Psychometry is the ability to pick up psychic energy from an object and translate that energy into information that can be understood by others. Everything, people, animals and objects have psychic energy and are able to leave imprints of their energy on other things. These imprints may remain in an object forever and trained psychometrists know how to interpret this energy and express it in ways ordinary people can understand.

Psychometry – Easy for Beginners

Psychometry is one of the easiest psychic abilities to develop and beginners are often encouraged to work with psychometry first because having a physical object in their hands helps provide a feeling of security that boosts confidence. Being more relaxed helps beginning psychics clear their mind more easily and connect better with the psychic energies of the object.

Empaths are usually excellent at psychometry and you may be able to more easily use psychometry if you are unable to wear or buy used clothing or jewelry because you pick up on the energy of the previous owners. You also might get weird feelings when you walk into antique stores or feel overwhelmed in a pawn shop or cluttered room. You may also feel like you need to wash your hands after picking up used items.

Learning how to practice psychometry is easy! Remember that psychometry is based on everything having energy and some materials hold energy better than others. Metal objects tend to hold the most energy so starting out with metal objects is the best way to begin practicing. How long something was in someone’s possession will also effect how much energy you are able to pick up. The more you practice psychometry, the easier it will get and remember, anyone can do it!

Practices Makes Perfect!

Begin by washing your hands and then rub your palms together to get energy flowing between them. Pull your palms about a quarter of an inch apart. You should feel a build up of energy between them that feels thick and may feel like it is pressing your hands apart. If you don’t, continue rubbing your hands together until you feel the energy begin to press them apart. Pick an object, a ring or necklace from a friend or family member is the best way to start because they are metal and hold a lot of positive energy. Relax and close your eyes, allow any images and sounds about the owner of the jewelry to come into your mind. Take note of what you hear, see, smell and sense. If you have trouble, try meditating to make sure that your chakra’s are open and then try again.

Use a notebook to write down any note such as who owned the object, what their personality was, see if you can pick up any experiences they may have had and whether they are living or have passed away. Most frequently what you’ll pick up from an object is emotions, particularly love, hate and fear. These are the most powerful emotions that can be felt and so they are the easiest to pick up using psychometry.


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