How to Awaken Kundalini Energy


Kundalini energy is a type of energy we all have. It lays at the base of our spine, our life force, and for most of us it lies dormant waiting to be awakened so that we can feel fully alive and ready to be at peace with the universe. Kundalini energy moves up from the base of our spine, through each of the chakras, filling our body with pure light and energy that helps us achieve a higher evolution of self. Often represented as a two headed snake, this energy does come with a user warning: done properly the awakening and releasing of kundalini energy can be a beautiful and empowering experience. However, done incorrectly or with an attitude of pride, this energy can be a destroyer taking its temple, your body, down a path of destruction. If you want to know how to awaken kundalini energy then you need look no further than the eastern practices of meditation and yoga.

How to Awaken Kundalini Energy

The First Steps

Learning how to awaken kundalini by meditation and yoga is the best way to start. Both of these practices help to cleanse the body, the mind and the spirit, preparing the temple, your body, for the awakening of this divine energy and ensuring that you are ready to receive all the blessings it can give you rather than inviting destruction. In fact meditation and yoga are only two parts of a group of different activties and preparations that can be used to help prepare your body to awaken kundalini and may trigger that awakening.

The first step you can take to learn how to awaken your kundalini is to work on your breath. Breathing is a crucial part in staying alive and knowing how to use different breathing techniques can help you cleanse toxins and negativity, clearing and purifying the mind and body. The pranayama exercises Kumbhaka and Kapalabhati can help to guide an awakening. Kumbhaka pranayama is done by taking in a breath to the count of five, then tucking the chin into the chest, closing your nose with thumb and ring finger and holding for a count of five. Release the hand, lift your head and exhale normally through the nose for a count of ten then repeat for ten to fifteen minutes. Kapalabhati, also known as the skull-shining breath, is a combination of explosive exhales and long inhalations. With a focus on your lower belly to push up against the diaphragm and expel the air, push the air out of your body then slowly inhale it back in. When you first start take a few seconds to breathe normally before you do it again to prevent hyperventilation.

The second step in awakening your kundalini is meditation. As you meditate focus on your breath, keep good posture, and reject negative thoughts and negativity. Use a mantra like ‘Vum’ and imagine the vibrations working along the spine. Once the spine is energized and engaged, change the chant to ‘Shum’ and feel those energy vibrations moving through the body. Visualize the the divine light, the kundalini, moving through the body until it is entirely alight with energy. You can also use mantras to help awaken specific chakra’s: LAM for the root chakra, VAM for the sacral, RAM for the solar plexus, YAM for the heart, HAM for the throat, AUM for the third eye and then silence for the crown.

The Seven Yoga Asanas

When you are ready, you can also add yoga in both the Kundalini and Hatha yoga families. There are seven yoga asanas that are recommended for awakening kundalini:

  1. Malasana Yogi Squat to awaken the Root Chakra
  2. Frog Pose for the Sacral Chakra
  3. Dhanurasana Bow Pose for the the Solar Plexus
  4. Camel Pose for the Heart Chakra
  5. Cobra Pose for the Throat Chakra
  6. Balasana Child’s Pose for the Third Eye
  7. Sat Kiray for the Crown Chakra

You can also add arm, hand and body gestures called Mudras to help seal the energy into the body, guiding it and directing it to create a balance. The recommended mudras are Muladhara, Shakti, Rudra, Padma, Granthita, Mudra of the Great Head, and the Mudra of a Thousand Petals.

These activities along with prayer, ritual, and devotion can all work together to awaken the kundalini and bring great energy into your life. Awakening the kundalini is a process and it will not happen overnight. It requires patience and training and kindness towards the self. Remember to keep your focus on humility and the joy of unity and spiritual growth. When you awaken the kundalini you will bring change and transition into your life, your heart and your home. Be sure you are ready for these changes before you begin this path. The journey may be very rocky as obstacles and impurities are removed from your sphere of influence but the rewards will be great.


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