How to Protect Ourselves during Saturn’s Transit to Virgo?


Saturn’s Transit to Virgo

Saturn is transiting from Leo to Virgo on September 9th 2009, Till September 9th Saturn was in zodiac sign Leo, and from September 9th 2009 to March 2013 Saturn will be in Virgo, Saturn spends two and half years in each zodiac sign and said to be a major planet influencing one’s life when it transits to each zodiac sign. The results of Saturn’s transit is based upon the position of its sign and corresponding house of transit from natal moon sign.

Nature of Saturn

Saturn being considered as the most malefic one, usually tests the person to the core during its transit period, The area of ultimate test depends on the moon sign of the person. For some it may be the test of dedication at work, for some it may be faithfulness to ones wife, and for some it may be the honesty in business and so on and on.

If ones passes the test successfully, Saturn blesses them with abundant wealth and joy forever in that area of test. Likewise, if one fails then Saturn punishes them accordingly. For some persons Saturn may be little kind on giving judgements, like when Saturn is their super benefic planet in their chart, then for them it gives auspicious results. But a badly placed Saturn in ones chart will be a tough test of character for that person.

Fear is Unnecessary

People fear about Saturn transits and thereby due to fear itself they commit the mistakes. One does not need to fear about Saturn transits. If one is righteous and full of awareness, then they are never going to face hardships. Also, for a person who lives the life of truth and righteousness, the path of Bodhidharma, for those persons astrology has no effect as they themselves are close to supreme consciousness.

The torment of Saturn is present for people who are dishonest, cruel, egoist, warmongers, one who lacks love and compassion. Saturn punishes people with such ill qualities.

Unfortunately, 99.99% of people in this world are of these ill qualities only, at least one ill-quality is present is us thereby experiencing sound punishment. The higher the rate of human sins, the stronger the effect of planets and viceversa. Hence, astrology is having a great time in this kali yuga. Whereas for yogis and siddha’s and dharma following people, astrology has null effect on them, as they transcend all.

Your mind and body are the solution

Many people spend thousands of money to astrologers, temples, pooja’s and pariharas to nullify the effect of Saturn. But in reality, no rituals can appease or nullify Saturn effects, its the individual who has to realize his true nature and act according to it. One’s mind and body must be pure and divine. Our body is the supreme temple and Supreme One resides in us. Unless, one realizes this and cleanse his soul from sins, sufferings are bound to continue.

During Saturn’s transits, The common health problems arises due to lack of iron content in our body. Saturn rules element iron. Our body naturally loses supplement of iron during Saturn’s transits, hence iron deficiency occurs and related diseases results. One has to eat food which has high iron content to avoid illness during these two and half years.
Meditation and prayer are the best ways to keep any bad effect as bay. Meditation has the only power to nullify the effects of any bad planets or influences.

What ever be your moon sign or ascendant, do not be bogged down by others who spread the news of fear about these transits. But rather be pure in mind and heart, and you shall witness a great progress in your life in these years.


  1. True .. I can relate to Every letter you’ve written here. My Rashi is cancer and I’ve just been out of “Sade Saati” – The 7 & half year period of Saturn. I have a very strong influence of Saturn on me – right from my Date of Birth, Name, my Sun Sign, Nakshatra , almost everything.

    I’ve done good things mostly during these years and otherwise also, and whatever bad things, even when unintentional ,I could see I immidiately got its results 🙂

    Whatever it was, I must say I am a better and bit more responsible person now and Saturn is definitely responsible for making me that.

    Deltas :
    1. I’ve been a lazy person a LOT – Everybody i know thinks of me as the person with most laid back attitude – is being Lazy a Saturn Influence ?? (I have read this somewhere, is this true? If yes, How is this possible ? It doesn’t add up , right ?)

    2. I’ve been a Most fearful person I know, I was watching myself like anything for not doing anything wrong. (but , as I read this article I came to know where I was going wrong !)
    At the same time it has been tough if someone thought I’m gullible.

    3. I come to know what goes on people’s mind but reverse is almost impossible. (I see this as both positive (for myself) and negative (in most cases) . Can’t figure out actually. I mostly haven’t taken advantage of what I know, though.

    4. I can really understand people’s real character as you’ve mentioned in one of your articles, but it’s been tough for me to understand myself. Constant self questioning is one of the things I learned in this time.

    5. With all the good things in me, I stll constantly feel I’m a nobody. this has been and will be a real tough to fight with.

    I really enjoy what you write, for two things :
    you really know what you are writings and I can also relate to it.

    I can’t thank you enough for your blog.

    All the best !! 🙂

  2. What method are you using? All astrological sources that I researched say that Saturn has been in Virgo for the last two years and will be transiting into Libra on Oct 29, 2009.

    • It does not have anything to do with method, its pure science, saturn is in virgo now from sep 9th, you can check the planets position using Stellarium Software. Its a freeware.


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