Learn How to Become a Palmistry Reader


Becoming a palmistry reader requires practice more than talent. It is a skill that can be picked up the more you work at it, study it and practice it. You can practice on yourself, your friends and your family. Try to read as many palms as you can get your hands on!

Palmistry Reader Tips

There are some important tricks to knowing how to read palms. Firstly, each of the hands shows readings for different things. The palm on your dominant hand gives insight into your work life, how you appear to the world and other logical type parts of your life. Your other hand shows relationships, dreams and emotional struggles! Viewing each hand as your potential and what you’ve done with that potential is another way to look at each hand and to understand, and explain, why a reading including both hands is so important.

You’ll want to begin your reading by identifying which type of hands you will be reading. There are four different types of hands: earth, air, water, and fire. Then take a look at the fingers. People have long fingers or short fingers and hold their fingers either open and relaxed or closed and tense. Once you’ve noted these things, go ahead and begin to look at the lines on the palm. If the lines are hard to read you will want to place the hand beneath a light and cup it so that the lines shadow a bit more and are easier to read. When you’re first starting out it may be a good idea to sketch the lines on a layout of a hand as you see them so that you can look at them later for reference. Keeping notes when starting out as a palmistry reader is always a good idea so that you can look back and improve your reading skills.

Identifying the Lines

Once you are able to see the lines, identify the three major lines: heart, head and life and the fate line if the person you are performing the reading for has a fate line. Be sure you have researched how each line can look and what the different looks mean. For example, a heart line that begins beneath the middle finger means that the person tends to be selfish when it comes to love, while a heart line that touches the life line indicates someone whose heart is broken very easily. Once you are comfortable with the major lines, you can begin to look at the smaller lines and the mounts.

Be sure that you remind anyone you do a reading for that nothing discovered in the reading is set in stone. Everything that is on the non-dominant hand has the potential to happen but is not fated to happen and everything that is on the dominant hand has already passed. We cannot change the past, but we can certainly learn from it and work to change our future. A palmistry reader that has studied and trained for a long time is able to bring together what has happened and what potential there is for things to happen in the future to give the person they are reading for a full picture of who they are and what they can expect for life.


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