TV Couples Astrological Love Compatibility: An In-Depth Analysis


These television couples have seen it all and been through most of it. What kept them together throughout the years? What caused their greatest fights and their greatest moments? Let’s take a look at these TV couples astrological love compatibility!

TV Couples Astrological Love Compatibility:  An In-Depth Analysis

TV Couples Astrological Love Compatibility

Lucy and Ricky
Show: I Love Lucy
Lucy’s Sign: Leo
Ricky’s Sign: Pisces
Leo and Pisces are two signs that are completely wrong with one another. Leo often seems to be selfish and uncaring to Pisces while Pisces comes across as weak and unrealistic. Despite this, Lucy and Ricky seemed to have a perfect marriage on stage, while the private life of Lucille Ball and Desi Arnaz was, indeed, falling apart. Thankfully, Ricky and Lucy seem more to be a pair of Leo’s constantly fighting one another for the limelight, while dedicated to keeping their marriage afloat and succeeding more often than not. Even in the episodes where it seems they will never recover, their love for one another shines through and they come together in the end.

Homer and Marge
Show: The Simpsons
Homer’s Sign: Aries
Marge’s Sign: Libra
These signs are primal opposites, representing a relationship between Mars and Venus. They feel great attraction for one another and though they can run into problems, they can come together and achieve a great relationship. Marge and Homer may have struggles in their marriage, not least because of their children, but they have stayed together making their marriage work! These two signs need one another to lift themselves up out of ruts and with enough love and a deep emotional connection this is a pairing, and definitely a couple, that can make things works as we go over on our zodiac page here.

Ross and Rachel
Show: Friends
Ross’ Sign: Libra
Rachel’s Sign: Taurus
Both of these signs are ruled by Venus, but as anyone who has seen friends knows Ross and Rachel are completely different people. Taurus longs for the physical comforts of life while Libra cares less about quality and more about aesthetics. Taurus cares about emotions and tenderness while Libra cares about perceived emotional depth. You can see this is the relationship with these two, both of them have different needs and as a true Taurus-Libra couple they try to work through their differences and learn about one another’s needs, but it often takes more patience than either of these two can give.

Dave and Maddie
Show: Moonlighting
Dave’s Sign: Scorpio
Maddie’s Sign: Aquarius
Though Moonlighting’s time is definitely long past, anyone who watched it can remember the passionate and intense relationship between Dave and Maddie. These two signs should not work together, and yet they do. Together they represent freedom with no restrictions or taboos, but their relationship can be dangerous as we see in their frequent spats, when separated they can easily end up hating each other and despising the time they’ve shared together.

Sam and Diane
Show: Cheers
Sam’s Sign: Sagittarius
Diane’s Sign: Virgo
Sam and Diane show that this has the potential to be a great partnership, though Virgo’s demanding and critical nature can cause a few problems. Additionally, as Sam frequently shows, Sagittarius let’s nothing stand in its way, while Virgo prefers to be in a safe and secure position, unwilling to take risks. This can lead to unrealistic expectations that they have to work through in order to achieve happiness.


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