Hydromancy – The First Method of Divination


Hydromancy is an ancient form of divination that uses water and the color, ebb, flow and ripples of it as rocks, pendulums and other objects are used with it. It is considered one of the medieval ‘forbidden’ arts. There are five different methods of divination via hydromancy, each one unique and yet all of them very similar.  To read all the other methods of divination, visit this page: https://astronlogia.com/occult/methods-of-divination/

First Method of Divination: Hydromancy

The first method of divination via hydromancy is to tie a ring on a string and dangle this into a pot, jug or bowl of water. You would then shake the vessel of water and count the number of times the ring struck the side of it. The second method involved throwing three pebbles into a pool of standing water and then observing the ripples formed. The third was to watch the way waves formed when water was agitated and the fourth involved putting colors into the water and watching the figures that were formed in it. The fourth form of hydromancy eventually became very popular and evolved into two main branches, one in which people would throw loaves of bread into the water hoping to receive a blessing from a goddess. If the loaf sank she would offer good fortune, but if a loaf was returned the offering was rejected. The second offshoot was found in ancient Germany when the legitimacy of a child was determined by throwing them into the waters of the Rhine river. If a child were a bastard they would drown, but legitimate children would swim. The last method of hydromancy was to let a drop of oil settle on the surface of the water and then look through it to see what was shown on the other side.

What Does Water Have to do with Hydromancy?

Water wasn’t just used for hydromancy; it was also used for scrying. Where the water came from also determined what sort of hydromancy you were performing. If you used rain water it was hydatoscopy and if you used river water it was pegomancy. Hydromancy was incredibly popular in the ancient world and even mentioned in ancient texts. Both tea leaf and coffee ground readings were developed from hydromancy.

If you want to use hydromancy you will want to find a large, deep bowl. You will want your bowl to be made of glass, brass or silver and you may need to try out several different bowls before you find one that feels right to you. The bowl should be plain and un-patterned and you will want to find a quiet area that is free of distractions with a flat, level surface to set the bowl on. Add the water and allow it to settle until it is completely free of movement. You can then use it for scrying or for other forms of divination. For best results, consider using water that has been gathered by the light of a full moon so that it has the largest amount of energy stored within it. You can also store the water after using it and use it again the next time you wish to perform hydromancy.


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