Samvat 2067 – Year of India


India entered the first day of her new financial year on November 6th 2010, its called samvat 2067. India’s last financial year 2066 was financially good one. The year added to number 5 in numerology, and India being a Saturn ruled country it was a positive year for India where the world recognized the financial might of India. This financial year 2067 comes number 15 which is ruled by Venus. Venus is the super benefic planet for India and coincidentally this is the last year of the Great Venus Age, hence this financial year marks the monster like economic growth for India. This is very evident in the first day of muhurat trading on November 6th (The first day of the new financial year, which is again has Venus – Saturn combo due to numerology number 6 and saturday) which witnessed the record breaking rise in sensex points.

Samvat 2067 – Year of India

If at all there is any year to watch out for stocks, then it is this year for indians. The next year will be an ordinary one for stock exchange. But the current financial year is the golden age for stock market and economic growth. The major planets causing this economic boom is saturn and venus, hence this year saturn and venus related companies will gain huge gains and are wise bet for investors.

With the financial year starting on 6th, Companies like Mining corporations, iron and steel related industries ,coals, earth elements, entertainment industries, IT companies will see major rise in stock market this year. Coal India Limited which is a saturn based company will witness himalayan growth within a year in stock market. CIL will break all records and will emerge as the largest industry in India with capitalization.

The next planetary age is Martian Age, which is detrimental to India’s growth due to border disputes and terrorist activities where the race for regional authority will be given importance . So this will be the economic year of India to watch out for.



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