The Fall of Nithyananda – Saturn’s Fury


The Fall of Nithyananda

Good Day!  Its March 7th 2010,  I am back to my blogging days after a short hiatus. This time we will discuss some serious issue which has created a great curiosity or even a rage among people of our country. Its not new that Godmen of our country are occasionally featured in sex scandals and illegal activities. We have a glorious history of past which recites countless examples of spiritual leaders (self proclaimed) who have paid serious penalty for crossing the path of dharma.

In last three days, there is one name which has beaten all search engine celebrities ! the tainted spiritual leader Nithyananda. Nithyananda’s case can be considered as a serious warning for every man in this world who aspires to lead a clean spiritual life. Until last week, The world knows Nithyananda as a great spiritual leader, healer, paramahamsa, enlightened one, etc…… But at present, he has been branded in terms which are lowlife in nature. What a dramatic turnaround in a life of a person within a week, A man whose spiritual knowledge and wisdom praised all over the world, is now being chased by cops.

What has led to the downfall of Nithyananda?

First of all we must understand that nithyananda is truly capable of performing healing exercises. His knowledge about universe, life, and creation are all undoubted. But, as the saying goes, No man is equal to God ! Nithyananda’s  anti-dharma path is the reason for his doom. He might have forgotten that all the powers of human being is only to spread love and happiness, and equality should be restored, Truth and totality is hallmark of spiritual leaders, its not the sex act that has led him down but his unwillingness to accept his true self to the world, In this case, Osho was a rebel who openly revealed himself to the world even though he was criticized and damned by many sects. But as Godmen become popular, they tend to fall in a common trap which most spiritual leaders fall. Its a trap called lifestyle ! They forget their roots and devise their own rules, instead of creating a oneness they only discriminate people in name of private and special session. The material veil slowly covers their purpose and they seem to lost in translation.

A common man can sometimes commit a mistake and leave unhurt/unpunished. But a spiritual man can never escape the wheel of karma, he has to answer to his actions in this life itself as he has already emptied his karma through rigorous spiritual practices. That’s why, even one immoral act can pull his life to abyss. But that happens in the right frame of time and period where Saturn enters his chart.

Planet Saturn is the lord of justice, he is also a saintly planet who is responsible for spiritual conquest, mystic powers, and liberation.

Since Saturn is responsible for ones liberation, he delivers harsh justice to people who makes mistakes, even if those people are saintly in nature. Saturn doesn’t even spare Gods, when it comes to fair justice, and humiliates them badly when they go against the right path.

When can a person be punished or humiliated or shamed?

When Saturn enters the birth nakshatra (constellation) of a person, then during that period, Saturn will inflict loss of name,fame and reputation for that person, or loss of health.

For persons who have lived their life righteously, Saturn may cause little health troubles and spare them, but for people who have not done their duty, and who have high responsibility, saturn delivers a harsh judgement.

Right now Saturn is near Sun, and its in Sun Star Utthram, Nithyananda’s birth star is utthram and moon sign is Virgo, hence his 8 year old legacy has changed by one single video.

Every one must be careful when Saturn enters their birth star. Its not the first example, When clinton was involved in monica case, at that time saturn was transiting clinton’s  birth star, also other Godmen such as Premananda, Kalki Bhagwan, and even Osho were badly dealt by Saturn during its transit. Even a single misinterpreted word which comes from ones mouth is enough to put a person in jail during saturn transits.


  1. Thank you for the information, May saturn find him a good hindu wife, when he leaves Utthradam. And let him continue his good work for the world. I personally know what Saturn can do!!!!!

  2. Nice Blog. Enjoyed reading it. I will also check my Saturn’s position, just to mentally prepare for punishment.
    Just sharing my not so intellectually enriched thoughts.

    If tape is real:
    I think swami probably reached to certain stage of spirituality but wasn’t paramhansa. He wasnt in bliss all the time as paramhansa’s are supposed to be. Also I would doubt his out of body experience. Cause in both cases, person will not need bodily pleasures. There should be no need of it and will not make any sense to do it if you go thru OOB experience. (as in video he says he couldnt eat, as food and he was one)
    SO in this case, he must have realized his mistake so far ( if he is really sincere sadhak) and will never come back. He will continue meditaion somewhere in Himalaya.

    If tape is unreal:
    Probably it will be hard to prove that it is unreal. He may not even bother about it and will continue his work as OSHO did after US maligned his image and put him in Jail for his secretary’s (mis)deeds. Lot of his fake disciples will disappear. (which is nice in a way)
    I am very curious to see how future event unfolds.
    Also if he is real, he should have guessed/glimpsed this dark period already. (is it mere coincidence that this happened during Kumbha mela?)

  3. sir
    could u tel me, In what constellation saturn is present at this time. How much period he remain in the same constellation?

  4. Fantastic!
    its a True saying… I really honour you for writing these. I was totally meditated by reading this blog, a truthful and divine information you have comleted in these two paragraphs. Everyone in the world should read this, and those who going against the right duties. Thankyou very much…Great job..keep on continue..

  5. Hello Srinivas, I love the article ” who is the real criminal?” Thanks for the link

    Betrayal of trust is worst Crime of all He will be punished Lenin Karuppan has committed far worst crime than Nithyanantha !!! Justice will be done by the Planet Saturn We will wait and see!!!

    When British invaded in to India, they had it made one India together for their easy administration, but they created the India and Pakistan to keep the Trouble… going.. Read the information about East India Company you will know yourself how they got their wealth. There is a book about British Empire, according to that, in 1665 the population of India was 300 million all Hindus and 5% Marraties, That was from the one British India not the present India. If all the Intruders leave India, and the people of India can find the way to control the corruption then India will be good.

    Even if morally incorrect. He has done nothing wrong… Good to see he did not sleep with a man. .He is well vest with knowledge of healing and spirituality. Happiness is a state of mind. Only the sadistic people do this evil work against people like Nithiyanada.
    I am not his follower but I love to see him Married to a Tamil Hindu Girl. If he does that he will be my teacher. I still have respect for his work and his knowledge, “Knowledge is Power”. Sex is not forbidden in Hindu Religion, Load Siva had Parvathy , Krisha had Ratha, etc…

    Is he becoming richer than the politician(s) in India? Is all the unmarried politicians not having a woman? or may be women?

    What is GOD? God is with you! God is with in You!! don’t Search God elsewhere, develop God like qualities in yourself then you are the God…. For me all the religions are Fraud as they all accumulate wealth… seeking material wealth in name of god is evil !!!! Where I live, Christian Priest also had affairs ,including Bishops but there are still living normal life…. Jesus also a man like Nithyanada, why these intelligent Jews did not like him? Why he was nailed on the Cross? Still people blame Jewish for his death but the Romans who killed him!!! Where is the Vatican now, accumulating wealth…… evil again????

    Any of you say any comments can say from what you know and your life experience what you know is very little (includes me also) compared to Nithyananda .

  6. Sir,

    Thanks for the information! I have some queries on the same…

    Can I have your contact number/s and mail id so that I will talk!!!

  7. Sir,
    If this is the case, why not astrology is being used in solving pending criminal cases? The birth charts of those involved can easily reveal who is the culprit. The blend of law and astrology will quicken the process of justice. In a way, astrology can give the clues which police and lawyers take years to find. What say?

    • the problem is that several such cases are created due to misunderstandings. esp. during saturns time. It may not be that he is a criminal, but just a projection of it in a different form. He may have been a saint until the point when his mind was corrupted, so it is hard to label him as a criminal. wasn't sage viswamitra enticed by menaka, and this was none other than the play of the gods… so who is a criminal and who is not ?

      for gods sake leave him alone. how many of us here haven't had sex at all ? sure he has a physical body and so physical needs. so give him a break…

      try and look at all the good things he has done. how many of us have managed to do even 0.001% of that ? It is only one mistake that seems to stand out…

      sure you can try him for fraud, that is a possibility. he may have to undergo tribulations during this time anyhow …

      • Vaidy,
        Whatever I meant was not in any case related to Swami Nityananda. I just presented a point that when Indians blindly believe in astrology and follow what is being said, then why not use the blend to solve cases. I have nothing to say against or in favour of Swami ji.

  8. Dear Sir,
    I want to know how to see that saturn enter my chart or my birth star?
    My date birth on 8 Dec 1977, my destiny number is 5 according my full name.
    How do I know the characteristic of my karma Sir? according to what please? How should I know I would meet my future husband?
    Thanks a bunch.


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