Life Line: Palm Readings


When you do a palm reading there are three major lines that everyone looks at: the head line, the heart line and the life line. The Life Line is the line that is used to show what kind of life and how long a life you will have. It shows more than just how many years you may have left to live, it also can be a predictor of major illnesses, heartbreaks and even accidents that affect your longevity.

Life Line: Palm Readings

Everyone has a palm Life Line even if it’s very small; if it appears you don’t have a Life Line then you are probably facing a short life of poor health. The Life Line is found on the palm and curves around the thumb; look at your right hand and you will see that beneath your Index finger there are two lines that run to the edge of your palm. The Life Line is the second line and curves down around the thumb joint towards the wrist.

What Does your Life Line Palm Reading Tell Us?

In its most basic form, the Life Line palm reading looks at the length of the Life Line to see how many years you may live. The details of how the palm Life Line appears, however, tells even more detail about what kind of life you will have. A deep Life Line that is unbroken indicates someone that is very healthy and will have a very happy life. If the line is thick then you are probably good at sports and used to manual or physical labor. If your Life Line is shallow then you will probably suffer from some health problems, in particular gynecological problems, and early career problems that should smooth out when you are older. Do you have a straight line that sticks close to the thumb? Or does your Life Line arc beautifully around the thumb? A straight line is someone who is easily tired and cautious with their relationships, while a swooping arc is someone full of vitality and energy.

Chained Life Lines indicate lives that will have many health complications; if you see a single bubble or island in the line then you will suffer from a serious accident or illness that likely will put you in the hospital. Is your Life Line broken and cracked; these cracks are accidents, dangers and illnesses. These are sudden ‘heartbreaks’ that change your life. Do you have lines branching off the Life Line and heading towards your thumb? Then you are a person who tends to waste your energy. However, if the lines point away from your thumb then you are someone who has an amazing ability to recover from difficult situations.

Is your Life Line doubled? If you see another line running parallel to your Life Line then you have a double Life Line and this is a sign of a strong person with great disease resistance and the ability to recover well after an illness. You also probably have a strong support system in place.


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