelu Raja’s -41.

  33. Hello:) whatever happened to the calculator that used to appear on the right side of the page?????? 🙁 it is missing now 🙁 please, put it back…please. Thank you.

  34. hi! the name on my birth certificate is “taylor a. feldman” because my parents knew they wanted my middle name to begin with “a” but were unsure of the actual name. it was soon made “arrienne”. would my birth name be taylor a. feldman or taylor arrienne feldman? thank you! my birthday is 6/9/88 i would love any information 😀 L&L

  35. Hello Sir, Regularly I am watching your site, with that inspiration, I have changed my Name from CK Ravindran to CK RavindraKrishnaRaj, which comes to 50 as I am 17th born. Now to make this name change effective and works for me, what should I do? Could you please guide me.

  36. Dear Sir,

    Please help me out, my first name is sajitha last name is kunju (dad’s name) birthdate-15/11/1978 let me the comibination of my name with my d.o.b or suggest me a name according to my birth date or some alphabetical changes in the present name for good luck.



  37. hi,

    i need a help from you Mr. Saravanan, we are searching name for my girl born on 14-07-2010, pls suggest us a good name, have a question is the initial will also count on numerology calculation

    Regards, Prabhu

  38. hello sir,

    I feel am unlucky as not getting success in any of the professional field.
    My birthdate is 17-03-1986…full name Rajesh S Acharya..Could you please help me out..

  39. my first name is bharat and my nick name is bobby at home , my date of birth is 10-09-1989 so kindly tell me if i need any changes in my name to get luck .

  40. may i ask as my name rounds up to 34 is it the same as 43,i am religious but not a fanatic, plus my life path is number 8, i changed my name couple of years back, hence the 34 but my last name given to me by my parents also does not round up to 5.

  41. my name is prasad my nick name is srinu at home, my dob is 11-03-1976 so far no success is there plz tell me if  need any changes in my name.

  42.  my name is d.santhi priya all my friends relatives called as santhi ,my d.o.b is 26-10-1985 .thr is no success in my life pls tell me any changes in my name or any thing . 

  43. and also im trying for job and also marriage proposals no one will get any positive results pls tell me any changes in my name .thank u 

  44. sir my name is dibyendu manna,my nick name is puku at my residence, my dob is 11/10/1990 so far no success is there in my life plz tell me if i need any changes in my name.

  45. Hi Sravana, I got blessed with a baby Girl on 24th Nov 2016 @ 1:30PM; My family name is “Sheela” which am not sure to include while calculating for the Given Name. Can you tell me if which name would be good for her(Rishi Kiran or Kiya or Siri or Karunya or Kana). I would be thankful if you can respond me soon for naming my daughter.

  46. Hi sarvana I m in deep trouble can you pls help me out with the name spelling my name is Alka Mohan Dob is, 11/1/1977 can you suggest something pls pls pls

  47. My first name number is = 15
    My second name number is = 20
    Phychic number is 6
    Life path number is 32/5
    Is my name number is lucky?

  48. I have very confused about to callculate the name.. weather need to add Initial also or Without initial.kindly clarifying my question.

    • Bring born under the influence of number 9 and Mars, you should do Hanuman Puja regularly. Read Hanuman Chalisa daily and also visit Hanuman Temple every Tuesday.


  49. Hello mam… hw r u?? hope sab mast chal rha hoga……….. Bt its nt d same wid me…. I m struggling a lot in my life to get a gud job… N also down with name n fame… No money at all…….. I think it’s all due to my name… i just want ur suggestion, as u helped many people before in changing d spelling of name… Pls do it for me also……. I m suffering a lot sir….. It’s my DOB… 29-5-1989…name -Ratul Kumar….. It wud b a kind of gud gesture.

    • Rules by number 2 and the moon, you are ambitious, tolerant, and charming personality. You are highly enterprising and have an inbuilt talent to impress others, but you need to check your tendency to behave impatient, fickle-minded and careless at times. You will get many things in life, however your bhagya uday is late. You will be well settled after the 32 year of birth. You should do the below remedies for career gains. Read Hanuman Chalisa Daily.
      Worshipping lord Shiva.


  50. Dear Ma’am,

    I request you to guide me. My name is Shreya Singh, nick name is Minni.
    My date of birth is 4/10/1993.
    Sometimes I write Shreya V. Singh, while sometimes I don’t.
    Should I change the way I write my name?

    Thanks and Regards,
    Shreya Singh


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