Things you should know about Thanksgiving Day



Thanksgiving Day – Its Significance and Greatness

Happy Thanksgiving day for everyone!

It is only fitting to write a post about this fabulous day, a day which is in my opinion should be celebrated worldwide unanimously without a doubt. There is a deep significance in celebrating this day, a reverence should be paid! This is no ordinary day like your so called religious festivals! In fact, i would call it as the most humanely spiritual festival known to man in ages. With no prejudice, I would certainly declare that any country that follows this tradition, its people, will bound to enjoy prosperity and abundance in their life.

Why Thanksgiving Day?

Thanksgiving is an innate nature of all sentient beings, it is the culmination of dawn of spiritual growth of beings. yes, the sign of gratitude for all that is present. Acceptance of thanksgiving is no ordinary feat, otherwise the world would be celebrating this fete by today. The practice has been followed from time immemorial, from all beings. Sadly, we have lost our roots in the name of cultural/intellectual/social transformation. Why thanksgiving is the single most important activity of human life? We should first realize that thanksgiving is not just mere reciprocity of actions or affirmations, but its dynamics go far beyond! It is the only true communication of ones soul! Through gratitude and thanksgiving, ones soul appreciate life itself. It is acceptance in its simplest form. It is only natural way of acceptance of the Way of Life! Thus thanksgiving not only reciprocates ones blessing of life, but it should reflect ones misfortunes! A person who offer thanksgiving for his own misfortunes, shortcomings or his sufferings truly become ONE with life essence. Thus he paves his own path to liberation! Just a simple token of this acceptance creates ripples of transformation across universe with the help of Astrology’s teachings.

Thanksgiving is abundance! If you want to become Rich, then you should seriously consider whether you have paid your due gratitude to ones who have offered their help to you. The more you share, the more you grow! Thus by sharing in thanksgiving, you grow in abundance. The more you Give, the more you Get! The more you accept, The more you transform!


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