Oracle Cards vs Tarot Cards


Oracle cards are similar to tarot cards. Both are used for readings both exploratory and divining. There are, however, some definite differences to the two. First off, tarot cards use a set formula; they always have the four minor arcana and the major arcana. The minor arcana are always four different types (most commonly cups, swords, wands and pentacles, and the major arcana always has 22 cards. Though the names of these cards may change, their meanings are always the same, and you can’t really do a proper tarot reading without them. Conversely, a deck of Oracle cards can have as many or as few cards as it wants to have. Oracle cards can also have phrases with the images printed on them, as well as cards with images and no words. Understanding the meanings of the tarot cards will always help you understand your Oracle cards as there are some similarities between some tarot and Oracle cards. One of the most popular forms of Oracle cards are Angel cards. These are positive and uplifting, easy for beginners and helpful when you’re having a really bad day.

Tarot vs Oracle Cards – Which is Better?

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that one method is better than the other! Both tarot and Oracle cards serve an important purpose and look at different aspects of our lives. While tarot cards are excellent for looking at the decisions, the turning points and the places to look out for trouble, Oracle cards help us look for the tools to handle these things. Perhaps the best way to explain it is that a tarot reading will tell you where you are in your journey and where your current path may be taking you, but Oracle cards will show you the tools and ways to make the path to where you want to go. Or, put more simply, tarot cards are the trail, but Oracle cards are the map showing you where you can cut through the meadow to get to the road.

Oracle cards are based on vibrations. The answer you receive will match the vibration of the question you ask. Therefore it’s terribly important that you make sure you keep your deck of oracle cards cleared. Any energy they have picked up from other people, even the people that packed and packaged them at the place they were created, can affect their accuracy and ability to answer you. Clear out their old energy, and make them clean and ready to receive new energy from you. When your cards are clear, prepare them by touching each card so it’s introduced to your unique energy, then fan the cards with the artwork facing your heart and bestow a prayer and positive intentions on them. Once you’re ready, go ahead and ask the cards a question, or if doing a reading for someone else, ask them to ask the question. The questions don’t need to be spoken out loud, but they do need to be thought with direct intention. Shuffle the cards as you think of your question, and send a prayer heavenward as you do so, asking that the message come through the cards clearly. If cards jump out of the deck while you are shuffling, just set them aside. When you feel it’s time to stop shuffling, stop, there is no such thing as stopping too early.

Shuffling and Pulling Cards

When you have stopped shuffling, pull a card from the deck. It doesn’t have to be from the top… you can pull the card from anywhere in the deck. Because of the Law of Attraction the card you pull will always be the right card with the right answer to your question. Pay attention to where your eyes go first, to the message of the card, and how you feel when you read it. When you’re through, turn your attention to any cards that jumped out of the deck while you were shuffling; their messages are important as well. If you need additional help understanding what guidance the Oracle card is trying to offer then refer to your guidebook for a more in-depth explanation of what each card means.


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