Donald Trump Astrology: President’s Horoscope


Birthday: June 14, 1946
Zodiac Sign: Gemini
Chinese Zodiac: Dog
Chinese Element: Earth

Donald Trump: Vibrant, a little wild and wildly popular one minute while intensely disliked the next, the Gemini is often seen as two people in one. Donald Trump is, perhaps unsurprisingly to many, a Gemini and this switching between two personalities can be easily seen in the 45th President of the United States. Gemini are natural communicators, able to charm people easily and many thrive in careers that involve trade and sales. But Donald Trump is not immune to the constant searching for the ‘other half’ that all Gemini feel is missing; this, combined with the natural tendency Gemini have to wander, may explain the trail of women he has left behind.

Donald Trump Astrology: President’s Horoscope

Donald Trump Relationships: Ivana Zelnickova, Marla Maples and Melania Knauss… two relationships ended and one current but this is a fairly typical story for a Gemini. It’s believed that Gemini feelings can change so subtly that often they don’t even know they’ve stopped loving someone and started loving someone else until it’s obvious to all those around them. However, like all Gemini Trump is fiercely loyal to his children, even if he hasn’t been able to share that same loyalty with their mothers. And this can be seen in the way that each of his kids is obviously loved and that they all seem to equally love their father and each other. It also doesn’t hurt that the air sign Gemini seems to be surrounded by steady earth signs.

Melania Trump (wife): Melania Trump is a steady Taurus and the one thing you can always bet on is that when a Taurus has made up their mind no one can change it but them. This is a trait you need when dealing with the ever changing whims of a husband who is a Gemini. There are rumors that not long after son Barron was born that Donald Trump had a affair or series of affairs; a Taurus is one of the few signs that could get over that betrayal and remain determined not to let that destroy her marriage but to instead make it strong enough to survive the American political landscape.

Ivanka Trump (daughter): Scorpio are best known for their ability to hide their emotions while plotting the downfall of those they perceive as their enemies. Only daughter Ivanka Trump certainly keeps any feelings she has towards her father’s political enemies and fair-weather friends deeply hidden.

Donald Trump Jr. and Eric Trump(son): Capricorn boys Don Jr. and Eric Trump are always seen at their fathers’ side and likely for good reason. Capricorn are known for being calming and steady, rarely ruffled; good traits to have close by when you’re an air sign and prone to be a bit more dramatic than necessary.

Donald Trump Career: Whether as a real estate mogul, TV personality or President of the United States, no one could ever accuse Donald Trump of living life quietly. He has always had a personality that drew attention and a career that turned heads.

Chinese Zodiac: Fire Dog Trump is a powerhouse – determined to pursue his dreams, able to succeed through hard work, but held back by his own lack of attention span. They can also easily be influenced by their emotions and should avoid working with people they don’t like as it can totally turn them off to a project.


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