Personality Analysis of Pop Culture Astrology Signs


Ever wonder what your favorite pop culture character’s astrology signs were and how it affected their personality?  Let’s go over some top pop culture astrology signs

TV Leads: Pop Culture Astrology

Dr. Gregory House
Show: House
Sign: Taurus
Taurus are known for their stubborn refusal to give up, and no one represents this better than Gregory House. Though outwardly he seems a cynical and often cruel person, he is always driven to find the answer, never giving up when a patient’s life is at stake…and in true Taurus fashion, because of his handwork and dedication, he almost always manages to save the lives he so desperately wants to save.

Don Draper
Show: Mad Men
Sign: Capricorn
Much about Don Draper can be explained away as the results of a horrible childhood, but everything else is explained by him being a Capricorn. We may not know his birthdate for certain, but his personality traits couldn’t be anything else. He’s career driven, struggles to connect to his home life, loyal to his friends and coworkers, and a hard worker. Don Draper is a Capricorn through and through.

Jack Bauer
Show: 24
Sign: Aquarius
Jack Bauer is the ultimate humanitarian. How many times has this man risked whole days of his life to save not just Los Angeles, not just America, but the whole world from violent acts of terrorism? Jack Bauer is Aquarius realized, always willing to put the cause above himself no matter the cost.

Gob Bluth
Show: Arrested Development
Sign: Aries
Aries, as the babies of the Zodiac, tend to be a bit self-centered and impulsive and Gob Bluth is no different. His entire life seems to be one giant hunt for attention, and when he doesn’t get the attention he feels he needs or deserves, he responds with a tantrum and a plot for revenge. His constant, impetuous behaviors get him frequently into trouble, like when he accidentally proposed to Ann and then got himself locked in the cave of the magic trick he used to try and get out of the wedding. But like a true Aries, none of this keeps him down and he bounces back with childlike resilience.

Sue Sylvester
Show: Glee
Sign: Gemini
Gemini are often commented on as having a duel personality, the result, many believe, of having two sides constantly fighting for control. If this is true, then Sue Sylvester fits the bill. The primary antagonist from Glee, Sue spends most of her time vacillating between a vicious bully and a kind-hearted caretaker. Her upbringing has significantly impacted her personality, and she hides her more vulnerable side behind the bullying persona, but the dichotomy is visible in how much she cares for her sister, and the occasional ways in which she reaches out to others with disabilities.

Cosmo Kramer
Show: Seinfeld
Sign: Sagittarius
The sign of Sagittarius is known for being honest, enthusiastic, adventure driven, and a big dreamer. Cosmo Kramer is all those things. Unfortunately both Kramer and Sagittarius are known for being flaky and overconfident. Kramer tackles life with enthusiasm and the belief that anything he tries will be a success… sometimes to his detriment. But even when he fails he doesn’t let that stop him. His ideas may seem half-baked, much like his build your pizza plan, but he takes off after them with the enthusiasm only a Sagittarius can have!

Rachel Green
Show: Friends
Sign: Taurus
Rachel Green is perhaps best described as an immature Taurus, a calf rather than a bull. Though she certainly is a dedicated and supportive friend, she more often than not falls into the negative habits a Taurus is famous for: overindulgence, stubbornness and vanity. Taurus want the best in life; they love to indulge in the sensual things life has to offer. They love routines and easily get stuck in habits and comfort zones, unwilling to try something new.

Show: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Sign: Aquarius
If the Aquarius favorite things are teams sports and anything with a cause or mission, then it’s no surprise that Buffy falls under this sign. The Aquarius is innovative, brings people together around a cause, and fights for possibilities we can’t even see. Buffy is the perfect Aquarius blending her Valley girl style and behaviors with her drive to do what’s right and protect those she loves and cares about.

Tony Soprano
Show: The Soprano’s
Sign: Virgo
Perhaps there is no greater sign for the person charged with running a mafia organization than Virgo. This is the sign of control, order and organization. Tony Soprano fits the bill perfectly. Here is a man who puts his family first, dedicated and hardworking. His friends are priceless to him, but it’s a bit hard to meet his standards. He’s always willing to do the hard thing to protect what he cares about, but this comes at the cost of being uptight and a bit preachy, believing he is the only one who knows the right way to handle something.

Homer Simpson
Show: The Simpson’s
Sign: Aries
Home Simpson is a very typical Aries. As the youngest sign of the zodiac, people who fall beneath it tend to be impulsive and prone to bouts of temper when things don’t go their way, but they’re also devoted and caring. Homer is a great example of the pros and cons of the Aries. He loves his family, but when things don’t go his way he tends to get a bit stubborn and has a tantrum. He wants what’s best but at the same time is a bit lazy.


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