5 Things to know if you are ruled by Saturn/Number 8


This post is applicable to people born on 8,17 or 26 born. Its comprised of 5 major things to know as a person born ruled by number 8.

  1. Being born on number 8, 17 or 26 does not mean you can wear blue sapphire gemstone. There is a misconception among numerologist that blue sapphire is the lucky gem for 8 born people. This is not true, blue sapphire will only intensify the Saturn traits. There is no guarantee that it can bestow positive results. Being one of the powerful gemstones, it is dangerous even to think of wearing it without detailed analysis of ones horoscope
  2. Most people born on these dates and ruled by number 8 would be attracted to color blue and/or black. That does not mean it is a lucky color for you.Wearing a blue color dress will enforce the karma strongly for number 8 born persons. The karma  can be good or bad, but blue color makes sure that you are inescapably caught in the wheel of karma. One should test the effects and then choose to wear blue color or not. If your karma is good, then blue can be a color of success. Similarly, black color can drive a person to be in solitude and voidness.
  3. Saturn rules gall bladder and also Uric acid. The level of uric acid may be high for number 8 born people than any other. This can make 8 born vulnerable for urinary tract infection, kidney diseases. For this reason, following an alkaline based food is healthy option for 8 born. One should add more greens to their diet and try to avoid red meat.
  4. Following the above point, Saturn rules joints. Pain in joints, inflammation of bones are also cause of concern for number 8 born. Bones, teeth should be cared for. Calcium deficiency can affect 8 born if one is not aware of body needs.  Also, excessive uric acid can also cause inflammation of bones.
  5. Saturn is a labor planet. Hence, simplicity is rewarded by Saturn. Many successful people born on 8, 17 an 26 are said to lead a frugal and simple life. Pompousness and extravagance comes with a great fall for number 8 born people. The key to enjoy success in life for 8 born lies in their earthly humility.


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