Spiritual Advisors


Spiritual advisors are people who look at you, as a whole, and help you to take the right steps in your spiritual journey. A spiritual advisor will help you learn to rely on your own intuition as the way to keep yourself on a path of light that helps to lift you up and fill you with energy, as opposed to falling to a path of darkness that will leave you tired and drained. Though the term is often used in a religious way, it also includes psychics and others who help you walk the path.

Psychics vs Spiritual advisors

There are some differences between psychics and spiritual advisors. The first and foremost is that a spiritual advisor should be doing their work free of materialism and thus will likely not ask you for money or any kind of return in exchange for their help. These people are meant to be selfless and helpful, practicing their gift often so that they may help others effectively and efficiently. A spiritual advisor will not portray themselves as a prophet or savior and will do what they can never to be deceptive in any way. Serving people is their core desire and they will go out of their way to provide their services in whatever way they can.

Be ready to give something of yourself, however. You can’t just expect to have your advisor force your spirit onto the path and move it along on its journey. You must be open to the message and willing to expend the energy to take the journey yourself. Think of it like asking for directions, you can get the directions, but you don’t expect the direction giver to drive you there. Instead you get in your car and go yourself! The same is true of getting advice from an advisor, you must make the effort, they can only illuminate the path.

Though the universe and your spiritual advisor want you to succeed in your journey, you need to have the tools at hand so that you can understand the messages the universe is sending your way. This is why having a spiritual advisor on hand is a good idea to provide you with personal spiritual readings. These people are trained in spiritual enlightenment, the learning and acquiring of knowledge and wisdom for what you and others are seeking; spiritual awareness, the ability to help you re-evaluate yourself and your situation based on this new information, and spiritual growth which is the action of helping you to create and implement a plan of action based on your re-evaluation that helps you accomplish what the universe has in store for you!

Educate Yourself

Your spiritual advisors want to help you educate yourself on the plans the universe has. They want to help you take this information and use it to better yourself so that you can be the best person you are meant to be, and they want to help you achieve this by helping you to create a plan of action that will help you accomplish all of this in a way that is in harmony with what the universe has designed for you.


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